Actor Fadeev Alexander: biography, personal life, filmography

Actor Fadeev Alexander: biography, personal life, filmography
Actor Fadeev Alexander: biography, personal life, filmography

His parents were talented and famous. It is a pity that their son was not able to take full advantage of what fate has bestowed.

Big man

The hero of our essay Alexander Fadeev was the adopted son of the writer Alexander Fadeev. The same one who wrote the books that were sensational in their time. This is "Young Guard", then "Rout" and finally "The Last of Udege". More than one generation of our fellow citizens grew up on them.

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In the era of Stalinism, Fadeev Sr. was the head of the Union of Writers of the country, one of the leaders of the Committee for the Protection of Peace. Add the title of deputy, numerous orders of Lenin, the Stalin Prize. He himself was chairman of the award committee. Finally, the chief's personal adviser and favorite…

He, coming from a poor family, has achieved everything and even more than any careerist dreams of. He had money, fame and patronage of those in power. Add here his wife - an outstanding actress of the Moscow Art Theater, People's Artist of the USSR Angelina Stepanova. She was extremely beautiful, charming, elegant, intelligent. And courageous. So much hardship and grief fell on her lot,that others would have broken long ago. These are her husband's infidelities, and his alcoholism, and the death of an adored son …

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He shot himself with a pistol

Novelist Fadeev died early, at 54. This happened a few months after the cult of Stalin was exposed. Fadeev Sr., who was considered involved in the repression of fellow writers, took his own life voluntarily. When he was left alone at his dacha in Peredelkino (his wife went on tour) and his sons were also absent, he shot himself with a premium pistol. Found the body of 11-year-old son Misha.

It was said that if you were near, near your husband, at that moment your spouse, misfortune would not have happened.

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Stepanova became the second wife of a prose writer close to the very top. They met almost by chance in Paris in 1937. The actress then went abroad with the theater for the first time. And Alexander Alexandrovich was on his way from Spain, where he was with a delegation of writers, to Moscow. But I decided to look into the capital of France.

The wedding was a year later. Moreover, the groom knew that Angelina had a seven-year affair with the famous playwright Nikolai Erdman, a family man. And as usual, the whole theatrical party was vigorously discussing all this.

Also, Fadeev was not afraid of the fact that shortly before their wedding, his fiancee had a boy, whom she named Sasha. It was in 1936. But the actress hid the name of the father of the child from everyone. And all my long life. She died in 2000 at the age of 95.

The prose writer adopted the boy, gave him his last name and loved him very much. This was Alexander Fadeev, the actor we are talking about. Having matured, he will follow his mother's path. And the youngest and common child of the parents, Misha, will become a writer.

Twenty years - the family life of the writer and actress lasted so long. No hardship or adversity could separate them. Even the trips of the spouse to the left and the illegitimate daughter Masha. Her mother was the famous poetess M. Aliger. Angelina Iosifovna forgave her unfaithful husband too. The brothers - Fadeev Alexander and Misha - not only lived together, but also closely communicated with their sister (step) all the time until she died.

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Tragedy in the family

The eldest son, Alexander Fadeev, also experienced a lot. His biography is full of different things: both good and not very good. For example, sister Mary repeated the fate of her illustrious father. Having become the wife of the German poet Hans Enzensberger, she was never able to find herself. Committed suicide.

Angelina Iosifovna found out about the sudden death of her husband in Yugoslavia. There were theater tours. When, after one performance, the curtain fell, she was asked to immediately come to the entrance. An official from the Soviet embassy was waiting there. He said that she urgently needed to go to Moscow to Alexander Alexandrovich. Immediately everyone got into the car and set off to the capital of Hungary. There was no direct flight to Moscow then. Only through Budapest with a transfer in Kyiv.

Arrived in the city on the Danube early - as much as four in the morning. She was again surprised that they were waiting for her there. Everywhere inThe light was on in the embassy, ​​and no one went to bed at all. What happened, she did not ask again. It's not in her rules. The actress didn't say anything either. It was only casually hinted that her husband became ill.

Already in Kyiv, in the airport hall, she bought a newspaper. On the front page of Pravda, in a mourning frame, is a portrait of her husband.

She flew home without letting go of the newspaper. Making it clear that everyone already knows. She also descended from the ladder of the plane. I arrived at the coffin (and it stood in the Hall of Columns) when it was already empty: everyone had dispersed. I didn't want any more condolences. And a couple of days later, she was already on stage…

Their eldest son, Alexander Fadeev, was then 20 years old. His father loved him very much. And he's dad too.

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Reveler, favorite of the ladies

No wonder what profession Sasha chose. Alexander Fadeev, actor, graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. Then he started working. It was the Theater of the Soviet Army. And everything would have gone well in the future, if not for his character. The young man had not yet had time, as they say, to settle down, as he was shown the door. And so it was. At one rehearsal, the actors were asked to linger. There was still some work to be done. Everyone accepted it as normal. One Alexander Fadeev said that, they say, he still has a whole bunch of things to do and he should leave. He took it and left the hall, not paying attention to the fact that the artistic director of the theater was present here. And colleagues - beginners, like him, and already with the title of honored, folk.

Fabulously handsome face and figure, he became more famous for being cheerful, sociable,careless guy. He, unlucky, kind and often tipsy, was loved by women. Pampered, pampered. This is how Alexander Fadeev turned out to be in life. The photos in this article will confirm his character traits.

A few years later, Oleg Efremov (he was then the director of the Moscow Art Theater) remembered him. And he invited me to join his troupe. It was rumored that not for talents, of course, but because of the mother - the prima of this theater. So that she, an influential and powerful actress, does not interfere with him. But the young actor understood this and began to oppose the main thing. And when the theater split into two halves, he went to T. Doronina. He worked there until 1993. This is the last year of his life.

Alexander Fadeev personal life

Performances and films

Probably, it cannot be argued that as an artist he was very famous and popular. Then other stars burned brighter in the theatrical sky.

But Alexander Fadeev also acted in films. Films with his participation must have been watched by many. These are, for example, "Front behind the front line" and "Tchaikovsky", "The lonely are provided with a hostel", as well as "Accident - the daughter of a cop". The roles were mostly episodic. He became famous for something completely different. With his love affairs with famous movie actresses.

Not everyone knows that Alexander Fadeev (actor) is Gurchenko's husband. Indeed, he was married to this popular movie star. And he was her second husband. But their lives didn't work out. Lyudmila Markovna herself said that two bright temperaments together are like a nuclear bomb. And Sasha's great passion for alcohol interfered with family happiness.

Vysotsky's rival

Alexander Fadeev is not so simple at all. His personal life was confused, restless. After a divorce from Gurchenko, he had a rather long relationship with another no less famous actress. Her name was Larisa Luzhina.

It is interesting that their mutual love broke out on the set of the film "Vertical". And the artist at that time had another admirer - Vladimir Vysotsky himself. He dedicated his songs to her. However, he could not stand the competition with the son of the famous Soviet writer.

Luzhina was already one step away from marriage with Alexander. But a miracle saved her from that. Larisa Anatolyevna told later that he drank very much. So that she had to save him more than once, sometimes from death. Alexander tried to shoot himself. She took the gun from the drunk by force. He was already completely uncontrollable and extremely impulsive.

Stalin's relative

But that's not all that is unusual about the life of the son of two talented people - a major writer and prima of the Moscow Art Theater. Alexander became related to Stalin himself!

Alexander Fadeev children

For the last 15 years of his life, Fadeev Jr. was married to Nadezhda Vasilievna Stalina. The years of her life: 1943-1999. She is the granddaughter of the leader of the peoples and the daughter of his son Vasily.

But as people who knew the actor Fadeev say, he was no longer the cheerful, daring handsome man that he was in his younger years. He was seriously alcoholic. Made several suicide attempts. And he died before he even reached the age of 60. He was only 57.

That was Alexander Fadeev. Biography, personallife - everything was ruined because of an uncontrollable addiction to alcohol. It is because of this, as many believe, that he did not make a career. And for the same reason, all his wives left the actor and, in general, a gentle, good-natured person.

Mother was terribly worried about the death of her son. Adored Shurik meant a lot to her. The younger Mikhail begged his mother not to come to the funeral. He knew her very well and was afraid that she would not survive there. Mother obeyed. I sat at home alone, at my desk and only smoked one cigarette after another … And so - for many days in a row.

Life goes on

When Alexander's friend published a small obituary about him in the newspaper, Angelina Stepanova did not part with this piece of paper. Good, sincere words were said about the son there.

There was no man. Alexander Fadeev left. Children continue his branch. The daughter of the actor and his wife Nadezhda - Anastasia Aleksandrovna Stalina - was born in 1974. And already her successor Galina Vasilievna Fadeeva (year of birth - 1992) is a great-great-granddaughter of the former leader of the USSR. Today she is 23 years old. How will her fate turn out?

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