Women's waist: types, body features and ideal proportions

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Women's waist: types, body features and ideal proportions
Women's waist: types, body features and ideal proportions

Female forms in all ages riveted the views of men: poems, odes, poems and songs were dedicated to them. To date, the situation has not changed: the beautiful outlines of the hips and narrow waist are largely determined by the attractiveness of the female representatives.

Fashion trends say that the size of the female waist (girth) should be sixty centimeters. But experts say that waist circumference is a very individual indicator, which depends on the type of figure and a number of other circumstances.

Visual parameters of the female figure

figure parameters

With the change of centuries come new preferences and tastes. This also applies to female beauty. So, let's remember the goddesses Venus and Aphrodite, who embodied the functions of fertility and love. They captivated the men of Greek and Roman civilizations with their resplendent beauty.

As for the modern world, thenit is worth noting that the "divine proportions" have definitely changed. It was replaced by thin waists, thin legs and lush breasts. But, of course, they don’t argue about tastes, so we suggest considering the main types of female waists, based on the types of figure. Only five distinguish them.


Hourglass type

According to most women and men, the figure of this form is a classic. She looks proportionate as she has the perfect waist-to-hip-to-shoulder ratio.

You can find out the type of figure by a thin female waist, broad shoulders and lush hips. When gaining weight, it is the buttocks and hips that increase in the first place, but even this does not prevent a woman from remaining attractive. It is to this form that most girls aspire, but, unfortunately, a narrow female waist for many remains only a dream. But you can get closer to the shape of an hourglass figure if you add volume in the hips, buttocks and shoulders.

Pear Shape

pear shape

This form represents the ideal of the Renaissance. In addition, according to many doctors, from the point of view of physiology, this complexion is one of the he althiest.

Pear-shaped women have a significant difference between their shoulders and hips. This is due to the fact that the shoulder girdle is poorly developed, but a woman can boast of wide hips and a narrow female waist, the photo of which is presented above. As a rule, when trying to lose weight, the hips remain unchanged, and the upper body"dries out" very significantly.


triangle shape type

This form is usually associated with a male or athletic figure. The figure is distinguished by massive, broad shoulders, narrow hips and waist. The female figure of this type was for some time considered unattractive. But today there are tricks of clothing that help hide flaws and show dignity. But the owners of a figure of this type have a naturally beautiful female waist. The photo above shows this. In addition, women with this figure are not inclined to be overweight.


rectangular shape

This type has a slight resemblance to an hourglass, since the proportions of the hips and shoulders are equivalent. A striking distinguishing feature is an unexpressed waist, which merges with the general line of the body.

As a rule, such women naturally have long legs, large breasts, but the waistline is rather weak. When gaining weight, fat is deposited in the abdomen, it evenly covers not only the abdominal wall, but also the internal organs. According to doctors, this shape of the figure is dangerous for the he alth and life of a woman. Therefore, owners of this type need to carefully monitor their weight.


apple shape

This form is one of the most inharmonious. She is characterized by narrow hips and shoulders, but at the same time, a greatly increased volume of the abdomen violates the harmony of proportions. It is difficult for representatives of this typeweight loss, as any diet and physical activity does not give significant results.

Formula for a beautiful waist

Probably, every woman dreams of a beautiful waist, but the canons of beauty are a rather subjective concept. Note that there are a decent number of opinions and various indicators that indicate the optimal value of the waist. So, for example, the model ratio keeps talking about the parameters 90-60-90. But approaching such numbers may indicate anorexia.

Some experts believe that the optimal indicator of the girth of a woman's waist is height, divided in half. Fifteen still needs to be subtracted from this value. For example, if a girl is 170 centimeters tall, her ideal waist would be 70 centimeters. This is the formula for a beautiful waist.

How to get the perfect waist

For those women whose waist figure exceeds the established norms, there are effective ways to help find a wasp waist. To create the figure of your dreams, you must follow a proper and he althy diet, lead an active lifestyle and practice regular physical activity. Only in this case, after a while, the first results on the path to changing forms and gaining physical he alth will become noticeable.

Physical activity

Tilts to the side

If you want to become the owner of a thin and graceful waist, then you can not do without exercise.

Rotation of the hoop will help get rid of sinister sides and reduce waist volume. Worth doing this jobat least forty minutes a day.

Leg raises help work your lower abs. To do this, lie on the floor, spread your arms to the sides. Then close the legs together and raise them smoothly until an angle with the body of ninety degrees is formed. In this position, you need to linger for five seconds and slowly return to the starting position. The exercise is repeated at least fifteen times.

The well-known tilts to the sides contribute to the speedy elimination of fat in the waist area. Although simple to perform, this exercise is very effective.


In order to get rid of the accumulated fat in the waist area, the first thing to do is to normalize your diet. Nutritionist advice is as follows:

  • It is necessary to exclude overeating. The weight of one serving should be no more than 200 grams.
  • The diet should be fractional. Proper nutrition means eliminating the feeling of hunger, so you should eat 5-6 times a day, but do not forget about the maximum serving size.
  • To speed up the process of reducing the size of the waist, it is worth giving up fried, s alty and smoked foods, as well as flour, sweet and semi-finished products. Fast carbohydrates are also subject to exclusion from the diet, as they tend to quickly turn into fat folds at the waist. It is worth noting that even alcohol and smoking have a negative effect on the figure, since tobacco smoke accelerates aging and slows down metabolism, and alcoholic beverages remove he althy water from the body.

So what food is right fornice waist? Consider the following:

  • Eating a lot of greens and vegetables will give the body a lot of fiber and vitamins.
  • Do not forget about fruits and berries, which help to saturate the body with vitamins and keep it in good shape. The most useful for the figure will be citruses, watermelons, pears, apples, pineapples, melons, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries, currants.
  • Protein foods are important to support muscle tone. Therefore, lean meat, fish or seafood should be consumed daily.
  • Drinking two liters of non-carbonated water every day, we help to remove toxins and toxins from the body, start the metabolism and satisfy the feeling of hunger.


Today, the popularity of spa treatments is rapidly increasing. You can pamper yourself not only in the salon, but also at home. Before wrapping, it is necessary to carefully exfoliate the skin with honey, ground coffee or sea s alt. Then prepare a mixture of the following ingredients to choose from:

  • mixture of black clay and ground red pepper;
  • olive oil mustard.

Next, put it on the waist, wrap it with cling film, cover with a warm blanket and rest for an hour. After the time has elapsed, the film must be unfolded and the mixture thoroughly washed off with water. After the procedure, it is recommended to apply a nourishing lotion or body cream to the skin.


The simplest and at the same time effective method is pinch massage, which you can do yourself:

  • Before the procedure, it is recommended to apply a massage cream or oil on the sides and abdomen.
  • With the help of intense strokes, it is worth warming up the muscles well.
  • Then, with light but forceful pinches, you need to walk around the entire abdomen in a clockwise direction. As a rule, in this area the skin is quite elastic, so do not be afraid to stretch it. However, do not hurt yourself and pinch yourself to bruises.


By visiting the sauna once or twice a week, you can easily get rid of excess fat deposits at the waist. But it is worth noting that the event should not be accompanied by the drinking of alcoholic beverages. To cleanse the skin as much as possible and speed up the process of fat breakdown, you can immediately use scrubs made from natural ingredients, prepared at home, immediately after the steam room.


waist measurements

For the body of the fair sex, the proportionality of sizes is expressed in three bending points:

  • neckline;
  • waist;
  • thighs.

The human eye is able to trace these three points as a curve, perceiving it as the visual form of an ideal female figure. But, despite this, there is no ideal and beautiful female waist, as well as any other parts of the body that could satisfy the opinion of the whole society. In order for the figure to be considered attractive, a woman must look well-groomed, he althy, harmonious.

Waist, rounded hips and chest, leg length and height can vary greatly in terms of women. Alwaysit is important to remember individuality as one of the components of beauty. You should not strive for a certain image that society imposes, since nature makes everyone unique in physical physique for a reason.

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