Order in things. Perfect house order

Order in things. Perfect house order
Order in things. Perfect house order

Is the ideal order in the house a dream or a reality? Surely you have been in apartments more than once where cleanliness reigns, there are no blockages on the shelves, and every thing lies in its place. Why do some succeed and others don't? What needs to be done to put things in order and maintain it constantly? You can find answers to your questions in this article.


In ordinary families, it is not customary to do spring cleaning once a week. Ideal cleanliness is brought everywhere only a few times a year and, as a rule, is timed to coincide with a big holiday. So, for example, before Christmas or an anniversary, housewives clean windows to a shine, throw out unnecessary trash and involve household members in work. But think about what happens in between these planned rush jobs? Often people relax and nullify the results of their great work.

Order in things

Putting things in order

To solve this problem, try to set aside 15 minutes in your daily routine to spend them oncleaning your house. Do you think that this time will not be enough and soon the usual mess will become an integral part of the interior? Leave this delusion in the past. If you systematically put things in order every day, then in a few weeks your house will shine with cleanliness. On weekdays you will enjoy the comfort of home, and on weekends you will have time for pleasant little things and entertainment.

Identify the places where litter is most likely to appear

There are corners in every home where rubbish accumulates as if by magic. The first hotspot can be found at the front door - this is where we throw keys, hats, gloves and mailbox advertisements. The second place where blockages of clothes are often found is in the bedroom. It can be a chair, an armchair or a sofa. Miraculously, jeans, socks, T-shirts and other wardrobe items accumulate there. The children's room is generally a separate issue, since “necessary” things, toys and magazines have been stored there for years. Looking closely at your apartment, you can notice a few more local points of confusion and start fighting them.

Don't try to solve this problem in one day, because it's impossible. Better put things in order gradually. And do not forget about preventive measures. Soon you will achieve great results without spending a lot of effort and time.

Let's put things in order


Make a cleaning schedule for yourself for the week ahead. For example, plan to clean the stove on Monday and the mirrors on Tuesday. Don't worry if you haveurgent matters will appear and you will not be able to complete some item. Just forget about it until next week and calmly go about your business.

Involve family members in housekeeping

If all the responsibility for cleanliness in the apartment lies on your shoulders, the children do not know how to use a bucket and a rag, and your spouse only criticizes your activities, then you urgently need to change your lifestyle. At the family council, divide household chores and set a schedule for cleaning common areas.

It is important that each member of the family takes his turn to be on duty. Keep a diary in which you will note the contribution of household members to neatness and cleanliness. Over the weekend, analyze the results of the work together and decide who deserves to go to the movies and who will be forced to stay to finish their work.

How to organize your wardrobe

How to organize your closet

It's no secret that in every home the wardrobe is a repository of old, unnecessary, but very beloved things. Few people can boast that they know how to store their clothes correctly and keep them in perfect order. Read the following tips and try to put them into practice:

  • Down with everything superfluous! Get rid of items you haven't used in over a year. To make it easier for yourself, do an audit in a bad mood - so it will be easier for you to throw out everything you don't need.
  • Purchase the same hangers and place them at the same height. This simple trick will help you deal with confusion faster.in clothes. The bravest ones can go further and sort things by color and texture.
  • Leave only the clothes you use at this time of year in your wardrobe. Wash the rest, iron and arrange in organizers for things. Before the next season, all you have to do is get the right items without wasting precious time looking for them.
  • Accessories should be stored separately. These include belts, gloves, hats, umbrellas and bags. If you haven't purchased your organizer box yet, please do so as soon as possible.
  • How to organize your shoe closet? First of all, install additional shelves in it. Now you don't have to store shoes in factory boxes, and you can easily find the right pair.
  • Put bulky items and winter clothes in vacuum bags. Please note that this rule does not apply to fur.
  • Purchase underwear organizers to save shelf space.
  • Dust the shelves often and don't forget to lay out the anti-moth products.

How to store documents and securities

Storage Organizers

Do you spend hours looking for your birth certificate or apartment passport? Can't tell you exactly where the policy and insurance of your husband are now? Then you urgently need to organize a place to store documents.

Divide all papers into three categories:

  • Official - passports, diplomas, contracts.
  • Technical - warranty cards for equipment, instructions foroperation.
  • Payments - checks, utility bills or rent.

Place all documents in folders with transparent files and leave them in a visible place. Now you can be sure that you will find the right paper in a minute.

Let's clean up the kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the busiest part of the house. Relatives and friends gather here to drink tea and chat on all sorts of topics. A variety of dishes are being prepared on the stove all the time, and people who want to eat something tasty are constantly flocking to the refrigerator. If you want to maintain the neatness and tidiness of this room, then improve it, use the following items:

  • Magnetic boards - this ingenious invention will allow you to store metal objects in an upright position. Knives, ladles, spatulas will always be at hand and will not be lost after washing dishes. Have your spices no longer fit in the drawer? Buy flat jars, magnetic tape and place them at a comfortable height.
  • Open shelves will help you keep an eye on all the little things you need when cooking and not waste time looking for them.
  • Vegetable Baskets: Purchase several of the same wicker baskets and place them on a pull-out shelf. This way you solve several problems at once. First, free up some space in your fridge. Secondly, the material of the basket will keep the vegetables from rotting. Thirdly, your kitchen will look stylish, aesthetic and modern.
  • Accuracy and neatness
  • How to organize your closetfor dishes? Learn how to properly store pot and pan lids. Quite often we hide all these utensils in the oven. But if you often cook baked dishes, then its constant shifting from place to place becomes annoying. Use the original solution - place additional towel rails on the wall and insert covers into them.
  • Rails and hooks - these wonderful items will allow you to effectively use the entire space of the kitchen. By equipping the room with these items, you can hang not only scoops and ladles, but even pots and pans on the walls.


All owners of small apartments know how difficult it is to fit all the necessary items into the bathroom. Try to take a fresh look at this space and learn how to store the things you need in a new way:

Perfect house order
  • Clean up your bathroom with storage compartments. Soap, shampoo and washcloths put in beautiful baskets. Tanks can be hung with hooks on the rails, or can be attached directly to the wall. The main thing is that they are made in the same style and harmoniously matched in color.
  • Hang open shelves on the walls and arrange jars of cosmetics, scrubs and body creams on them.
  • If your bathroom has cabinets, use the inside of the door. You can attach hollow cylinders of different diameters to it and store a hair dryer and a hair curler in them.
  • Use another simple and economical solution - sew a canvas with pocketsand hang it on the inside of the door. You will be surprised how many little things and hygiene items will find their place here.


  • To save space, build an accessory rack directly above the toilet cistern. To keep a supply of toilet paper always at hand, attach a metal shelf with holders to the side wall of the tank.
  • Use the space above the door - attach a shelf above the entrance and store items that family members rarely use.

How to keep the apartment in order

Do you have a small apartment and despite your best efforts things can't seem to find their place? Use one of the ideas and equip a place to store them.

Organizers for things
  • Podium - built-in wardrobes do not have to be adjacent to the walls. Use the space in the niche under the furniture and store everything you want in it.
  • If your home has stairs, turn them into boxes for clothes or shoes.
  • Don't forget the benefits of sliding cabinets that can be placed next to the doorway. For example, in the kitchen, in such a narrow cabinet, it will be convenient for you to store bottles and spices.
  • The order in things will ensure their sorting according to a certain principle. For example, put all your shoe care items in one box and choose the right place for it.

It is very important that both owners and guests feel comfortable in the house. Don't hoard broken items, faulty appliances, or cracked crockery in your home. Neverbuy new furniture before you decide what to do with the old one. This approach will allow you to maintain order without spending a lot of time and effort. Do not forget about the close people who live with you. Perhaps they do not share your desire for perfect cleanliness. Due to too stringent requirements, conflicts and disagreements can arise. Therefore, do not turn your house into a museum and let your family relax after a hard day's work. Remember that you are not created for cleaning, but it is for you. Therefore, do household chores with pleasure and experience a well-deserved sense of joy and pride in yourself every day.

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