"Socialite" Sveta Yakovleva: biography, photo

"Socialite" Sveta Yakovleva: biography, photo
"Socialite" Sveta Yakovleva: biography, photo

The title of "socialite" Sveta Yakovleva appropriated herself, and for the last 7 years she has been successfully wearing it, despite the mass of negativity that is pouring in her direction in a stormy stream. Not a single doctor undertakes to diagnose this person. Her behavior is out of bounds, and her appearance can scare more than the scariest horror movie. Who is this strange and outrageous girl really? Nobody knows. Let's try to figure it out!

Where did this miracle come from?

There are a lot of articles on the Internet about socialite Sveta Yakovleva. The biography of the girl is still a secret with seven seals. She gives interviews right and left and tells a lot of details from her life. But if a curious user tries to find any facts from her past, he will find that they simply do not exist. There are a lot of rumors on the Internet that she was an absolutely normal child until the 6th grade. What happened next- it is not clear, but the girl began to behave strangely in society. However, her own mother does not see anything reprehensible in her behavior and is immensely proud of her daughter. Sveta herself claims that she is a native Muscovite. We believe in the word, because it will not work to prove the opposite anyway.

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Not golden youth

The first time a photo of a girl appeared on the Internet back in 2010. Her non-standard appearance attracted attention, and users began to intensively search for information about who this “socialite” Sveta Yakovleva is and how old she is. But there was so little information about her that even if you put together all the facts, you won’t know anything! On one of the programs, classmates revealed her true age - she is 26 years old. Several interesting facts can be drawn from the girl’s statements: she studies at the Moscow State University at the Faculty of Journalism, dances in the ballet “Todes”, successfully graduated from a music school in piano, guitar and vocals. Judging by the way she sang in the program "Live", it is difficult to call her a person with hearing and voice.

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The girl herself considers herself a "golden youth". A sort of we althy metropolitan playgirl without upper teeth. By the way, the first tooth of the “beauty” was knocked out during a fight in a nightclub, and the rest were teenagers on the street. What was the reason for such behavior of unfamiliar juvenile hooligans? Perhaps the strange appearance or harsh statements of Sveta led to such a deplorable result. She was not allowed to insert her teethgum disease, and then it became her calling card.

Stories from classmates

The “socialite” failed to completely hide her past. In "Live", classmates told a lot of interesting details about the girl. It turns out that until the seventh grade, Sveta studied at a regular school and did not attract attention to herself. And after moving to the gymnasium, she began to sharply slide into deuces. In the 11th grade, she was already without one tooth. The rest was lost a little later. However, in the same program, the girl told a different story: it turns out that the hooligans did not beat her, but she simply unsuccessfully put rhinestones on her teeth. And a little later, she said that her teeth fell out after numerous iced cocktails in clubs. It is very easy to catch her in a lie, but she will chatter any topic so quickly that you will catch the thread of the conversation for a long time.

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Don't drink water from your face?

Looking at the photo of the "socialite" Sveta Yakovleva, you can experience the whole gamut of emotions from surprise to hatred. It is impossible to look at the girl's makeup without crying. An unevenly applied foundation of bright shagreen color emphasizes all acne and blackheads, of which the “representative of the golden youth” has a huge amount. Crookedly glued artificial eyelashes threaten to one day just pierce her eyes. Despite the fact that she is missing her upper front teeth, the girl smiles widely and is not ashamed of this defect.


If we talk about her style of clothing, it can be described as "collective farm chic". Brightblouses, coupled with no less poisonous color skirts and black tights, will knock out a tear even from a person far from the world of fashion. But she claims that she is a fashion model and buys outfits only in prestigious boutiques. Perhaps there are good things in her wardrobe, but she creates such ensembles from them that it may seem to an unprepared viewer that he is looking at a large parrot. A fragile physique only enhances the effect of "pull out the eye" at first glance at this miracle.

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You can't forbid living beautifully

Sveta loves to talk about her premium car. Her Bentley has already become more popular than the star herself. She talks so much about this incredibly expensive car, but for some reason no one has seen it yet. Her jewelry is of great interest. The girl is hung with them like a Christmas tree, and at the same time she claims that they are all made of gold. Platinum and other precious metals. But upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this is just jewelry, and not of the best quality. Also, the "socialite" has a great passion for gadgets. This played a cruel joke on her. Because in 2013, a criminal case was opened against her for stealing someone else's phone.

Glamorous Star

This creation was seen by everyone who was even a little interested in the activities of Sveta Yakovleva. The video and the song were intended to show the life of a successful young metropolitan model, but it turned out to be a slurred video of poor quality. It makes no sense to talk about the vocal data of a socialite, but during the filming it was possible to inviteprofessional makeup artist. It turns out that the girl is singing about her chic life with an orange face and at the same time a necklace around her neck, apparently made from a tin can.

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People's opinion

Of course, the "socialite" Sveta Yakovleva does not care about the reaction of ordinary people. On the Internet, her personality is often discussed, and everyone has different opinions. Someone considers her just a schizophrenic living in a fictional world. It seems to someone that she is a successful project of some producer. And there are those who simply feel sorry for this girl who has played in a glamorous life. Russia has already seen a lot, and you will not be surprised by such figures. She managed to declare herself, and, be that as it may, they talk about her, discuss her, hate and love her. And if people are not indifferent to her, then it is not in vain that she exposes herself in such an image!

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