The best areas of Moscow for living with children: description, conditions and reviews

The best areas of Moscow for living with children: description, conditions and reviews
The best areas of Moscow for living with children: description, conditions and reviews

Which district of Moscow is better for living, and which one should be avoided? Let's try to figure out where the best conditions are created for young families and children of different ages.

the best areas of moscow to live

You will have to choose with certain views for the future, because, for example, in the Templars a child can get an excellent, one might even say, VIP education, but for a solid price, while in the Krylatsky district all conditions for fans are created sports, but there are few good schools. Both sectors can be considered as the best areas of Moscow and the Moscow region for living, but you will have to choose one thing - study or sports. That is, what will be easier for parents: to take the child to an elite school every day, which is two steps away, and then take them a considerable distance to the sports section, or vice versa.

Immediately it should be noted that Zapadnoe Biryulyovo, Golyanovo and Pechatniki are far from the best areas of Moscow for living due to the high crime rate and with mediocre ecology, which will contribute little to children's development. Numerous ratings of real estate companies, coupled with the opinions of independent organizations oncontrol over the quality of life of the population are in solidarity with the fact that Khamovniki and Ramenki remain optimal for a child and the most expensive areas. These are the best areas of Moscow for living with children due to the developed infrastructure specifically for the child: education, he althcare, entertainment, sports.

Let's analyze each district in more detail, taking into account the opinions of specialists and the opinions of ordinary residents of these places.


In the category "The best areas of Moscow to live" this one firmly entrenched in first place, overtaking the rest by a wide margin in terms of the number of kindergartens and the provision of schools. There are about 27 schools and 23 kindergartens for almost 80 thousand people.

what area of ​​moscow is better for living

In addition to the knowledge taught by highly qualified teachers, children receive excellent food, herbal teas, oxygen cocktails, and if you wish, you can take a personal driver and security guard for an additional fee.

There is also the possibility of further education. Here are the museums of Herzen and L. Tolstoy, the Shilov and Glazunov galleries, and there is also the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. And this is not a complete list of cultural attractions of the sector, where you can join the high culture.

Khamovniki is also a leader in the category "Best areas of Moscow for living" due to the well-developed infrastructure of children's he althcare. In addition to densely located private medical centers in the sector, the area is distinguished by the presence of a high-tech center for diagnostics andtreatment for them. Semashko. The area is well suited for ordinary walks with children: Luzhniki Park and Maiden's Field Square are excellent and quiet places for family pastime. On the forums, you can see only positive reviews about the area, and you will not find any critical comments there.

Cost of housing

The cost of monthly education in such schools ranges from 100 thousand rubles, and housing is considered one of the most expensive in the city: an elite square meter costs about 700 thousand rubles, a business class - about 200 thousand rubles, and economy housing will cost 150 thousand rubles per square meter.


"Silver" in the category "The best areas of Moscow for living" went to the Krylatsky sector. There are excellent conditions for athletes here. In the area you will see the Krylatskoye multifunctional sports complex, where you can find yourself in any sport.

the best areas of moscow to live

The main feature of the area is unique sports facilities. Here you can see a stadium for various sports, cycle routes and cycle tracks of international level, rowing canals with boathouses and stands. The area is rich in sports schools for cycling, wrestling, swimming, rowing and triathlon.

The second place in the category "The best areas of Moscow for living" Krylatskoye took due to the large number of kindergartens and schools with the study of foreign languages. It is also worth noting separately that there are several schools for home-schooling children with disabilities in the sector.

Recreational zones of the sector (about 900 hectares) are amazed by their area. For passive and active recreation with children, Moskvoretsky Park is perfect, where Serebryanoborskoye forestry, Krylatsky hills and floodplain are located.

Issue price

Elite and business class housing will cost almost 200 thousand rubles per square meter, for economy you will have to pay at least 130 thousand rubles per meter.


In the category “the best areas of New Moscow to live in”, the sector took an honorable third place due to the abundance of high-quality educational institutions. Here you can get fundamental knowledge in absolutely all subjects and fully realize yourself from all sides. True, there is one important detail: in order to enter most elite schools, it is necessary to pass a difficult test or a multi-level interview, and not only for the child, but also for the parents.

the best areas of moscow for living with children

A significant disadvantage is the too small (compared to other sectors) area of ​​recreational areas - about 200 hectares, but otherwise it is a great place for raising and educating a child.

Housing prices

Luxury housing and business class will cost about 180 thousand rubles per square meter. An economy class apartment can be found for a little over 100 thousand rubles per square meter. meter. Feedback on the sector is mostly positive with no noteworthy remarks.


The area is considered the most environmentally friendly sector of Moscow. Its natural complexlocated on three quarters of the entire territory, and this is almost 1300 hectares. The area is still called the Moscow Region Switzerland because of the picturesque landscapes, even despite the massive construction of the sector.

the best areas of new moscow for living

Strogino is considered an ideal place for fans of water sports. The area is rich in excellent recreation centers, sailing sections, windsurfing clubs, summer kiting and other sports areas.

Cost of housing

Luxury housing and business class cost about 170 thousand rubles per square meter, and economy meters will cost 130 thousand rubles. Feedback about the area is only positive, there were no critical comments.


This sector is distinguished by its "entertainment" for the children's population. On holidays, and just on weekends, the sector is filled with children from all over Moscow. All conditions have been created here for children: the Great Moscow Municipal Circus, the planetarium on Vorobyovy Gory, the theater for little fans of the Vernadsky, 13 stage, the Palace of Children and Youth Creativity, the N. I. Sats Musical Theater and other equally interesting entertainment complexes.

the best areas of moscow and moscow region for living

However, the sector has created conditions not only for full-scale entertainment, but also for high-quality learning: schools with numerous biases, elite private institutions for “inner circle” education, etc.

Prices in the area

The price spread is very interesting:elite class housing costs more than 400 thousand rubles per square meter, business space can be found for about 200 thousand rubles, and economy class will cost 150 thousand rubles. Residents and experts speak very well of Ramenki, and the warmest reviews are mainly related to the high environmental performance.

The rest of the districts (Zapadnoye Biryulyovo, Pechatniki, Golyanovo, etc.), of course, are suitable for habitation, but have their own specific disadvantages: morally and physically obsolete houses, poorly developed infrastructure (especially for children), mediocre ecology and, importantly, a high crime rate.

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