Modern artist Bocharov Sergey Petrovich: biography, creativity and interesting facts

Modern artist Bocharov Sergey Petrovich: biography, creativity and interesting facts
Modern artist Bocharov Sergey Petrovich: biography, creativity and interesting facts

Modern Russian artist Sergei Bocharov chose as his creative motto the aphorism attributed to Aristotle: "Art is intended to humanize human feelings." All paintings by this author obey this law.

Biography of artist Sergei Bocharov

The artist's birthplace is the Novosibirsk region, Bagan station. The year of birth in various sources is indicated in different ways. In one case it is 1953, in the other it is 1963. Birthday in all cases is the same - September 27.

His father, Pyotr Tarasovich Bocharov, a war hero and invalid, had a talent: he was able to skillfully depict animals using only one line. So, without lifting his pencil, he could immediately draw such animals as a horse, a hare and a swan.

Only after studying at the school Bocharov Sergei was able to learn to draw better than his father.

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The mother saw her son's craving for drawing first. She was a simple peasant woman from the collective farm. Every day, Lyubov Andreevna set a task for her son - to draw a new drawing. Even inIn his children's works, Sergey managed to depict a duck or a tree in a very natural way.

At the age of seven, he was sent to Yenakiyevo, where his aunt lived, so that he could attend an art circle at the House of Pioneers. The circle was led by a talented teacher Grinenko Ivan Filippovich. From all the students he managed to grow artists.

After graduating from high school, Sergey Bocharov tried to continue his education at the Simferopol College, but he could not write a dictation for a positive assessment, because for this he had to know the rules of the Ukrainian language well.

Only the following year, he managed to pass the competitive exams at the Krasnodar Art School.

In the future, the famous Russian artist Bocharov Sergey Petrovich improved his ability to draw in the Paris studio of Nadia Leger and the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. In addition, he studied at the All-Union State Institute of Cinematography.

About the artist's work

Sergey Bocharov is an artist who has been repeatedly invited to participate in the filming of films. His name can be found in the credits for 18 films. He was an artist in "Stalker", "Fun for the Young", "Theme's Childhood" and many other films.

Among his works are portraits, landscapes, still lifes. Sergey Petrovich Bocharov pays a lot of attention to easel painting, writing group portraits of our contemporaries.

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This artist has a strong temperament, fortitude and a gift for coloring. Connoisseurs notehe has a sense of form, the accuracy of drawing, the ability to work in various genres.

His works are distinguished by realism, deep ideological content, sincere patriotic service to the Russian people. All this makes them related to the work of the Wanderers.

In his works Sergei Bocharov managed to convey the spirit of our time, which has its own mistakes. Intaglio print of the modern era is visible in his painting.

Participation in foreign exhibitions

In Italy, every five years, international competitions are held, where the best picture of Venice wins.

Bocharov Sergey came to Venice and in three months painted a canvas depicting one of the churches on the Grand Canal. With this work, he took part in the competition.

He was named by the jury as the first artist to depict a sunny place like Venice crying.

biography of the artist sergey bocharov

The author was awarded the Grand Prix for this work. The very first Russian artist to receive this award was Aivazovsky.

Sergey Bocharov, whose paintings are available not only in domestic museums, is also known outside of Russia. Some of his works can be found at a foreign exhibition or in a private gallery and collection of a German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, Norwegian or American art collector.

Portrait art

Portrait painting Bocharov often prefers. In 1989, he painted a portrait of the Norwegian King Olaf, in 1987 - the North Korean President Kim Il Sung, in 1989 - J.Versace and P. Raban, in 1977 - Elton John, in 1980 - Vladimir Vysotsky, in 1981 - Leonid Brezhnev, in 1991 - L. Pavarotti.

This is not a complete list of people who turned to him to paint a portrait.

Reviews about portraits

Pavarotti, evaluating his portrait, said that Bocharov has a brilliant painting technique and philosophical character.

In his portrait, Pavarotti sees a passionate spiritual outburst. It shows what it can be. The viewer sees the image of a harmonious personality with feelings and thoughts.

Pavarotti claims that he will have to achieve the ideal that is depicted in the portrait until the end of his life.

Vysotsky recalled that the first time he had to pose for a portrait. The picture had a certain influence on the work of the musician.

bocharov sergey petrovich

The artist literally dug into him, according to Vysotsky, making not just an ordinary portrait, but recreating a whole picture of life, bringing together the people's view of his life and work.

The portrait allowed Vysotsky to look at himself from the other side.

About the achievements of the artist

Bocharov is a member of two Russian Unions at once - art and cinema. He has three international Grand Prix awards for his works in Paris (1989), Venice (1991) and Naples (2002).

In addition, in France in 2011 he was awarded the "Golden Brush" - one of the most prestigious awards in the world of artists.

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He has held several dozen solo exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

His works have been repeatedly exhibited at the Central House of Artists, at the Red Chambers Museum, at exhibitions of the Federation Council and the State Duma, at the International Trade Center, in the Presidential Administration.

From 2002 to 2004, the artist traveled across the Siberian expanses with his personal exhibitions, visited Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Surgut, Ishim, Tobolsk, Omsk, Nefteyugansk, Noyabrsk.

In 2001 he held a solo exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, in 1998 and 2001 - in Rostov. With his works, he also visited Yaroslavl, Ryazan, the cities of the Crimean peninsula.

Abroad, the artist exhibited in France, Italy, the USA, Norway.

Bocharov is a professor of painting. His lectures were attended by VGIK students, Italian and Austrian young artists.

Reviews on the work of Bocharov

At the opening of Bocharov's solo exhibition in the capital of Italy, a lot of laudatory words were heard from the lips of the famous film director F. Fellini. He called the artist's work an example of highly professional, convincing contemporary art.

Fellini remembered how in Venice he, being a member of the jury, voted for Bocharov's painting, and as a result the author was awarded the Grand Prix.

Venice on the canvas was very beautiful in the major setting sun, she seemed to be crying, which touched the hearts of the members of the competition jury.

Bocharov, according to Fellini, was able to take all the bestfrom Italian Renaissance artists, and now Italian youth are learning from him.

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The director gave the artist a tailcoat, inherited from his grandfather, so that Bocharov could open more and more exhibitions in it.

The painting "Unequal Marriage"

Bocharov's series of paintings "They" opened with a large canvas called "Unequal Marriage" painted in 1989.

The painting depicts the Kremlin's Faceted Chamber - the hall of the king's power. When you look at it, you feel the space leaving in depth to the rhythm created by the giant semicircle of arches. There is a unification of the earthly world and the heavenly world (painting).

The artist Bocharov Sergey Petrovich built the composition of the canvas using the triangle principle. At the top of the composition, in which the golden-red color prevails, there is an image of the God of Hosts holding the baby Christ - this is the painting of the interior.

russian artist bocharov sergey petrovich

The next row consists of the disciples of Christ - the apostles. The third one gathered the princes and kings, who accumulated the we alth of our land for centuries.

The representatives of the fourth row are in the triangular base. They sold out, plundered and ruined a great power.

The lavish table is surrounded by well-known faces constantly appearing on TV screens and in the print media. The main thing for these people is what the common people call"feeder".

A young, beautiful and rich bride dressed in a nineteenth-century Russian costume refers to her native country. Former US President George W. Bush - a symbol of Western democracy - is depicted as a dry old groom.

The bride looks with hope at a small company, which included patriots who remained faithful to their Fatherland. The face of the author of the work is guessed in the waiter serving the patriots.

About family life

About Bocharov's wife - Galina Ivanovna, born in 1954 - it is known that she is a graduate of the Krasnodar Art College, and then the State Art Institute. V. I. Surikov. She is known as a graphic artist and painter.

One of the Bocharovs' children - Alexander - fought in Afghanistan, where he was killed. In addition to him, 16 children were brought up in the family.

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