Executioner, victim and witness: offensive name-calling that leaves wounds

Executioner, victim and witness: offensive name-calling that leaves wounds
Executioner, victim and witness: offensive name-calling that leaves wounds

Practically everyone has heard bad things about them. Sometimes we find out about this quite by accident, since most often offensive names are spoken behind their backs, but there are those for whom it will not be difficult to say everything in person and at the same time make a sweet smile.

First, let's try to understand what motivates people to insult others…

6 reasons to be nasty

1. Lack of education or tactlessness. Such people consider this disadvantage to be their advantage. Without realizing it, they can blurt out offensive names even in the presence of older people. Do not take it to heart, it is unlikely that they themselves understood the tactlessness of their words.

2. Envy. And it can manifest itself even to the smallest things. For example, your good mood, and it’s better to keep silent about material we alth and personal life.

3. Vampire people. Unfortunately, there are people who get pleasure and energy from what they said offensive names to someone else.

4. Eagerness for teaching. Such a desire arises in "sofa psychologists" who consider themselves mentors. They giveadvice, but at the same time do not forget to humiliate or insult the interlocutor's feelings a little.

5. Good intentions. Sometimes we have to hear the most offensive name-calling from close people. We understand that they love us, but in a fit of anger, not everyone can control their words.

6. Impunity. This occasion for nasty things is more common on the Internet, where people feel safe and do not skimp on insults. But if in virtual life they can be blacklisted, then in real life everything is much more complicated.

Where are the roots from

It's no secret that the most cruel people are children, and we get the first insulting name-calling from the school bench. Sometimes the fantasy of classmates can go so far beyond what is permitted that the nickname or nickname becomes a stigma, after which people even forget the real name of the person. The fact is that children never think about what the consequences of teasing can be. For them, the most important thing is to create fun and noise by humiliating other people.

insulting name-calling

The main reason for name-calling is appearance. If a person has problem skin, he will be called pimply, vision problems - a blind chicken, bespectacled man, the desire to study - a nerd. The most offensive name-calling for boys concerns the honor of his mother. If the word “mom” appears in the insult, then the child will tear and throw everything that surrounds him.

Teasing everyone, but why do some people stop being called names, while others continue to be mocked? The point is that anya normal person treats his name with special trepidation, and any insulting name-calling concerning the saint himself causes a storm of emotions. That's exactly what teasers want. To prevent this from happening to your child, you need to explain to him that the best weapon is ignoring.

Words that leave wounds

The topic of name-calling is so reverent that even after years it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste on the soul. And it was not in vain that at the beginning it was said about children. While adults can sometimes control their emotions, children can't.

offensive name for a guy

How often do teenagers fight? The key phrase is hidden in the question itself. Every day, young men from about 12 to 20 years old try to prove their authority through fights. Where does the fight start? Of course, the first thing to do is to use offensive names for a guy, which will humiliate his feelings.

Teasers or nicknames are like masks given to people to put on. More often they are forced to accept such an "award" in order to get into some influential company, or to protect their honor.

There are many offensive words for guys, but the most offensive when the word "gay" sounds in his address. If in European countries there is a good attitude towards such people, then the Russian people have a negative attitude.

What annoys guys

Men are less emotional than girls. For example, for a girl, the phrase “You are a fool” sounds like the most terrible insult, followed by screams, tears, scandals and tantrums. With men, things are much easier. He doesn't even do thatwill turn his attention. But this does not mean that not a single phrase that has flown from a woman's lips is capable of upsetting or angering him.

offensive names for boys

The following topics can become grounds for resentment:

- uncleanliness (stink);

- dissatisfaction with his "friend" (small dignity);

- insults about his hobbies.

How to deal with insults

As said before, the best way to get revenge is to ignore. It is necessary to explain to the child from childhood that if he is called names, you should not respond and pay attention to it. Teasers are interested in insulting those who resent and respond. The child should know that all the nicknames, drove and other words have nothing to do with him. Though the advice is simple, it works 100%. But in order for your child to use it properly, cultivate self-esteem in him.

Words sting like a bee

These photos will not leave anyone indifferent. The purpose of the photo shoot is to make people think about how people who have been abused feel. If you think that hurtful words are not capable of leaving wounds on the body, remember that they are the most painful and remain in the soul.

The idea for the project came from photographer Richard Johnson. Each participant in the photo shoot chose a word from the list, which, in his opinion, is considered an unfair insult.

Now imagine what would happen if the insult left a mark on the body?

offensive name-calling

Moron - "idiot", "idiot".

the most offensive remarks

Useless - "worthless" or "useless", stupid - "fool", "stupid".

I would like to believe that after viewing photos on the topic "Weapon Choice" people will think before they use verbal violence against others.

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