Bas alt is an effusive rock: origin, application, healing and magical properties

Bas alt is an effusive rock: origin, application, healing and magical properties
Bas alt is an effusive rock: origin, application, healing and magical properties

Our planet Earth consists of many minerals - rocks. Many of these minerals are hard. Such natural bodies can form polyhedra - crystals.

The remaining minerals are liquid. These include mercury, water, oil. There are also gas ones. These are methane and carbon dioxide.

Igneous rocks

In the bowels of the Earth there is a red-hot liquid substance - magma. It contains all chemical elements, volatile substances and vaporous water.

Pouring outward, the magma slowly cooled and became solid. This is how igneous rocks appeared.

effusive rock

On the surface they can not be found: they are covered with other rocks and sediments.

Igneous rocks are also called crystalline, since most of their representatives have a crystalline structure.

Types of igneous rocks

Magma can pour out in the depths of the earth, and maybe close to the surface, and directly on it. The type of igneous rock will depend on this.

If magma erupted deep underground(5-40 km), then such rocks are called intrusive. Their most famous representative is granite.

volcanic stone

Intrusive rocks - dense, with a complete crystalline structure.

If the release of the substance occurred on the surface or close to it (no deeper than 5 km), then the formed rocks are effusive. These include bas alts, pumice, porphyry and others.

Bas alt: the appearance and properties of stone

Bas alt is also called volcanic stone. Its physical properties such as strength and density are highly valued in the industry.

Some people are also convinced of its magical properties and beneficial effects on the body.

Bas alt is an effusive rock. When a volcano erupts, bas altic lava travels through cracks in the earth's crust and erupts onto the surface. Then it cools down and turns into a volcanic stone.

black bas alt

Bas alt is black or dark gray in color, granular in structure.

There are bas altic volcanoes, thanks to which an effusive rock appears - bas alt. Among them are volcanoes in Kamchatka, the Kuriles, and Vesuvius.

The birthplace of bas alt is Ethiopia. There it was first discovered and appreciated its beneficial properties. This effusive rock also got its name from Ethiopia. Translated from the local language, "bas alt" means "boiled".

Bas alt is mined all over the world: in the USA, Canada, Russia, India, South Africa and other countries. Scientists believe that huge deposits of volcanicstones are at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. However, there is no need to mine it in the ocean yet: on land, this rock is enough.

Home use

Volcanic stone is used for the following purposes:

Insulation of houses. Slabs are made from bas alt, which are used to insulate the walls of houses. Of the benefits - no carcinogens, does not ignite, removes condensate, durable. Of the minuses - high cost

dense rocks
  • Floor covering. Floors, facades of houses, fireplaces are laid out with stone. Use for these purposes has a drawback: bas alt is quickly polished and begins to slip.
  • Sports equipment cover. Skis, rackets, snowboards are covered with bas alt. Sports equipment acquires strength and flexibility, while having a thin layer of coating.
  • Making jewelry. The stone is not particularly popular in jewelry craft. Women buy it raw or in the form of beads, and more often only because of its medicinal properties. Men prefer to take a stone in the form of a rosary.

Bas alt is also used in asph alting, construction and other works.

Healing and magical properties

The volcanic stone is believed to have miraculous powers.

The impact of bas alt on all groups of people is as follows:

  • Calms anxiety, anxiety, nervous tension before an important event.
  • Improves brain function, unlocks mental potential.
  • Beneficial effect on attention, improves concentration.
  • Protects from negative manifestations(aggression, anger, tantrums), keeping the owner in a peaceful state.
  • Gives a person energy, thereby improving performance.
volcanic stone

It is useful for a woman to wear a stone when she is planning a pregnancy or is already carrying a child. The connection to the earth is supposed to allow bas alt to promote a he althy pregnancy.

The breed is also used for therapeutic massages, as it keeps heat for a long time. The stones, polished to the shape of a ball, are preheated to 55 degrees Celsius. This procedure relieves diseases of the joints and the cardiovascular system.

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