Illusionists brothers Safronov: the secret of their success

Illusionists brothers Safronov: the secret of their success
Illusionists brothers Safronov: the secret of their success

Adults and children are very fond of magic tricks. The world of illusion is not only interesting, it fascinates! At any age, a person happily plunges into a fairy tale. An irresistible show is presented by the well-known Russian group of illusionists and conjurers - the Safronov brothers. Three young and energetic guys know how to surprise. That is why they are very popular among the Russian and Ukrainian population.

Biography of illusionists

Fans of artists always want to know as much as possible about their favorite. Significant dates, age, hobbies, activities outside of work - all this is of interest to the public. Illusionists Safronov brothers are no exception, people want to know all the details of their lives. Well, let's get started.

Safronov brothers

Senior, Ilya Vladimirovich, was born on April 12, 1977. Once I saw a Copperfield show and became very interested in magic. In his group he works both as a performer and as a director. He loves beautiful cars and … attractive girls. For a long time he worked in film and advertising. The character is balanced and calm. Complete realist, always telling the truth.

Andrey Vladimirovich was born on September 30, 1982. It hasexperience in theater and television. In the group, he is a stunt coordinator and a performer. Very demanding of himself. He always remains dissatisfied with his work, even when it is done perfectly. He loves sports, constantly goes to the gym. He is distinguished by modesty, silence and charm.

Sergey Vladimirovich (date of birth - September 30, 1982) also worked as an actor in the theater for seven years. Since childhood, I wanted to become a wizard. In the group he works as a screenwriter and stunt performer. Always cheerful, energetic and cheerful. Hobbies: cycling, reading smart books and watching good movies.

Interesting tricks

illusionist brothers Safronov

The world of illusion is extremely rich and unpredictable. It is very difficult to surprise the viewer, it is necessary that all the numbers be worked out to perfection. The Safronov brothers are always ready to perform at their best. The Russian public first saw them in 2002 and immediately fell in love with them. Concerts with their participation always gather full houses. Each time, illusionists prove that everything is possible in this world.

Shows are always bright, with special effects, one gets the feeling that this trio is not subject to any laws of chemistry and physics. Many people want to know the secrets of the Safronov brothers' tricks, they are so intriguing and fascinating. Illusionists are doing tricks with the disappearance of a large number of people, museum exhibits, huge structures. The brothers can walk through walls and mirrors. Millions of people dream of getting to their concert and seeing the artistslive.

Russian Copperfields

Everyone believes in miracles, even if they don't admit it to themselves. The Safronov brothers are professionals in their field, they are popularly called Russian Copperfields. However, this is not surprising. Magicians are members of the International Club of Magicians.

Illusionists are always actively involved in many projects. For example, with Alexander Tsekalo, they worked together on staging tricks in the musical "12 Chairs". Their tricks often decorate concerts of famous musicians. For a long time, the guys are co-hosts and judges of the famous TV show on the TNT channel "Battle of Psychics".

Amazing performances

secrets of the Safronov brothers

The brothers also hold their own shows: “Three Copperfields”, “The Safronov Brothers Wonderarium”. They were presented in Russia and Ukraine, received tremendous success. Children and adults were greatly impressed by the performances. Also, the illusionists filmed the film "Wonder People" with the participation of ordinary passers-by and famous personalities. They themselves act as hosts and protagonists who perform dangerous and incredible stunts.

In 2012, the project "Ukraine of Wonders" was launched. In nine major cities of the country, illusionists simply performed miracles on the streets, and ordinary people participated in micro-magic and magic tricks. This is an amazing sight, the Ukrainians were delighted.

A few unpleasant facts

A huge scandal took place on the pages of Internet portals, in particular on the forum "In the world of circus and variety art". High professionals in the field of tricks criticizedthe show, which was shown by the Safronov brothers as part of the First Class television program. The exposure of some of the world's tricks of illusion and the availability of the secrets of magicians aroused the complete indignation of the colleagues of the famous trio.

Professional magicians consider incorrect the fact that the guys showed ordinary people all the "inside" of magic. According to the code of the illusion genre, which has developed over the centuries, the secrets of tricks should never be told.

secrets of the tricks of the Safronov brothers

Russian magicians began to boycott the brothers, urging people not to attend their concerts. The Internet is full of videos with appeals from artists of this genre, where they declare the betrayal of the "trinity". Many believe that this is a kind of PR move to stay at the peak of fame.

Also, little troubles with the organization of the brothers' concerts are known. Somehow in Moscow there was a mess with tickets. People could not determine their places. After that, the brothers stated in the press that it was not their fault, but the organizers, with whom they would never cooperate again. Illusionists want to always be in the spotlight. And they succeed. Even such unpleasant facts fuel the interest of the public in their personalities.

Preparing for the show

The Safronov brothers tell their admirers the truth: there is no magic. Yes, and they themselves are big skeptics. All programs are an expensive and well-prepared illusion. Optical illusion and the emotional state of the viewer.

All paraphernalia for the show are in a huge truck that follows them around the cities.The magicians themselves talk about the fact that all their steps are painted literally in seconds. The constructions are mounted before the start of the performance, everything is carefully rechecked several times. A huge team works together with illusionists, the successful performance of the performance depends on their qualifications and experience.

Wonderarium of Safronov Brothers

Secrets of tricks

The secrets of the Safronov brothers are known to many experts, and they themselves later reveal some secrets to the audience. Let's take, for example, the number when Sergei passes through the glass: a framed mirror is brought onto the stage, children are invited to check it. It is then covered with a black cloth and the magician seeps through it. In fact, the mirror is not solid, it has fasteners, at the moment the trick is performed, the doors open in the center.

Another number with the levitation of an assistant: a beautiful girl lies down on the platform in front of Andrey Safronov, then the stand is removed and she ends up in the air without support. As it turned out, the illusionist is wearing a special belt that can withstand the weight of a person. The assistant has a cape that hides the attachment points.

Miracarium Safronov Brothers

It's getting harder and harder to surprise the public every year. You need to come up with truly magical numbers. The Russian illusionists Safronovs present the people with exclusive tricks, dangerous performances, bright special effects. Only charming and attractive girls work with them on stage.

safronov brothers exposure

In 2013, the Russians hada completely new and unique show "Miracarium of the Safronov Brothers" was presented. This is a whole performance of illusion, which lasts about two hours, but preparations for it have been going on for a couple of years. The show presents a choreographic and musical-theatrical performance directed by Lina Arifulina.

Props for tricks were made in several workshops in America, Russia and Japan. The most modern lighting, sound and technical equipment was used. The idea of ​​the show was invented and developed by the Safronov brothers themselves, tricks and bewitching inexplicable numbers are also done by them personally. The script is designed for an audience of any age, it will be interesting for both adults and children. You can go to such a performance with the whole family, after watching there will not be a single person who will claim that magic does not exist.

Russian illusionists showed miracles to Ukraine

Another amazing show was presented by the Safronov brothers on Novy Kanal. It's a massive project, with fifty-two crew members and a ton of "magical" props. The program is called "Ukraine of Wonders" (one name has already intrigued the population).

Leading: Sergey, Ilya and Andrey Safronov. The show was filmed in Odessa and Y alta, Chernivtsi and Kharkov, Lvov and Donetsk, Kamenets-Podolsky, Sevastopol and Kyiv. Walking the streets of cities, magicians demonstrated real miracles. Passers-by stopped to watch the room to the end. Illusionists often involved local residents in their tricks, which made the TV show even morepopular.

brothers safronov tricks

Someone may or may not like these smart and talented guys. But no one will argue with their professionalism, extraordinary approach to business. For more than ten years, the Safronov brothers have been inventing new tricks and tricks. Their popularity is only growing, and they are not going to stop there. We wish them success!

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