New districts of Moscow: description, location, benefits and reviews

New districts of Moscow: description, location, benefits and reviews
New districts of Moscow: description, location, benefits and reviews

Such concepts as the prestige and lack of prestige of Moscow districts began to form back in tsarist times. Already at that time, the richest districts were located in the western sections of the upper part of Moscow, and the poor ones were located in the eastern sections.

The wind rose was quickly calculated by Muscovites, and all production buildings and forges began to be located in the east (lower part of the city). This decision was due not only to fire threats, but also to the fact that all the smoke went into the cold low eastern regions. This article will provide some information on the modern capital: new districts of Moscow, prestigious new buildings and more.

General information

Today, the administrative structure of the metropolis is as follows: the territory is divided into 12 districts, which include 130 districts, 2 urban districts each, and 16 rural settlements.

Officially, the last change of Moscow borders was noted in 2012, on July 1. As a result of the border in the southwestthe cities reached the Kaluga region due to the fact that 3 more administrative districts appeared.

new districts of Moscow

Historical data

Before we find out what the new Moscow is like, which district is the best, let's make a short review of the history of the city's development.

Officially, already in 1917, the history of Moscow districts began. Until that time, it was divided into "suburban areas" (7 in total) and "parts" (17). For a short time in the spring of 1917, the capital was divided into commissariat sections (44 in total). Then it is divided into 8 districts: Lefortovsky, Zamoskvoretsky, City, Khamovnichesky, Sokolnichesky, Rogozhsko-Basmanny, Butyrsky and Presnensky. In subsequent years, there were changes in the names, number and boundaries of the districts of the city.

In July 1995, a law was approved according to which municipal districts in Moscow were legally abolished and replaced with administrative districts.

Districts of the city during the Soviets

In Soviet times, the map of prestigious and non-prestigious districts of the capital changed. In the best houses were built for various party leaders, scientists, officials and teachers. New districts of Moscow in those days - northwest, west and southwest.

In addition to the central ones, houses on the western plots began to be considered prestigious. These are buildings built along Leninsky Prospekt.

Non-prestigious areas began to grow, being built up with houses for "limits". In the 1970s, a wave of limit settlers flooded Moscow, buildingmetro and those who worked in the dirtiest and least paid industries.

The following new districts of Moscow have emerged (east and southeast):

  • Southern Chertanovo;
  • Textile workers;
  • Orekhovo-Borisovo.
New Moscow, what area

The most liquid modern housing in New Moscow

In Moscow, the most popular liquid real estate among the population is the one that is located in comfortable places in terms of infrastructure development and transport accessibility. Therefore, despite the terrible environment, housing in the very center of the capital is much more expensive than apartments located in the outskirts of green neighborhoods. In this regard, the most convenient areas of New Moscow are considered to be areas adjacent to the main major highways: Kievskoye, Borovskoye, Kaluga and Varshavskoye highways.

What areas does New Moscow have in the territories where the Kyiv highway passes? Moskovsky district (with the city of the same name), the villages of Yakovlevskoye and Vnukovo, the Poliomyelitis Institute, which are located along this route. Troitsk, Krasnaya Pakhra, Kommunarka and Vatutinki are located along the Kaluga highway. It should be noted that a metro will be connected to Kommunarka in the future.

Shcherbinka (close to the metro station and Varshavskoye highway) is one of the similar transportable settlements. It is worth noting that most of the new settlements do not have good access roads.

New Moscow, Moskovsky district

New Moscow: availability, prices and comfort

New districtsMoscow vary greatly in prices and comfort of apartments for sale. The cost of housing is directly related to both infrastructure and transport accessibility. Most of the budget apartments are located in places where there are few shops, cafes, hospitals, pharmacies, kindergartens and other social facilities. The cost of square meters in areas where the infrastructure is more developed is much higher. For example, approximately 30 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road, one square meter of housing costs approximately 61 thousand rubles, and closer to the Ring Road the cost reaches 102 thousand. For apartments in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky districts, on average, you have to pay 20% more than for housing in suburban areas. In a word, you have to pay extra for life in New Moscow. These are the costs for capital status.

The most understaffed residents of the capital are residential complexes located closest to the Moscow Ring Road. But they are located near large settlements (Moskovsky, Troitsk, Shcherbinka and Kommunarka), where social and commercial facilities already exist.

The best district of New Moscow, according to experts and citizens, is an exemplary residential complex "Western Valley". This includes the Nikolsky Coast. When building them, everything was taken into account, including the creation of new jobs for the residents of these complexes.

SAO (Northern Administrative District)

This is the most built-up area of ​​the city of Moscow with magnificent apartments. And in terms of the availability of amenities and comfort of living, this is the most promising area. The total area of ​​the territory, which includes a total of 16 districts,is 113, 726 sq. km.

New districts of Moscow: metro

These new districts of Moscow have a more difficult transport situation. The subway does not pass in all places. The main highways (Dmitrovskoe, Volokolamskoe and Leningradskoe highways) are quite busy.

The environment in the district is mostly unfavorable due to the presence of an abundance of industrial zones and the lack of sufficient green spaces (10% of the territory).

The most prestigious districts, according to Muscovites, are Aeroport, Sokol, Begovoy and Khoroshevsky. The most unprestigious are Beskudnikovsky, Dmitrovsky, East and West Degunino.

In the future, by 2020, 8 metro stations will open here, and the reconstruction of the Leningrad highway and the renovation of industrial zones will continue.

South District

This is the most diverse, built-up, rich, hard-to-reach district, covering an area of ​​131 thousand square meters. km. It consists of 12 administrative divisions. These relatively new districts of Moscow have an extremely difficult transport situation due to the highest traffic congestion.

The ecological situation is satisfactory, although 22% of the area is occupied by industrial zones. This is balanced by the presence of green spaces: "Kolomenskoye", "Tsaritsyno" and part of the Bitsevsky forest park.

According to the townspeople, the most prestigious areas are Danilovsky and Donskoy. The non-prestigious include East and West Biryulyovo. The plans for 2018 include the construction of a new metro station "Nagatinsky Zaton".

Newdistrict of the city of Moscow

In conclusion - about the most comfortable area

CJSC is the most comfortable, high-quality, solid and relatively new district of the city of Moscow, occupying more than 153 thousand square meters in area. km. This is what the residents of the capital think.

13 districts of the Okrug have a fairly good transport situation - Prospect Vernadsky, Michurinsky and Kutuzovsky prospects have an average load. The only negative is the lack of metro stations in the Vnukovo, Solntsevo and Peredelkino areas.

The best area of ​​New Moscow

Besides, there is a moderately favorable ecological situation here: ¼ of the territory is occupied by forest park zones, natural reserves "Vorobyovy Gory", "Valley of the Setun River", and also here are located "Krylatsky Hills" (landscape park) and Fili- Kuntsevsky forest park. There are 5 industrial zones on the territory of the district, but the wind rose here is favorable.

Ramenki, Dorogomilovo, Davydkovo, Krylatsky, Filevsky, Fili-Davydkovo are considered prestigious areas. Less prestigious: Vnukovo, Solntsevo, Novo-Peredelkino.

Until the end of 2017, it is planned to build an entire metro line to Rasskazovka with 10 stations.

Opinions of Muscovites

Reviews on new areas of Moscow - this is a demand for the purchase of real estate. We have already touched on this in the article, speaking of prestigious and non-prestigious areas. Apartments in New Moscow are not yet wildly popular: firstly, the indigenous inhabitants of these areas are relatively provided with housing. Secondly, there is no reason for migrants to come here either, sinceIt is completely unknown when these places will become comfortable for living, because this requires the targeted construction of social facilities: kindergartens, general education, music, sports, schools and clinics.

However, many Muscovites choose New Moscow because of the favorable environment and the lack of settlements for migrant workers. Ready to wait for the construction of metro stations and infrastructure development, potential buyers already consider unexpectedly high prices per square meter of housing as the only drawback.

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