Singer Alexander Borodai: biography and personal life

Singer Alexander Borodai: biography and personal life
Singer Alexander Borodai: biography and personal life

It's no secret that music has great power: it calms, inspires, uplifts and energizes. Songs of past years are familiar not only to the adult generation, but also to young people. At one time, these were hits that sounded on the radio, TV, at concerts, discos. Representatives of different generations listen with pleasure to these vital, soulful songs today, they will always be popular, and their performers will forever go down in history. This article will talk about the once popular musician Alexander Boroday, who, despite the status of a star of the USSR, still pleases his fans with concerts and new songs.


Alexander Borodai is a famous singer, guitarist, leader and soloist of the legendary ensemble “Druzhba”.

Creative nature was felt in Alexander since childhood. When the boy was 5 years old, he picked up an accordion and picked up various chords on it. Before the start of hiscreative career Alexander served in the army. After that, for about five years he worked in a construction organization in the city of Leningrad. Alexander has always been a creative person, so he soon entered the correspondence form of the conductor-choir department and successfully graduated from it. Four years later, thanks to his diligence, Alexander Borodai received an apartment from a construction company. By the way, he also worked part-time at the Palace of Culture at the evenings of rest as a soloist-vocalist.

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The future singer Alexander Borodai grew up and was brought up in a good family, where his father was a musician, played the button accordion, accordion. Therefore, it is not surprising that Borodai has a passion for music. At school he was an exemplary student. The teacher of the amateur art circle noticed the potential in the boy, appreciated his vocal abilities, and Alexander was accepted into the children's choir as a soloist. He also participated in various competitions and festivals, played in ensembles.

Father from childhood instilled in the child a love of music, later this influenced his fate.

Already after school, as a teenager, Alexander showed a desire to follow in his father's footsteps and become an artist, since this gift was inherited by him, and fate smiled at him. After completing his military service, his plans began to materialize.

Creative career

Alexander Borodai began his creative career in the now well-known and beloved vocal ensemble "Friendship", where he got thanks to the famous composer Alexander Bronevitsky. ATensemble, thanks to the experience gained and a wonderful voice, he was assigned the role of a soloist-vocalist.

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Here the first fame came to him. Recordings began in the studio, tours of the Soviet Union. Alexander Borodai (see photo above) still remembers with warmth and gratitude the person who helped him at the dawn of his career. This is the composer Alexander Bronevitsky, who opened the way for many singers and singers, he, unfortunately, has long been dead.

Personal life of Alexander Borodai

Alexander Borodai - monogamous. For several years now, he has been living in complete harmony and harmony with his wife. They met while still young, when the future wife first came to Borodai's concert. Since then, they have not parted, always together.

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Spouses do not bother each other, they are not bored together, living together is only a joy for them. Alexander's wife respects and honors her husband's work and not only comes to his concerts, but also listens to his songs at home with pleasure.

Fans are interested not only in the biography of Alexander Borodai, but also in his personal life and character. This is a cheerful and outstanding person not only at work, but also at home, with his family. In his free time, Alexander likes to meet with friends and acquaintances. The singer's social circle is quite large - these are his colleagues in creative activities, athletes, actors, businessmen. Friends spend time at the singer's dacha or talking in the kitchen.

Alexander Borodai now

A story about the biography of Alexander Boroday would be incomplete without a story about what the singer is doing now. He continues to perform on stage to this day, only now as part of the USSR Retro Team VIA, organized by a young singer and member of this ensemble, as well as part-time producer and director Igor Yasny.

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The team is very friendly, there are about 4 years, consists of four people. These are talented and artistic people. Fans of the songs of past years always greet the band members with joy and applause. The ensemble goes on tour, performs abroad, where they are also greeted with enthusiasm and are looking forward to their next visit.

Alexander, despite his mature age, continues to charge the audience with his positive energy, to delight the audience with his songs.

The vocal group was created in the city of Leningrad, where Alexander Borodai now lives and works with success. Alexander himself gives interviews with pleasure, where he talks about his creative plans, about how he loves his work, that the stage is his vocation and life. He is not going to stop there and continues to sing songs that both young people and the older generation like.

Reviews about Alexander and his activities

People, especially fans of VIA "Druzhba" and everyone who remembers the songs and members of this ensemble, speak well of its former soloist Alexander Boroday. He not only sings old songs that have long been loved by the public, in hisperformance, you can also hear new hits. The audience loves him for his artistry, the ability to ignite the audience, communication with her. Alexander will always find a kind word for listeners.

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Friends call Alexander brutal and charismatic, considering him a very talented and open person. And the majority of fans, friends and colleagues speak positively about Boroday, saying that he is not just a good singer, but also a decent person, an exemplary family man who skillfully combines professional activities with household chores. By nature, Alexander is an intelligent and very reserved person, but in the circle of friends, family, colleagues, he is the soul of the company, it is always a pleasure to spend time with him, he will always help in any situation.

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