Aida Kalieva: biography and interesting facts

Aida Kalieva: biography and interesting facts
Aida Kalieva: biography and interesting facts

Aida Kalieva became known to the general public thanks to her former lover, Nikita Presnyakov. A bright oriental beauty won the heart of a famous artist, who is also part of the family of Alla Pugacheva. Now the girl has become a regular at social events. She is invited to act in films, photographed for glossy magazines. She became a real star, and not only good connections are to blame for this. Aida herself is an interesting and talented person.

Aida Kalieva


Aida Kalieva was born in 1992. She was born on January 26 in Uralsk (Kazakhstan). The family always had a stable income, but there was neither an excess of money, nor a special need for them. The mother of our heroine worked as a teacher. Gulnara Kalieva did a lot to ensure that her daughter grew up as a well-mannered and educated girl. The father of our heroine, Akylbek, still works as an official in the localadministration.

Aida studied at secondary school No. 7 with a philological bias. It practiced in-depth study of the English language. The selection to this institution was quite tough. However, the future celebrity successfully coped with all the entrance tests. The girl was an activist. She took an active part in the social life of the school, studied at 4 and 5, had her own opinion on any occasion.


After graduating from school, Aida Kalieva entered the prestigious Kazakhstan University. There she studied at the Faculty of International Relations. However, the girl never received a diploma. As a student, she took part in the American Work and Travel USA program. This allowed her to travel to the United States and enroll in the National Film Academy. This event completely changed her life.

Relationship with Nikita

It was in a prestigious educational institution that Aida Kalieva began an affair with Nikita Presnyakov. Moreover, the girl for a long time did not know who her lover was. Relations developed very rapidly. Two months later, the couple was already living together. At first, they hid their feelings even from close people. Only six months later, Vladimir Presnyakov met his son's chosen one via Skype. A well-known artist and popular performer unconditionally approved of Nikita's choice. Other representatives of the famous family also welcomed the girl. This happened after Nikita Presnyakov and Aida Kalieva appeared at a quiet family dinner. Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaiteare broad-minded. They were not embarrassed that the beauty has oriental roots and grew up in an intelligent, but not famous family.

Nikita Presnyakov with Aida Potassium

Reaction from the general public

Russian journalists learned about the new novel of the grandson of Alla Pugacheva during the premiere of the film "Christmas Trees". It was there that Nikita Presnyakov and Aida Kalieva first appeared together in public. The star couple was immediately surrounded by the ubiquitous paparazzi. A lot of rumors immediately spread that embarrassed the oriental beauty. For Aida, the biography of the chosen one did not matter. She was not averse to escaping the media attention. And periodically did it with success.

Life in the USA

Nikita Presnyakov was in no hurry to have children. Aida Kalieva supported him in everything. The couple lived in the United States. Noisy New York became their hometown. From time to time there were reports on the Internet that the girl was pregnant. However, in reality, Alla Pugacheva's great-grandson will probably not appear soon. The lovers devoted all their free time to each other. Together with them lived a dog, which both devotedly looked after.

Cinematic wedding

In 2013, a funny event happened in the life of lovers. Both of them were involved in the film "Angel Day". They played almost themselves - the bride and groom. As part of the project, they were "married". Pictures from the set have been leaked online. According to rumors, even Alla Borisovna believed that her beloved grandson had tied the knot. However, the rally soon unfolded. Nikita Presnyakov andAida Kalieva posted the photo herself to surprise her many fans.

Presnyakov Aida Kalieva


In the fall of 2013, Nikita Presnyakov and Aida Kalieva got engaged. The musician proposed to the girl during a vacation in Dubai. It happened underwater. The couple made a joint dive. A scuba diver swam up to them, who handed Nikita a tablet with the cherished words. On it was written: "Will you marry me?". Aida was shown this phrase, and she agreed. Messages about the upcoming celebration immediately appeared in the media.

Sad ending

In 2014, the general public learned that the couple broke up. This news came as a bolt from the blue for many. The reason for this was the busy schedule of the popular artist. Nikita Presnyakov's career took off sharply. He began to be torn between various projects, interviews, tours and photo shoots. There was no place for Aida in this turbulent life. However, the former lovers broke up very peacefully. They maintained a relationship for a long time - they appeared together at social events, went to the movies and restaurants. However, a gap is a gap. And soon the journalists announced that Nikita had a new lover - a certain Alena Krasnova. In July 2017, the couple went on a pre-wedding trip.

Nikita Presnyakov and Aida Kalieva

Life without Presnyakov

The life of our heroine does not stand still. It was she who announced the breakup with a star lover. At the same time, she immediately reassured her fans - she is not offended by the failedgroom. Both have a new relationship in which they are happy. The girl does not advertise her novels. She had enough hype during her life with Presnyakov. In addition, our heroine has become very picky. She focused on her career, actively attends auditions and hopes to become a famous actress. It was not in vain that she studied at the New York Film Academy - in her arsenal is not only a bright appearance, but also remarkable talent, as well as many useful skills.

Aida Kalieva biography


The creative biography of Aida Kalieva is embellished so far with only a few bright moments. She starred in the Ukrainian film "The Case of an Angel" in 2013. Then she appeared in a video for the song "Tasty" by the popular Kazakh singer Tamerlane. The video was directed by Nikita Presnyakov, who is always happy to try himself in a new capacity. The work turned out to be interesting. Since then, the girl often appears at social events, leads an active life and seeks to express herself on her own. We will wait for news about her fresh creative achievements.

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