Eva Amurri is a talented American actress

Eva Amurri is a talented American actress
Eva Amurri is a talented American actress

Not only for experienced cinephiles, but also for just fans of good cinema, the name of Eva Amurri will not be an empty phrase. Despite the fact that there are not many projects on her account, each film with the participation of the actress leaves an indelible mark on the soul of every viewer. Eva Amurri proved to the whole world that she can try on completely different images and is not afraid to experiment on the screen.


Eva Amurri was born in one of the largest US cities - New York. From childhood, close attention from the public was riveted to the girl, because she was born far from the most ordinary family: Eva's mother is the famous American actress Susan Sarandon, her father is the director Franco Amurri, who was popular at that time.

The union of two creative people was short-lived, and Eva's parents divorced. The father did not participate in the upbringing of his daughter, so the role of Eve's father was played by Susan's new husband, Tim Robbins. He raised the girl as his own daughter.

Eva was a sociable child who did not sit still. Her hobbies were very diverse - dancing,hockey, movies And the famous mother often took her little daughter to the shooting of the next film in which she starred, and Eva Amurri decided from childhood that she also wanted to become part of this magical world. And her mother supported her in this endeavor.

Eva Amurri


Eva Amurri first hit the set as an actress when she was only seven years old. It was not a long struggle for the role among thousands of applicants, because the film was directed by Eva's stepfather. This helped the girl a lot in working on the film. And after the film called "Rob Robbins" was released on the big screens, many appreciated the talent of Eva.

Three years later, Tim Robbins started making the film again, offering both his wife and his stepdaughter to star in it. It was an amazing duo and Dead Man Walking received a lot of positive feedback.

Eva Amurri's career steadily went uphill. The directors saw in the girl not only a continuation of the famous actress Sarandon, but also an individuality. They saw a charismatic and bright actress, able to give all the best on the set and try on different roles. Therefore, at the moment, the filmography of Eva Amurri has more than thirty works, and the girl is not going to stop there.

Eva Amurri

Private life

Despite the fact that Eva Amurri rarely posts photos related to her personal life on the Internet, a couple of photos from her wedding with a football player named Kyle Martino still appeared on the network. Eva and Kyle have been happily married since 2011.have two children.

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