Winter boar hunting with likes

Winter boar hunting with likes
Winter boar hunting with likes

Boar hunting is an adventure that no self-respecting hunter will refuse, because it is exciting and interesting. Among other things, the event will allow you to have a good time and increase your hunting skills and trophies.

boar hunting with huskies

What kind of animal is a boar?

Before you hunt this or that animal, you need to find out what it is, what habits and habits it has. And in order for the wild boar hunt to be successful at night and during the day, you need to carefully prepare for it. The boar is a distant ancestor of the domestic pig from the artiodactyl breed. It has a denser, stubbled, muscular body. Also, this animal has more developed sense organs that allow it to search for food even under snow and earth. The wild boar's favorite delicacy is acorns, so it can often be found where oak grows. This type of animal prefers to live near rivers or reservoirs, in broad-leaved forests and on flat areas. The wild boar feeds on various roots, young shoots. When grains or root crops ripen, he likes to visit agricultural fields. Autumn is the mostgood time for fishing. At this time, hunting for a wild boar in corn, that is, a field where this plant has just been harvested, can be very successful. There is always a lot of something tasty for these artiodactyls, and you can profit.

A wild boar is a strong and hardy animal, but in winter it is quite difficult for him to get his own food, especially in severe frosts. He prefers to eat at dusk or at night, and during the daytime he rests in secluded places.

boar hunting at night

What are the ways to hunt wild boar?

There are several options to drive an aggressive beast into a trap. Here are the main ones:

  1. Hunting for a wild boar with a paddock. With this type of fishing, all participants stretch the chain and comb the forest or thickets, thereby driving the boar to the hunters.
  2. Hunting from towers. This event is organized in those places where herds of boars go to feeding areas. This type of hunting is popular in winter, because during this period it is quite difficult to get food for yourself, so you can organize places where these animals will be baited.
  3. The third type is catching with dogs, for example, hunting for a wild boar with huskies. This is a very popular option. Dogs attack the trail of the beast, find it and begin to bark at it, thereby giving a sign to the hunter.
driven boar hunting

Hounding a wild boar with hounds

The Hound is a very ancient breed. It descended from the so-called pickling dogs. Hounds have no equal in search of traces, the ability to unravel anyhare or fox loops. In addition, this breed is hardy and very brave - dogs never leave the overtaken beast and will always lead their master to prey.

Hunting with hounds for wild boar is fascinating and popular. This is a collective fishing, in which hunters who already know each other and their business participate. It is important to prepare the whole process of driving the animal: to place shooting numbers and correctly direct the dogs, which in these cases act as beaters, because it is from their barking that the boar seeks to escape.

boar hunting in corn

Drive hunt

This case is, on the one hand, very interesting, and on the other hand, quite complicated. The most suitable breed for such an action as hunting for a wild boar is a husky. This is the most valuable breed of hunting dogs, since the development and consolidation of their distinctive qualities took place over a long period of time. Likes are generalists, you can hunt with them from spring until the close of the season. With such dogs, you can also catch other types of game. This breed perfectly takes the trail, pursues, finds and stops the beast.

Driven hunting for wild boar with likes is a popular and beloved type of fishing. This activity is especially good in winter. All traces of animals are perfectly visible on the snow cover, and an experienced hunter can easily figure them out. Of course, it is not necessary to rule out the wild boar's quick wits - he will look for places with bare ground and try to leave in these areas, but his chances are small. The excellent instinct of dogs only contributes to a successful hunt. Where experiencedthe hunter will miss the beast, the husky will always hear it and smell it with its nose.

wild boar hunting

Training dogs

You need to prepare puppies for boar hunting only after they are one year old. A one-year-old dog begins to feel his strength, this is a very important point, since the pursuit of animals requires physical exertion and endurance.

Pedigree and roots play an important role in raising a dog. This breed has innate qualities - this is the absence of fear, determination. And willpower, adequacy, devotion and obedience are formed only by the process of education.

Training of dogs must be carried out in those places where boar families usually live, because soon driven hunting for wild boar will take place in this place, so this is an important point. Laika needs to be shown fresh tracks of wild boars, to encourage her movement in every possible way. And when there is a collision or meeting with another animal, you need to motivate the dog to chase and race. A good effect in education is given by general training with more mature breeds that already have experience in hunting wild boars. Laika should be hardy and he althy, have a sonorous and loud voice. The skill of the future hunter should be honed to the smallest detail, since the boar is a strong and merciless animal, and if the dog is inexperienced and inept, this can lead to serious injuries or even death.

boar hunting with hounds

What is boar hunting with likes?

The dog must stop the beast beforethe moment when the hunter can take a shot. This is the hunt for a wild boar with likes, that is, the essence of catching. Some want to ensure that the dogs themselves lead the animal to the hunter, but this is not entirely correct, because it is much easier to run yourself to the place where the husky drove the boar.

It is important for a hunter to remember that a boar must be shot with one shot, and not fired at him repeatedly. This way of catching can lead to the fact that you will hook the dog. Very often, when a person appears, the behavior of animals changes, this also applies to huskies. They can charge the boar more aggressively, thus driving him to a more convenient place for a shot. If it was not done very well, and only managed to injure the boar, then a properly trained dog is able to slow down in every possible way, and possibly stop the wounded animal. Anything can happen on a hunt, but we can say with confidence that several huskies will cope with the task better than one.

What is important to know?

To make hunting for a wild boar with likes successful, you need to take into account some features:

  1. Know the exact location of the bed of the boar family.
  2. Know that wild boars will try to get away from their pursuers in places richer in various shrubs and thickets, therefore it is advisable to place numbers on these areas.

During the hunt, difficulties can arise. There are many different smells in the forest, and dogs can lead everyone on the wrong track. Choosing the wrong landmark can be provoked by the boar itself. He can go along the old paths to thatthe time when he is sought and awaited on new paths.

wild boar hunting license

Ways to find the beast

Daytime resting places for animals can be difficult to access for humans:

  1. Swamps, elani, overgrown with dense vegetation.
  2. Young coniferous growth.
  3. Old spruce forests with thickets, undergrowth.

Boars also like places where there are a lot of anthills. There you can find a lone male. He has the cunning to hide in places where no hunter can reach him. When you plan to hunt for a wild boar with huskies, you do not need to bypass the lonely stacks of straw - this is a favorite place for animals to lie in the daytime. A wild boar is able to linger in such a place and hide in case of danger.

Procedure for issuing a hunting license

A license is a special permission that comes in three forms:

  1. Long-term.
  2. Administrative.
  3. Single.

The first two types of licenses are issued only to legal entities. And the third is a license to hunt a wild boar or shoot another animal for a specific person, individual entrepreneur or company. Anyone who has a hunting license and a permit to keep and carry firearms can get it.

When hunting a wild boar, a number of precautions must be observed so that unforeseen unpleasant circumstances do not arise. Remember that attentiveness guarantees successful catching of an animal.

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