Scenic monument of nature - Belbek Canyon: description of the area and attractions

Scenic monument of nature - Belbek Canyon: description of the area and attractions
Scenic monument of nature - Belbek Canyon: description of the area and attractions

Coming to the Crimea on vacation, many do not even suspect that they have a unique opportunity to visit the natural monument - the Belbek Canyon. Those who decided on such a trip were able to admire the extraordinary views that cannot be found anywhere else.

General information

Belbek Canyon is a natural monument (photos shown below), which is of national importance. It is located in the Bakhchisarai region of Crimea. Its total area is one hundred hectares.

In 1969, this place was a natural monument of local importance, but six years later, in 1975, a reorganization was carried out, and the canyon acquired national significance. To this day, the status of this area has not changed, and the territory is under protection.

natural monument belbek canyon

The appearance of the canyon

In the distant years, Belbek was a full-fledged, full-flowing river. She traveled for many kilometers, carrying a stream of fast-flowing water. Under pressure, the mountains gradually eroded, giving way to the river.Belbek. Every year the riverbed became deeper and more voluminous. As a result, between the stone massifs of the inner mountains of Crimea, a gorge appeared, known today as the Belbek Canyon. The monument of nature today is a spectacular and impressive place.

General Description

The canyon starts near the village of Kuibyshevo and stretches five kilometers to the village of Tankovoe. Entering the “gate”, you can immediately notice a huge gorge, along which, like sides, there are 70-meter stone cliffs. But the maximum height of these walls can reach 350 meters, given the unevenness of the gorge and its deepening. The sides of the canyon are moved apart by more than 300 meters.

belbek canyon natural monument

The river continues to flow below, although not as stormy as it was many years ago, and marl slopes stand at an angle of 450 near it. Although today the Belbek River has become smaller in size than in past years, nevertheless, it is the most full-flowing on the Crimean peninsula.


The monument of nature (Belbek Canyon) is distinguished by vegetation. For example, fluffy and sessile oaks are visible on the slopes. Rosehips, dogwood, hold-a-tree and hornbeams also grow. On the left bank of the Belbek, on the southwestern slope, you can see a relic yew grove, it consists of 2000 trees. Interestingly, it has been a local nature reserve since 1980.

Canyon and scientific research

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Today the Belbek Canyon is an important scientific object for research.Since this geological section appeared naturally, the stratigraphy of the Lower Paleogene and Upper Cretaceous of the peninsula is being studied here. The river was able to gently erode and open Paleogene and Upper Cretaceous rocks to the gaze of scientists. If you go down the river, it is easy to notice white and gray limestones, as well as sandstone deposits with their fauna. Further tiers with other types of limestones, sandstones and clays are traced. Each new section is characterized by its own fossil fauna.

Features of the canyon

When visiting the natural monument - Belbek Canyon, you can see the centuries-old inhabitants of the sea. Among them, sea urchins, oysters and nummulites can be seen on the stone canvas.

In addition, you can pay attention to the fact that the sides of the canyon are quite diverse: some are dotted with cracks, others are decorated with folds, shelves, niches and pockets. The picturesque picture is complemented by small grottoes.

belbec canyon

Many tourists have noticed statues that look like Egyptian sphinxes and huge lizards. There is also an unusual ribbed surface, which is surprising in that only the wind worked on its “sculpture”, without human help.

Historical Echoes

Araeologists conducted their research here, and under the canopies of the gorge they found signs of camps of primitive inhabitants. The Cro-Magnons lived in the caves of the rocks, who were mainly engaged in fishing and hunting. In those days, there were many large deer, bulls, wild horses and bears living in the caves. Local reservoirs were rich in salmon,carp and other rare fish for these places.

Archaeologists who explored the natural monument (Belbek Canyon) determined that a little later this territory was inhabited by the Mesolithic. These favorable places attracted fishermen and hunters of ancient times. For them, it was heaven - food, water and shelter.

Over time, here, on the plateau of Cape Kule-Burun, not far from the village. Small Sadovoye, the Syuyren fortress was erected. But today you can see only some of the fragments left from the round tower and defensive walls. These "fossils" date back to the 8th century. But elements of frescoes were also found here. This fact indicates that after the fall of the fortress, the locals built their church on the ruins. This cape can be reached by an ancient road running from the western side.

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Active objects

Not far from the church, an Orthodox monastery functioned in a cave, and it was called "Chelter-Koba". But then it remained in disrepair for several years. Over time, the monastery was restored and at the moment services continue to be held in it.

If you went to the monastery, then after visiting it you can visit the winery, built in the Middle Ages. To get into it, you can go through a yew grove, behind which there will be a real complex of wine presses. Tourists who come to the Belbek Canyon love to visit this place.

How to get to the natural monument

You can get to these beautiful places from the bus station in Bakhchisaray. In this directionminibuses run regularly. You can take any bus that goes towards Kuibyshev or Sokolinoe.

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