Where to hide the phone in the army: the best places and tips

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Where to hide the phone in the army: the best places and tips
Where to hide the phone in the army: the best places and tips

Arriving at the location of the military unit, the recruit must hand over his mobile phone to the commander. The fact is that since December 2009, conscript soldiers in the army have been allowed to use gadgets with restrictions, according to instructions No. 2, 205 and 862 of the Minister of Defense. Thus, the person in charge, which is the commander, decides when the soldier can contact his relatives. Judging by the reviews, the fighter has a means of communication only on certain days. The rest of the time the gadgets are kept by the command. This state of affairs does not suit most of the conscripts, and therefore, going to the service, many think about where to hide the phone in the army. Upon inspection, a mobile phone can be found. In this case, the fighter will be punished. Where to hide the phone in the army so that it is not found? What is the best model for this purpose? You will learn more about this from this article.

where to hide the phone in the army

What is the problem?

The question of where to hide the phone in the army worries many conscripts because they begin their service in a new team. Without a comrade who could "cover up", the recruit relies only on himself, on his ingenuity and ingenuity. Where to hide the phone in the army so that other military personnel do not find it? The fact is that there is a big risk that someone will find a mobile and then report to the commander of the unit. However, in most cases, prohibited accessories are identified during the inspection. Mostly inexperienced soldiers come across, whose mobile phones often lie in boots or hats with unmuted sound and vibration. Less often, sergeants have to deal with more sophisticated hiding places: additional pockets in trousers and a tunic, disguised with a belt, etc. Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties, many conscripts take risks and take two or even three gadgets with them. One is handed over to the command for storage, and the rest are used at a convenient time. How to hide the best phone in the army - further.

how to hide a phone in the army

How to smuggle a cell phone into the unit?

Judging by the reviews, it is not difficult to deliver a mobile phone to a military unit by means of a parcel. For this purpose, you need thick warm clothes, in which the mobile phone is wrapped. Some craftsmen transport phones in books, namely in neat cutouts in the middle of the pages. You can also use a cigarette pack. Have to buy a block, carefullyprint it out, take out one pack, take out all the cigarettes from there, and put a mobile phone in their place. Then it is put back and the block is sealed.

Which model to choose?

In addition to the question of where in the army you can hide the phone, many conscripts are also interested in which model is more appropriate to use. Of course, unauthorized communication with relatives can be maintained through both a smartphone and a conventional push-button mobile phone. Which phone model to choose, each soldier decides for himself. However, according to experienced old-timers, there is a big risk that the phone will be discovered sooner or later. If the command finds a budget model and then withdraws it, it will not be so pitiful. Despite the fact that a push-button cheap phone is less functional, it is ideal for military conditions. The fact is that such models are equipped with fairly powerful batteries that can not be discharged for a long time. In this case, the fighter does not have to worry about recharging for two weeks. It is desirable that the model has a standard charging connector. In this case, you can use a friend's charger.

where to hide the phone in the army during the inspection

Cache locations

Very often cell phones are hidden under the bed. This method is suitable if it will be possible to raise the board in the floor. If the barracks is with false ceilings, then you can store your phone there. Since mobile phones weigh a little, the ceiling must withstand them. A good hiding place would be a feather or foam pillow. Onlyyou will have to cut a corresponding hole for the gadget. Often conscripts hide phones in duffel bags. Some craftsmen sew special bags for mobile phones, which are then tied to trousers on the inside or beds behind the back. You can also cut a "niche" in some thick unnecessary book.

Mobile phone in the book

What would the old-timers advise?

When choosing where to hide the phone in the army, many newcomers mistakenly believe that the place for the hiding place in the military unit is available only to themselves. In fact, many people know about it. As a result, they will inform the command, the mobile phone will be found and confiscated. There is a second option, namely, the phone will simply be stolen and hidden. For those who do not know where to hide the phone in the army, experienced old-timers recommend that they be guided by the principle of the opposite: hide the cell where they will not look for it. The least attention is paid to what is in plain sight. It is very important that the phone is not only hidden from prying eyes, but also in silent mode and even with vibration turned off.

What happens if a mobile phone is found?

If, despite all your tricks, a cell phone is found, then at best you will see it at the end of the service. All this time, the gadget will be in a closed room under the control of the command. Judging by the reviews of eyewitnesses, the commander may order you to break the phone. As a fairly effective preventive measure, a special board is used, on which confiscated gadgets are nailed with large nails.

Where can you hide your phone in the army

According to experts, contract servicemen, who are considered as the main carriers of information about the structure and activities of the Russian Armed Forces, may be of interest to foreign special services. Using the gadget, it is convenient to "merge" to the enemy all the information obtained about the number, location and condition of armored vehicles. This nuance was taken into account by the Russian leadership of the army. Therefore, if it turns out that a fighter serving on a contract basis has violated the ban, he will be fired ahead of schedule.

In conclusion

Despite all the tricks, mobile phones in military conditions do not "live" for a long time. This is a well known fact. Gadgets sooner or later find or steal. They might just break eventually.

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