Maxim Kalashnikov - writer, politician, journalist

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Maxim Kalashnikov - writer, politician, journalist
Maxim Kalashnikov - writer, politician, journalist

Kucherenko Vladimir Alexandrovich is a futurist writer, journalist, public and political figure. Born in Ashgabat on December 21, 1966, later moved to Ukraine. Published by Vladimir Alexandrovich under the pseudonym Maxim Kalashnikov. He is a member of the federal council of the "Party of the Cause". Host and producer of the ROY TV channel. Refers to the opposition forces, harshly criticizes the policies of the current government. He served in the armed forces of the USSR, graduated from Moscow State University. Vladimir Alexandrovich's father worked as a journalist in the Pravda newspaper in the city of Odessa.

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Modernization of the economy

Maxim Kalashnikov attracted attention by writing an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev on the topic of technological modernization of the Russian economy. There was no response, either orally or in writing. Discussions about this have subsided over time.


In his books, Maxim Kalashnikov colorfully describes political events and everything that surrounds them. For example, in the book “Theft! Bureaucratic Lawlessness or the Power of an Inferior Race” reveals the corruption schemes of Imperial Russia. Inall times the Russian people suffered and remained silent, and the elite, rotten through and through, rampaged, as in today's days.

Maxim Kalashnikov, recent work:

  • "Forward to the USSR 2" - changes are coming, a new path to the old USSR is possible.
  • "Wrath of the Orc" - the book tells about the new world war, which is already underway, about the possibilities of saving Russia.
  • "Ride the Lightning" - talk about a new "civilization" that does not belong to any one particular country, wants to be the master of the world - the eternal Reich.
  • “Mobilization economy. Can Russia do without the West? - a book about what chances Russia has to survive in the economic war. The author talks about the economic model of the USSR "Mobilization Economy".
  • "War with the Golem" - continuation of "Putin's Code".
  • “The genocide of the Russian people” - in 100 years there will be no Russians at all, how cynically and gradually the indigenous population of Russia is being exterminated.
  • "Putin's Code" is about how Putin hid his plans for a long time.

All these works are from the latest publications of Maxim Kalashnikov. Books can be seen on official websites.

Maxim's books

Host & Producer

In his program, Maxim Kalashnikov communicates with industrialists, directors of large manufacturing enterprises. It touches upon the development of both individual enterprises and the country as a whole. Managers talk about problems and successes within their enterprises, express their opinion on the situation in Russia.

This format is interesting because Maxim's interlocutors -these are famous people who know the value of words and have gone through a thorny path to achieve their goal. They can express their thoughts competently and reveal issues that central television bypasses.

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Writer - futurologist

Maxim Kalashnikov in his projects calls to get involved in the life of his country and influence its future together. And this is the main task of people living today. For the sake of the future of their children and honoring the memory of their ancestors.

Maxim Kalashnikov is a futurist writer. His way of thinking is different from the thoughts of most people. Futurists predict the development of events. They imagine the future based on the present and the experience of the past. To many, it may seem pointless to talk about the future. And they can equate all the works of Maxim Kalashnikov with science fiction or fiction. Much in life seems fantastic and impossible, but historical facts say otherwise - everything is possible.

Vladimir Alexandrovich graduated from the Faculty of History, and in his works he relies on facts. He is well versed in military technology, and in his stories he praises the power of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. He says that Russia inherited the latest technologies and industrial potential, but the people at the helm changed course and chose the path of gradual degradation.

political figure

Different opinions

Like any other person, Maxim Kalashnikov can make mistakes, change his views and overreact to criticism. Notit is worth forgetting that the writer, and even more so the futurist, has a highly developed imagination. The flight of his thoughts often leaves the radar of reality, and the reviving images seek to find themselves in the world around us. And, of course, not all readers like it. But Maxim Kalashnikov expresses his opinion, it is enough to hear it, but how to perceive it is a personal matter for everyone.

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