Daria Vasilyeva: biography and favorite books

Daria Vasilyeva: biography and favorite books
Daria Vasilyeva: biography and favorite books

Surely today in Russia there is no person who has not heard about the writer Daria Dontsova. Many avoid her novels, deliberately calling them "light reading". Nevertheless, a large army of admirers of the writer's work is steadily growing and multiplying. What is known about the most popular Russian author of ironic detective stories?

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Who is Daria Vasilyeva?

The real name of the writer is Agrippina Arkadyevna Dontsova. Her maiden name is Vasilyeva.

A talented writer was born on June 7, 1952 in the capital of Russia (Moscow, USSR).

For many years, according to the Russian Book Chamber, Daria Vasilyeva (aka Dontsova) has been a leader among Russian fiction writers in terms of annual book release. Only in 2015, 117 works by Dontsova were published with a circulation in 1968, 0 thousand copies.


Daria Vasilyeva is not only a famous writer and creator of ironic detective stories. The heroine of this articleinvolved in the role of host and screenwriter in some television projects. In addition, Daria Dontsova is a laureate of many literary awards and a member of the Union of Writers of the Russian Federation.

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Daria Vasilyeva was born in the family of Mosconcert director Tamara Stepanovna Novatskaya and a writer, unfamiliar to the public, Arkady Nikolaevich Vasilyev. The writer's father was from a working-class family. His parents worked in a weaving factory. Agrippina was named after her grandmother. At the time of Dontsova's birth, her parents were not officially married. The father was married twice. He also had a daughter from his first marriage - Isolde, who was twenty years older than the heroine of today's story.

Dontsova has Polish roots on her mother's side. Her grandfather - Stefan - was an associate of Felix Dzerzhinsky. Another relative is a Don Cossack. And Agrippina's grandmother, Afanasia, was from a we althy Kislovodsk family. In 1916, the young moved to live in Moscow. In 1936, Stefan was detained, accused of a political crime and sent to camps. As if foreseeing the arrest, he managed to divorce his wife, and therefore the state security officers did not touch his wife and daughter.

The early years of the writer

The first years of her life Daria Vasilyeva lived in a barracks on Skakovaya Street in Moscow. Her mother and grandmother moved there after the arrest of her grandfather Stefan. Daria's parents decided to legalize the relationship when the authorities were about to evict women from Moscow. On the memorable day of March 6, Arkady and Tamara (Dontsova's parents) camein the registry office, but, having learned about the death of I. Stalin, they postponed the marriage.

The couple legalized marriage only in 1959, when Daria was 7 years old, and she had to go to school.

After graduating from high school, the future writer entered the Faculty of Journalism at Moscow State University. It is worth saying that in the certificate only Dontsova had fives. Daria Vasilyeva, like one of her characters, is fluent in German and French.

Vasilyeva has three marriages behind her back. The third time she went down the aisle in 1983. Alexander Ivanovich Dontsov became her chosen one.

The author of popular books has two children: Maria and Arkady. Not so long ago, a son was born to Dontsova's daughter. The grandson of the famous writer was named Mikhail.

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Daria Vasilyeva: books by the writer

In 1998, the heroine of this article was diagnosed with breast cancer. The woman underwent a complex operation and underwent a course of chemotherapy. It was during the struggle with Dontsova's illness that Daria (Vasilyeva) began to write her ironic detective stories. This helps her today not to focus on the disease and live on.

Daria not only defeated her own illness. She helps women who find themselves in a similar situation. Dontsova is an ambassador for the Avon charity program “Together we will beat breast cancer.”

Daria Dontsova's books today are familiar to almost all residents of the CIS countries. Interesting funny stories, intricate detective stories - all this makes the writer's works favorite books among women and men of anyage. Her creations are read at home, in transport, on vacation, in sanatoriums and hospitals. All Dontsova's books seem to take us into some kind of fascinating story, where the main character constantly finds herself in ridiculous and funny situations.

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Daria Dontsova's books can be divided into several series:

  1. "Evlampia Romanova".

  2. "Private detective lover Daria Vasilyeva".

  3. "Viola Tarakanova".

  4. "Gentleman detective Ivan Podushkin".

  5. "Tatiana Sergeeva. Detective on a diet".

6. "Fortune's Favorite Stepanida Kozlova".

In each book, the author partially describes himself. Daria Dontsova has repeatedly claimed that she has a resemblance to her main characters, and many of the funny situations shown in her books happened in her life.

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