Sonya Brezhneva: the life of a wayward teenager

Sonya Brezhneva: the life of a wayward teenager
Sonya Brezhneva: the life of a wayward teenager

Sonya Brezhneva is the daughter of the famous pop diva Vera Brezhneva. She was born when the singer was in a civil marriage with Ukrainian politician Vitaliy Voichenko. Initially, Vera Brezhneva wanted to give her daughter a double surname - Sonya Voichenko-Brezhneva, but then she decided to opt for her own.

Sonya Brezhneva

Sonia's life and family

In 2006, when Sonya was 5 years old, her mother married Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman. A few years later, another daughter, Sarah, appeared in the family. Relations in the family were quite warm. Sonya, at the age of 10, asked her mother to have the surname of her stepfather, and not her own father. The girl's whim was fulfilled, and since then Sonya began to bear the name Kiperman.

For some unknown reason, Brezhnev's marriage did not last long and broke up three years after Sarah's birth.

Judging by the photo from the archive of the press, the girls are still very friendly to this day, the divorce of the parents did not affect the relationship between the sisters.

In 2015, a secret wedding of Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze took place. Sonyaquickly got her bearings and began to use a well-known surname in social networks in her favor, now the young talent signs as Sonya Kiperman-Meladze and has a creative pseudonym "Sonya Cooper".

Wayward and indomitable

From a young age, Sonya tried to be like the legendary mother in everything. When the baby learned to use modern gadgets, she began to post her photos on the Web quite often.

The photo of Sonya Brezhneva, or rather, the images in which she was captured, simply amazed with their diversity and originality, and sometimes they simply shocked.

photo by Sonya Brezhneva

The character of the eldest daughter of a pop diva cannot be called simple. From the age of 10, the girl periodically painted the life of her star mother not in the most iridescent colors.

Not so long ago, thanks to her daughter, who rather zealously participated in discussions of her mother's personal life in the now popular social network Vkontakte, Vera Brezhneva found herself at the center of a real scandal. The daughter shared her vision of the errors in her own upbringing, which Brezhnev allegedly made in relation to her daughters. She posted some photos that supposedly confirmed this, and rather rudely answered comments, while sometimes using not very beautiful lexical turns.

After that, Vera Brezhneva closed her daughter's pages on all social networks and stated this in an interview, justifying this by the fact that her daughter began to have clone accounts to which she had nothing to do. The main reason for your actionshe said that these accounts, under the guise of her daughter, spread fake information about the life and work of the artist.

After some time, Sonya's account reappeared in one of the social networks, where the teenager posted personal photos every day without the participation of the legendary mother. However, no further discussion of the mother's personal life was found.

daughter of Vera Brezhneva Sonya

To whom the daughter of Vera Brezhneva Sonya is favorable

The girl is developed beyond her years, this can be seen from her behavior not only in social networks, but also at social events. Sonya is the daughter of a star, and in order to get into the frame, she only needs to snap her fingers, and the paparazzi will be right there.

During the girl's last year's vacation on the shores of Italy, she posted on the Web a photo of her leisure time in the company of a young American who looked older than Sonya. But in the comments to the photo, Sonya Brezhneva assured that her mother was not against their relationship.

In the summer of 2016, Sonya took part in the voice acting of the children's animated film "Ballerina", the soundtrack to which was written by the famous group, another creation of Konstantin Meladze - MBAND. After working on the film, a secular evening followed, dedicated to this event, at which Sonya Brezhneva simply did not lose sight of and tried her best to be close to one of the group members, 26-year-old Artem Pindyura. Her behavior did not go unnoticed by the press, and photos from the reception quickly spread on the Web with various comments about her behavior.

About interests and hobbies

Sonya Brezhneva is a very wayward teenager. HerHobbies are horse riding, dancing, playing the piano and acting. Every year she goes on vacation to New York, to a summer camp, where she attends cinematography courses. Sonya likes this activity. Also, young Brezhneva periodically tries her hand at modeling, thanks to which she became the face of one of Bella Potemkina's designer clothing collections.

Follow the life of Sonya Brezhnev, for sure she will surprise us with something like that more than once!

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