Mosquito monument in Noyabrsk: photo, description and history of creation

Mosquito monument in Noyabrsk: photo, description and history of creation
Mosquito monument in Noyabrsk: photo, description and history of creation

Noyabrsk is often called the city of romantics. According to official documents, it was founded in 1976. Today it is a full-fledged, fairly developed city, the second largest in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. This settlement has enough cultural objects and worthy examples of street sculpture. One of the most unusual sights of the city is the mosquito monument in Noyabrsk. Where is this unusual monument located, and what is the history of its creation?

Mosquito is the true owner of Siberia

Mosquito monument in Noyabrsk

A person who has never lived in Siberia for a long time may think that the worst time of the year here is winter. Indeed, the polar night and severe frosts are a real test of strength of mind and body. Actually northern summer is not much nicer than winter.

Nature awakens with the onset of the long-awaited warmth. And along with the rise in temperature, blood-sucking insects also wake up. It is believed that in Siberia they are superior in size and appetite to their relatives from the warmer regions of Russia. northern mosquitoesdiffer in endurance, it is almost impossible to fight them in the open air. There are especially a lot of them near water bodies and in forests.

The monument to the mosquito in Noyabrsk is a warning to the modern conquerors of Siberia. And a reminder of the feat of veteran pioneers who founded the city and the surrounding villages. Until now, various stories are told in these parts about the confrontation between humans and blood-sucking insects. It is believed that some types of mosquitoes do not react at all to chemical protection agents. And at some facilities, people have to work in the warm season and even eat in special protective suits.

The story of the appearance of the most original landmark of Noyabrsk

monument to the mosquito in Noyabrsk where is

The mosquito monument in Noyabrsk was opened in 2006. The sculpture was created in solitude by local craftsman Valery Chaly. Scrap metal was used to create the monument. Experts in art and street art call this style techno art.

According to the creator, the work on this project lasted several months. First, the sculptor carefully examined real mosquitoes and created a sketch. Then he was engaged in the search for suitable elements and their preparation. It is good that Noyabrsk is a city that remains industrial today. Most of the materials were kindly provided by the compressor station of the local administration of the main pipelines "SurgutGazprom". Discarded pipes and other elements that are usually recycled were used to create the sculpture.

Monumentmosquito in Noyabrsk: description and photo

mosquito monument in Noyabrsk description

The sculpture of the main blood-sucking insect of Siberia is impressive in its scale. The height of the monument is about 2.5 meters. And the span of the legs of a giant mosquito is 3 meters. The unique sculpture is assembled from scrap metal. The observant eye will notice in it both pieces of pipes, and elements from complex mechanisms, and fragments of household rubbish. The imagination of the master and his confident hands helped to put all the details together and give the city a new attraction. The monument quickly gained popularity among local residents and guests of the city. Today it is often called the most unusual and extravagant attraction in Noyabrsk.

Where is Noyabrsk's main mosquito?

Many tourists during their stay in the city wish to see with their own eyes the mosquito monument in Noyabrsk. Where is this original sculpture located? The monument was erected at the entrance to the Ladny settlement. Its exact coordinates are: 63°11'26"N 75°33'9"E. Recently, the sculpture received an official name - "The Master of Siberia." Sometimes the giant mosquito is also sarcastically called the "Keeper of Siberia". An interesting fact: master Valery Chaly did not finish his creative activity on a blood-sucking insect. His other large-scale sculpture, a crocodile, is made in the same technique.

Monuments to blood-sucking insects in other cities and countries

giant mosquito monument in Noyabrsk

The mosquito monument in Noyabrsk is not the only one of its kind. In 2012another giant insect appeared in the city of Usinsk. The sculpture was installed with the same meaning as in Noyabrsk. According to the students of Usinsk, the mosquito is indeed the most common insect in the region and the most annoying to people.

In the city of Berdyansk, located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov, an unusual monument to the Ringing Mosquito was unveiled. It's hard to believe, but this sculpture was a sign of gratitude. Mosquito larvae in these parts restore the useful properties of silt. In Novosibirsk, you can see a small sculpture made in the genre of realism. The Novosibirsk mosquito is located near the local art museum.

There is its own blood-sucking insect, immortalized in precious metal, and in Kronstadt. Not only in Russia are erecting monuments to mosquitoes. You can see such sculptures in Komarno (Slovakia), Alaska and Suwon (South Korea).

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