Celebrity wives: families and interesting facts about famous people

Celebrity wives: families and interesting facts about famous people
Celebrity wives: families and interesting facts about famous people

If a man is famous and rich, his other half is expected to match him perfectly. Celebrities with young wives, such as Andrei Konchalovsky with Yulia Vysotskaya, Oleg Tabakov with Marina Zudina or Woody Allen with Sun-y-Previn are of interest and admiration. Well-groomed ideal beauties, hoping to win their lucky star, hover around those who are considered "celestial". It is all the more unusual to see and realize that many celebrities choose girls of a very ordinary appearance as their companions. "Neformat", - many will think. But they know better! As a rule, celebrity wives are a real support and support for such men, being with them from the very beginning, supporting them, imperceptibly creating all the conditions for them to develop their careers. Just loving them. For men, this is a great reward.

celebrity wives

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

For example, the youngest billionaire who became a legendPlanet is married to his classmate, whom he met in 2004. Priscilla was among the minority who supported Mark at the very beginning of his work on the creation of Facebook, believed in him, went with him all the way from "nothing" to fame.

Mark Zuckerberg with his wife

Mark says that she attracted him with her simplicity and sincerity. It is said that both the wife of a celebrity and Mark himself are indifferent to money.

Hugh Laurie and Joe Green

Dr. House - the sexiest doctor in the history of cinema, happily married to theater administrator Jo, whom he met in the mid-eighties. They say that the wife of a celebrity has excellent logical thinking, for which, in fact, Hugh, according to him, loves her. Three children grow up in a strong family.

Hugh Laurie with his wife

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Handsome Hugh has been faithful to Deborra-Lee for over 20 years. The woman is 13 years older than him. Love has no explanation, only the heart, the magic of personality and some inexplicable reasons why people are together.

hugh jackman and wife

Josh Holloway and Jessica Kumala

Who hasn't sighed for heartthrob handsome Josh? Meanwhile, the wife of a celebrity has the most ordinary appearance. The Lost star has been married to an Indonesian since 2004. In life, it turned out that Josh is an excellent family man who loves his wife and son with a daughter.

Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shay Smith

Pierbrosnan and kili

The Irish handsome agent 007 led in 2001 to the altar an unremarkable journalist with an ordinary appearance. The family enjoys life in a luxurious house by the ocean, brings up two children and does not pay attention to the jokes of journalists about the wife of a celebrity. Photos of Keely and her figures constantly appear in the media with ironic comments about the fullness of Bond's wife. However, Pierce is happy with his "half".

Dmitry Peskov and his wife

For more than twenty years, the presidential press secretary was married to Ekaterina Solotsinskaya, with whom they had a daughter and two sons - Lisa, Mika and Denis. But Dmitry fell in love with figure skater Tatyana Navka, who gave him a daughter, Nadezhda. A new family has formed. Today, Catherine, having healed her spiritual wounds, lives in Paris, travels and spends a lot of time with her children, whom Dmitry Peskov, of course, does not forget. Peace reigns in families, no one suits any scandals. Everything was decided amicably, many wives of Russian celebrities are not only beautiful, but also smart.

Spouses of star football player Andrei Arshavin

Yulia Baranovskaya lived with Andrei for nine years, they had two children in a civil marriage. The couple did not register the relationship. When Julia was pregnant with her third child, Andrei did not deny the fact of betrayal, which was suddenly revealed. Alisa Kazmina, with whom Andrey is officially married today, turned out to be a homemaker. Many wives of Russian celebrities, having received a divorce, embark on self-improvement and withdraw into themselves. Julia pulled herself together and decidedforge your own happiness, raise children and not rely on Andrey's help. She received strong support from her fans and built a successful career as a TV presenter and model, in addition to publishing the book "All for the Best".


Irina Meladze and Albina Dzhanabaeva once shared singer Valery Meladze. Albina, the future backing vocalist of the group, gave birth to a son, Konstantin, but did not disclose her father's name. She was not married. Thanks to producer Konstantin Meladze, Albina ended up in VIA Gre and stayed in the group for eight years. Around 2000, rumors began to leak into the press about the relationship between Albina and Valery Meladze, who had been married to his wife Irina for more than 10 years. This story outraged the public to the core, because for many years the man led a double life. Finally, in 2014, Valery filed for divorce from Irina and declared himself a couple with Albina, their second son was born. But there is no friendship at home, children from the first and second marriages do not communicate with each other, the singer, according to him, is very upsetting.

Apparently, the temperamental Meladze brothers have in their blood the creation of interesting stories not only in their work, but also in their personal lives. So the elder Konstantin can boast of an interesting story in his fate, worthy of "Santa Barbara".

Yana Summ - the ex-wife of Konstantin Meladze already in 2002 could begin to worry about her family, since it was in this year that Vera Brezhneva appeared in the group, replacing Alena Vinnitskaya. Rumors about the romance of the producer and the new member are constantlyexaggerated, but there was no direct evidence. In addition, Konstantin is married to Yana Summ, and Vera married businessman Mikhail Kiperman in 2006, but in 2012 the marriage broke up, and then Konstantin divorced Yana. Vera bought an apartment in the center of Kyiv, where she met her lover. As a result, Konstantin and Vera got married in Italy and now live happily.

Boyarsky's daughter and Maxim Matveev

The heart of the beautiful Elizabeth, daughter of the legendary D'Artagnan Mikhail Boyarsky, for a long time could not choose one of the admirers, of whom the girl had quite a lot. She admits that she saw Maxim on TV in the movie "Vice" and fell in love with no memory. In 2010, the actors were on the same set of the melodrama "I won't tell", and feelings broke out between them. At that time, Maxim was married to the Latvian actress Jana Sexta. But he divorced, having met Lisa, with whom they are together today, they have a son.

Oksana Grigorieva: to Hollywood through Mela

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

Russian wives of celebrities living overseas are a role model for many. For example, Natalia Vodianova or Irina Shayk. The legendary Mel Gibson was less fortunate. He suffered either from his love of love, or from incontinence or from betrayal. After all, he left his wife, who bore him seven children, with whom he lived for 28 years, for the sake of the pianist Oksana Grigorieva. Robin Moore (ex-wife) demanded 400 million dollars, and Oksana, whose musical album was produced by Mel, beganComplain about being beaten by a Hollywood actor. Moreover, she claimed that he also beats their common daughter Lucia. She demanded money. Mel stopped being offered a job, considering him a bully and rowdy, and he almost went bankrupt.

Prince Charles' wives

Prince Charles and Diana Spencer

This sad story began when Diana was sixteen, that's when Charles and Miss Spencer met, while Charles was having an affair with might and main with her older sister Sarah. The relationship did not work out, and Charles turned his attention to the younger sister of his ex-girlfriend. The birth of princes William and Harry, unfortunately, did not save the family. Charles' long-term romance with Camilla Parker-Bowles, who was married, began and ended. Diana felt insulted and began an affair with a riding instructor. Chaos and mutual accusations reigned in the relationship between Charles and Diana, their union broke up. There were too many people in their marriage - this is how Diana commented on her tragic story. Diana was killed in a car accident in 1997, 9 years later Charles married Camilla.

Jack Sparrow's Wives

Vanessa Paradis and Amber Heard shared Johnny Depp. For fourteen years, Johnny and Vanessa lived in a civil marriage, until in 2012 the actor fell in love on the set with the young beauty Amber Heard. Vanessa received $160 million from her unfaithful spouse. Johnny and Vanessa had a daughter and a son in marriage, he did not legalize relations with her. But the beloved Amber led down the aisle a couple of years later, however, after a year and a half she filed for divorce and demanded largecompensation. Maybe I should have stayed with Paradis and lived in peace?

Brangelina as an alternative to a childless marriage with Greek Aniston

Aniston, who also has Greek blood in her veins, suffered for a long time from the fact that she could not have children. Her husband, Brad Pitt, is said to have grieved over this. Angelina Jolie managed to take her husband away from Jen, give him the happiness of being the father of six children, and then … divorce him loudly and with a global scandal. Passions are running high even now, in 2018. This is in the spirit of Angie, she has always been in the spotlight due to her outrageousness, sudden marriages and the ability to beat off other people's husbands. At one time, she stole Billy Bob Thornton from actress Laura Dern, and this happened on the set.

angelina jolie and brad pitt

Ex-wife of Timati

Although it is not very humane and correct to say so, but the beautiful wives of celebrities are a kind of "visiting cards" of famous people, testifying to their male strength, power and energy. The more beautiful the wife, the more reason a man has to be proud of himself, right? Take, for example, Timati, a popular Russian rap and R'n'B artist who started with "Star Factory" and now owns the Black Star Inc. trademark. Timati today is an important person on the musical Olympus of Russia, many decisions depend on him, he gives a start in life to many young talents.

At 35, Timati is a successful businessman. And his ex-wife Alena Shishkova is an incredible beauty model from Tyumen, who gave himcharming daughter Alice. Unfortunately, the couple broke up, but they maintain friendly relations because of their daughter. Today, Timati often appears with model Anastasia Reshetova.

Soso Pavliashvili and his women

A real Georgian man has conquered many women's hearts. Soso's first wife was Nino Uchaneishvili. In marriage, the son Levan was born in 1987. The couple did not live together for a long time, but remained on good terms.

Russian girls have always been liked by men all over the world, whether they are rich or poor, famous or unknown, numerous photos of celebrity wives testify to this. Russia is generous with beauties, and Soso almost took one of them to the registry office. We are talking about Irina Ponarovskaya, an affair with which was passionate, but, unfortunately, fleeting. Why the musician broke up with the singer, no one knows.

In 1997, Pavliashvili married singer Irina Patlakh, an ex-member of the Mironi group. The history of their acquaintance is very funny. Ira was 16 years old, she asked Soso for an autograph and told him that she really liked his work. They began to communicate, Irina's parents did not interfere with the relationship of the young, Soso easily got along with them.

Irina and Soso became good, close friends for each other. Soso was afraid that he would not justify her hopes, but Ira was persistent, she loved Soso and stayed with him, despite the huge number of trials in life. She promised that they would overcome all difficulties together, and now Soso has a strong marriage - her beloved wife and two daughters, Lisa and Sandra.

Abandoned wives of celebrities became celebrities themselves,someone manages to either get a good rumor, or make money. Life under the guns of cameras is not easy, but no one should justify to anyone for wanting to be happy. And that's everyone's choice.

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