Black snake

Black snake
Black snake

The animal world of our planet is rich and diverse. A variety of creatures live here. Some of them are very cute looking, others are just awful. One of the most fearless, dangerous and fastest creatures on earth is the Black Mamba snake. It belongs to the genus Mambas, whose name is translated from Latin as "tree snake". Her color is not quite black. She owes her name to her black mouth, very similar in shape to a coffin.

black snake

The black snake is actually dark olive, olive green, grayish brown in color. The ventral side is off-white or light brown. Baby snakes are olive and grayish in color. Hue changes with age.

The black snake can be up to three meters long. Some specimens reach 4.5 meters. However, snakes of this size are rare and almost never seen.

This most dangerous snake lives on the African continent. It can be found from Ethiopia to South West Africa, from Senegal to Somalia. It does not penetrate into the tropical forests of the Congo Basin. The black snake, unlike its own kind, is not adapted to life on trees. She feels best among rare shrubs abandonedtermite mounds, in hollows of trees. She lives in a permanent lair for a long time and protects it when necessary.

black mamba snake

The black mamba is a snake, the owner of the first place in the world among its kind in terms of speed of movement. It develops speed up to 20 kilometers per hour on short distances. In addition, it has one of the strongest neurotoxic venoms and is one of the twenty most venomous snakes on the planet. The poison of the black mamba quickly acts on the nervous system of a living creature, causing paralysis. He is able to kill a person in just four hours in case of a bite in the finger or heel. If a snake bites a person in the face, then paralysis and death will occur in twenty minutes.

For one bite, a black snake releases a huge amount of poison. A dose of up to 20 milligrams can be lethal if the antidote is not rushed. However, at one time, this snake releases from 100 to 400 milligrams of poison, in which case assistance must be provided immediately.

When disturbed or angered, the snake opens its mouth wide. Thus, she warns and scares off strangers. In fact, it really looks impressive - very scary when a black mamba with an open mouth rushes at you and hisses loudly.

In Africa, stories and myths associated with black snakes are very popular. The locals love to tell and retell them. However, not all of them are reliable.

Some of them tell of snakes chasing a man for miles, only to bite him. Some say that anyoneentering the building where the black mamba lives will certainly be bitten. All of these stories are greatly exaggerated.

black mamba snake

The black mamba is not so cruel and aggressive.

She can be seen in zoo terrariums.

Due to their terrible nature and the ability to use their physical abilities to the fullest, these snakes are not kept in private collections.

Scientists are curious to study and observe them both in captivity and in the wild.

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