Actress Rachel Weisz: biography, filmography, personal life

Actress Rachel Weisz: biography, filmography, personal life
Actress Rachel Weisz: biography, filmography, personal life

Rachel Weisz is a British actress who was dubbed by journalists as the main prude of Hollywood. The name of the star almost never appears in high-profile scandals, her personal life can hardly be called stormy either. The world-famous brunette gave the adventure film "The Mummy", other films with her participation are also popular: "My Blueberry Nights", "Konstantin: Lord of Darkness", "The Dedicated Gardener". What is known about the creative path of a celebrity, her life behind the scenes?

Rachel Weisz Biographical Note

Many Hollywood stars have doubles with whom they are constantly confused. Rachel Weisz, the owner of the original appearance, has never encountered such a problem. For her unique beauty, the actress must thank her ancestors, among whom are Jews, Italians, and Hungarians. However, she was born in London in March 1970.

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When the press asks Rachel Weisz to talk about her family, she describes her as "intelligent". The girl's mother is a psychoanalyst by profession, her father is a successful inventor. Beloved sister Minnie did not let us down either, choosing a career as an artist, her paintings are in great demand in England.

The bright appearance of Rachel Weisz allowed her to become a model in her teenage years. The choice of the girl became the reason for her conflicts with the family, the parents dreamed of another profession for their daughter. It is known that she was banned from playing in the film "King David", a role in which Richard Gere himself offered her. After graduating from school, the Englishwoman chose to continue her education at the University of Cambridge, becoming a student at the Faculty of English Literature. However, the theater remained her main hobby, the girl in the future saw herself only as an actress.

First successes

Participation in the TV show "Red and Black" is the first serious achievement of the sultry brunette Rachel Weisz. The filmography of the girl begins with a picture in which she plays the mysterious Matilda. Next comes the film project "Death Machine", in which the Englishwoman is also removed, but the tape does not attract attention.

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Another victory for Rachel, who was not yet known to anyone at that time - "Escaping Beauty", filmed by the famous director Bernardo Bertolucci. The role of Weiss in this picture is secondary, but allows her to catch the eye of the right people. The Englishwoman perfectly plays the daughter of a famoussculptor.

The fantastic film "Chain Reaction" helps to consolidate the success, in which Keanu Reeves, who has already become famous, becomes the partner of the aspiring actress. The action takes viewers to the near future. A group of researchers, including the character Rachel, must come up with a tool that can save the Earth from an ecological disaster. Unknown intruders actively interfere with the work of scientists.

Star roles

The above paintings did not give Rachel Weisz worldwide fame. The filmography of the actress acquired a truly successful film project only in 1999, it was The Mummy. The audience was delighted with the fantastic story, and the character played by the Englishwoman did not go unnoticed - the shy librarian Evie, the owner of encyclopedic knowledge and the sister of an incredible bungler. Weiss appeared in the second part of The Mummy, but refused to play in the third part due to being very busy. The decision was the right one, as the latest film did not do well at the box office and was critically acclaimed.

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After The Mummy, the star meets again on the set with Keanu Reeves, they play together in the mystical thriller Constantine: Lord of Darkness. Rachel was extremely successful in the image of a female detective, who is the partner of the hero Reeves.

What else to see

Fans of the actress should not ignore the picture "The Constant Gardener", which starred Rachel Weisz. The biography of the star tells that the role in this drama brought the girl an Oscar.Critics also praised the image of the Russian young lady Tanya, which was created by an Englishwoman in the military tape "Enemy at the Gates". Her heroine really seems to be a Slav.

What other films with the participation of the star deserve to be seen? Viewers who enjoy watching beautiful love stories should definitely check out My Blueberry Nights. Also successful was the tape "Oz the Great and Powerful", in which Weiss played the languid sorceress Evanora.

Private life

Fans are not only interested in pictures starring an English actress. Of course, everyone wants to know about Rachel Weisz's romantic interests as well. The personal life of a celebrity is relatively calm. Her first known boyfriend was Sam Mendes, who then married Kate Winslet. The brunette's second high-profile romance began with director Darren Aronofsky, from whom the actress gave birth to a son.

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Currently, Rachel is married, Daniel Craig, who once played James Bond, became her chosen one. The lovers have been together for 5 years.

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