Christina Rey: all body modifications, before and after photos

Christina Rey: all body modifications, before and after photos
Christina Rey: all body modifications, before and after photos

Today, plastic surgery and a variety of body modifications are available not only to stars, but also to mere mortals. Some people start with small, inexpensive changes to their appearance and then just can't stop. Christina Rey is a bright representative of this category. Thanks to her passion for body modification, the girl even got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Complexes or inconsistency of appearance with the inner world?

Christina Rey admits that during her school years she considered herself terribly unattractive. At times, it even seemed to her that she would never meet a guy who would pay attention to her. And yet this is not the main reason for such a striking change in appearance, according to the record holder herself.

christina rey

Since adolescence, Christina considers the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit to be the ideal of female beauty for herself. It was the desire to be like her idol that brought the girl to the aesthetic medicine office for the first time. Christina says that she considers herself very creative and imaginative. Being such a versatile person, the girl could not live in an "ordinary body."

The biggest lips in the world arerecord

If you look at the photos of Christina Ray before and after the operation, it's hard to believe that they depict one person. Many fans of this outrageous girl think that her lips are the work of plastic surgeons. In fact, Christina achieved an incredible increase in a beauty parlor.

Christina Ray before and after

The girl made her first injections of silicone at the age of 17. Since then, she has been regularly undergoing lip augmentation procedures. Christina's unusual record is officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records. But even now, Ray says her world's largest lips can and should get even bigger. According to the girl, such an unusual shape of the mouth does not prevent her from speaking, eating, drinking and even kissing normally. And this means that experiments on their own appearance will definitely continue.

"Magic" ears Christina Ray

Giant lips are not Christina's only body modification. The girl's ears deserve no less attention. She turned them into elven ones by removing some of the cartilage at the top. But the lover of shocking did not calm down on this either. The lobes are stretched by the so-called tunnels. Christina Rey boasts that work is also ongoing on this part of the body.

The biggest lips in the world christina rae

The girl positions herself as a free artist. She believes that continuous work on yourself is one of the ways to express yourself creatively.

Tattoos, piercings and colorful hairstyles

To change your own appearanceChristina Rey underwent split tongue surgery. Now the girl is somewhat reminiscent of a snake. The record holder also has a lip piercing. In addition, some time ago she implanted herself with real horns. Christina's relatives say that the girl's fangs are pointed in the manner of a vampire. The body of a shocking lover is decorated with multiple tattoos. The most notable among them are the biomechanics on the head, the Chinese dragon on one forearm, the clover on the other. Christina Ray does not tire of emphasizing her largest lips in the world with bright and unusual hairstyles. Shaved temples, cascading haircuts, frequent changes in hair color and, of course, dreadlocks. For publication and photo shoots, the girl does not spare cosmetics. Every time her makeup looks bright and original.

Expected Body Modifications

Kristina does not plan to stop there. By her own admission, she is simply addicted to visiting beauticians and plastic surgeons. In the very near future, the girl plans to increase her breasts by several sizes and correct the shape of her nose.

Outrageous record holder

Outrageous record holder prefers not to disclose all plans. If you look at the previous changes, then there is indeed cause for concern for Rei fans. Many are concerned about the question of where Christina has so much money for body modification. According to the most conservative estimates, only lip augmentation cost her about 200 thousand rubles. The record holder refutes all the most impartial rumors. She says that her parents paid for all the first changes, and continued the changesshe is at her own expense.

Creativity and life of the owner of the biggest lips

Who is Christina Ray? Before and after changes in appearance, the girl loves to show photos, but she refuses to talk about her life and family. Christina calls herself a native of St. Petersburg. It is known that she was born on August 11, 1989. Christina began to gain fame by working as a manicurist in a beauty salon. Gradually, the freelance artist moved to a tattoo and piercing salon as a master. After registering a world record, the girl finally became famous.

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She participated in popular talk shows more than once and even appeared in the famous Dom-2 project. Ray also appeared in many glossy magazines. What the bright record holder is doing today is not entirely clear. The girl does not give a direct answer to this question, but sometimes she mentions that she is very busy with creativity. Perhaps soon the world will see something new and extraordinary under the label Christina Ray. Already today, Christina has both devoted fans and ill-wishers. Many people do not like the appearance of the girl so much that they do not hesitate to make comments and even insult her. Rei states that this does not offend her at all, and she simply ignores such attacks. The most important thing is to like yourself and live in harmony with yourself.

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