Do I need a license for a gas pistol: features of acquisition, registration and storage

Do I need a license for a gas pistol: features of acquisition, registration and storage
Do I need a license for a gas pistol: features of acquisition, registration and storage

The modern world often endangers our lives and the lives of our loved ones. That is why many decide to purchase weapons. If your choice is gas, then the question immediately arises: do you need a license for a gas pistol or can it be used without official permission? In the article you will receive a complete, comprehensive answer to this and related questions.

Gun Law

First, let's figure out what weapons are called gas. Until now, many people confuse the concepts of gas and pneumatic weapons. According to the law "On weapons" No. 150-FZ, these are two different types of weapons.

In pneumatics, the target is hit by a projectile fired from the barrel using the energy of compressed or liquefied gas. If the muzzle energy is less than 3 kJ, then such a weapon does not require a special permit. In a gas weapon, the gas itself is a striking "projectile" and is intended for temporarydisabling the enemy with gaseous chemicals (2010 revision of the law).

gas pistol license

Today, there are three types of civilian gas weapons: revolver, pistol and machine gun. Outwardly, such a weapon is very similar to a firearm, but a specialist will immediately understand that you are holding a gas pistol.

When buying in a store, the seller will definitely ask you if you have a license for a gas pistol, its storage, carrying and use. In its absence, weapons simply will not be sold to you. Now you can answer the question of whether a gas pistol license is needed.

Who is eligible?

To get a license for any type of weapon, you must be 18 years old, and for firearms - 21. But under certain conditions, the age limit may be shifted. So, if weapons are worn with national costumes, then a license can be issued even at 16, and they can be allowed to own firearms from the age of 18.

Do I need a license for a gas gun

What you need to get a license

Let's consider how to get a license for a gas gun. The process will take a lot of time, because the package of documents is quite impressive. This is:

  • Medical certificate form 002-o / y (and its photocopy), for which you will have to undergo a medical examination, including an oculist. To obtain this certificate, you must provide a certificate of form 003-o / y, in which the narcologist and psychiatrist will put a mark on the absence of reasons for refusal (these are validforms within six months of receipt).
  • Passport and its photocopy with registration or other identity document.
  • Men also provide a military ID.
  • Two black and white photos in formal clothes. You need to shoot without glasses and headgear (with the exception of religious customs).
  • Receipt of payment of state duty.
  • A completed special application form, which indicates the weapons that are already in stock, as well as the address of residence, where a special metal box with a lock or a safe for storing weapons and ammunition is located.
  • Certificate of completion of a two-week gas weapon handling course followed by an exam.
gas pistols for self-defense without a license

A gas pistol license en titles you to own five gas weapons of any type. But it should be remembered that you have six months to find and purchase weapons and another two weeks to register your purchase. It is produced in the same place where you received the license. Only after registration you will receive permission to carry.

How much does it cost to feel safe

Obtaining a license on average will cost you 8-9 thousand rubles. The price includes a two-week gas weapon handling course (5-7 thousand), state duty (500 rubles), medical certificate 002-o / y (from 900 rubles to 2-5 thousand, depending on the region and place of its receipt).

gas pistols without license and permission

Of course, this is only a small partcosts. It is worth remembering the purchase of a safe for storage, the weapon itself and much more. So calculate your strengths well and answer yourself: do you need a license for a gas pistol now? After all, if the weapon is not purchased within six months after obtaining a license, it will have to be handed over.

Who can be denied access

But even having started the procedure of collecting the necessary documents to obtain the coveted permit, one cannot be sure of a positive result. You will definitely be denied a gas weapon license if:

  • You are under the age of 18.
  • You don't have a medical certificate. It is not issued in case of poor vision even when wearing glasses and contact lenses, as well as blindness in one eye. They will also refuse extradition in the absence of the thumb and forefinger or any three fingers on the hand of one hand. If you have mental disorders and epilepsy, you will also be refused. Alcoholism and drug addiction is another reason for refusing to issue a coveted certificate.
  • They will also refuse to obtain a license for those who have an outstanding conviction for crimes involving weapons.
  • If there is a court decision depriving you of the right to purchase weapons, give up the idea of ​​obtaining a license. They won't give it anyway.
  • Convicts will also not receive permission to carry and purchase a gas pistol.
  • No permanent registration.

Can I get by?

We hope you don't have any questions about whether you need a license for a gas pistol. But not everyone has the time and desire to receive it. Often many people havethe temptation to purchase gas pistols for self-defense without a license.

how to get a gas pistol license

It should be remembered that the possession of gas weapons without permission leads to administrative liability, but the use, even if only for the purpose of scaring, leads to criminal liability.

Very often, craftsmen remake gas pistols without a license and permission for traumatic ones that can fire rubber or plastic bullets. Wearing and using such "homemade" is also punishable.

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