Bras from the B altic states: sizes, models and photos

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Bras from the B altic states: sizes, models and photos
Bras from the B altic states: sizes, models and photos

Underwear for a modern girl is not a luxury, but a necessity. Only a woman who protests dares to go out without a bra. In Soviet times, quality underwear was in short supply. In the B altic States, speculators could find European underwear, but sometimes it cost not only a lot of money, but also the risk of paying for courage.

What are the B altics proud of?

Underwear from the B altic States

The end of the 90s of the XX century was a collapse of hopes for someone, and someone, on the wave of freedom, decided to create their own business. Countries close to Europe had greater access to markets and the opportunity to appreciate the quality and design of European products. Perhaps for this reason, the production of bras in the B altics has become a popular business. Moreover, in the post-Soviet space, such a product was in considerable demand.

As in those days, so now, bras from the B altic States are almost in no way inferior in quality and appearance to top firms from France, but are more affordable for our girls. Natural fabrics, quality stitching,combination of colors and exclusive design are the main advantages of the models.

Bra models for unique women

Every woman is unique. And each of them is an individual. Nature has awarded everyone with a special "design" of the breast - shape, size. But on the market we find models under one standard, so many, to the detriment of their interests, are forced to squeeze into what they have. Bra manufacturers from the B altic States have taken into account the peculiarities of female forms and offer the following models.

For owners of size 0-1, the Novella 640-1719 model with a push-up effect, which lifts the chest, makes it visually larger, is perfect. Another best option that emphasizes the advantages of small sizes is the shape of a balconette. V.O.V.A. Aphelia opens the chest with thin straps, lifts the chest, making it seductive.

Bodice shapes

Because of the wide-set mammary glands, the breasts seem to scatter. Dense fabrics, bones, strong straps need to restrain the "run-up". The front closure is a good help. Corbeil models, on the other hand, will highlight flaws.

Chest size larger than 3 needs special care. Here you can’t do without bones, thick wide straps and a closed cup. To remove additional volume from this area, you should choose a voluminous frame under the cups, thick fabric or thin semi-foam rubber. Openwork lace and additional accessories will only highlight the "dignity". Topless cups and sports tops flatten your chest. Bra "VOVA Victoria" fits allrecommendations and is an excellent choice for every day. Cup size comes up to E.

Sizes from A to …

Lingerie on a Rosme mannequin

Thanks to the large range of sizes of B altic bodices, girls with any breast shape will be able to find a decent frame for their we alth. As you know, two circles are needed to take measurements. The volume at the protruding points of the chest determines the size of the cup. Underbust volume is the second number that is important when choosing a bra. Firms VOVA, SERMIJA, Albina, Lauma and others are ready to provide models in the volume from 65 to 105 cm under the bust. Cup variability from A (0) to J (10). Few lingerie manufacturers are ready to boast of such an assortment.

Choice proven by generations

Inhabitants of the former CIS bras produced by the B altic States have always been in demand. There are enough factories in this territory specializing in underwear. Their main advantages:

  1. Affordable prices. Graceful and comfortable models can be selected without going beyond the price range of 3000 rubles.
  2. Stylish design. Lace lingerie, which was especially popular in the early 90s, is still chosen by girls for a special occasion. The presence of a color range and a variety of textures will help you choose the perfect option for any occasion.
  3. The uniqueness of the models. Even single problems with the shape and volume of the breast will seem insignificant. The grid of sizes of bras from the B altic States varies from A to H cups. Push up, minimizers, bustiers, corsets, corbeils and others - will satisfy anywhim.
  4. Availability of plus size bras.
  5. Sewing quality.

Big responsibility

Linen "Rosme"

B altic bras of large sizes take into account the peculiarities of choosing intimate bras. Owners of magnificent forms need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Bra straps should be wide, not dig into the shoulders. The Regina N is made for these occasions;
  • The belt (under the bust) should be wide enough and fit the figure tightly, but not squeeze. The presence of hooks allows you to change the volume. When worn, the bra tends to stretch, and the presence of additional centimeters can extend the period of its use. Manufacturers of the brand V.O.V.A. took care of it;
  • Bones (if any) should in no case dig into the soft tissues of the armpits, chest, and sit tight enough on the ribs. Quality can be appreciated in ALBINA bodices;

The front of the bra (the middle of the bodice between the breasts) is snug and sits exactly in the center of the torso. NOVELLA presents "outfits" for every day and special occasions.

Famous brands

Estonian underwear

A few words about B altic companies. Bras are produced throughout Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. You must have heard of them.

  • Rosme delivers casual and sporty pieces. Conciseness of forms and functionality of products is their forte. Additional elements in the form of removable straps, transparent backs, extensivesize range emphasize the dignity of the manufacturer.
  • VOVA will pleasantly surprise women seeking to visually optimize their forms, coquettes, seductresses and nursing mothers. Design solutions that seek to emphasize the seductiveness of the figure in various color variations will not leave you indifferent.
  • Stefi L collaborate with Italian designers and fabric manufacturers from Europe. Combining lace, embroideries and models for large breasts, the brand is able to offer the necessary quality at an affordable price.
  • SERMIJA specializes in everyday underwear. Cotton, knitwear and other natural fabrics are the main materials used in tailoring. The strength of the structures is maintained thanks to metal alloys that do not cause allergies. There are models with a fastener in front, which fix large breasts well when moving.
  • "Orchid" does not seek to load linen with unnecessary details. Classics and style give the appearance both rigor and sensuality in one bottle.

Our favorite is "Lauma"


The company is known not only in the CIS countries, but also in demand in Europe. Bras "Lauma" are always at the height of fashion. Impeccable cut and a successful combination of colors attract the eye and elevate the linen to the podium.

For incomparable girls with a significant bust in the autumn-winter collection of 2019, the Lauma brand (B altic countries) presents plus size bras in models:

  • Dreamy night - delicate openwork fabrics inoriginal performance will make you charming. Cups to F.
  • Glamour - dress curvy shapes in an openwork shell resembling butterfly wings. The cups are closed, at the bottom there is reliable support in the form of a wide belt. Sizes up to F.
  • Enigma - wide straps look very concise, and grayish petals on a black background give the wearer mystery and femininity. Sizes up to H.
  • Mystery is made of thin mesh fabric, but it perfectly supports the bust, leaving the effect of weightlessness on the body. Will fit F cup or less.

It's hard not to find a suitable copy among the B altic bras. Emphasize femininity, veil imperfections, create a pleasant feeling of tenderness and care - they can do all this.

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