Deborah Nascimento - Brazilian model and actress

Deborah Nascimento - Brazilian model and actress
Deborah Nascimento - Brazilian model and actress

Deborah Nascimento is a famous model and actress from Brazil. The girl managed to realize herself not only in one profession, but in several, which allowed her to become famous in her native country and around the world. Now she is a sought-after actress in Brazil with Hollywood experience.

Modeling career

The future actress and model was born in the small town of Susanna, located in Brazil. Her family included Africans, Italians and Indians. And the roots of distant ancestors are clearly visible in the girl, who from childhood differed from her peers with her unusual appearance.

Deborah Nascimento model

When Deborah Nascimentou appeared on the catwalk at the age of fifteen, no one was surprised. In Brazil, the girl quickly became popular, and many local designers wanted to work with her. Many contracts, constant photo shoots and shows have become an integral part of the girl's life. Deborah Nascimentou has done a lot of photography for her portfolio. She devoted five years to the modeling business. But I decided not to stop there and try myself in another industry. The choice of the model fell on the acting craft, which is verywidespread in Brazil, thanks to numerous television series.

Deborah is an actress

Due to the fact that Deborah was already quite famous in Brazil, the director of the series called "Tropical Paradise" offered the girl a role in this project. It was after filming the series that the beautiful Deborah was noticed in Hollywood and immediately offered her a role in the film The Incredible Hulk. It was a big event in her life. Nascimento immediately agreed to this proposal.

Deborah Nascimentou actress

After filming this successful project, Deborah Nascimentou started modeling again in America. She managed to collaborate with such a fashion brand as L'Oreal. And then the girl returned to Brazil, but already as an actress. The popular series "Avenue of Brazil" has become a new item in her filmography.

Private life

Deborah Nascimentou brought public attention to her private life in 2012. It was then that the shooting began with her participation in the series "Prospect of Brazil", and a stormy romance began between the young actress and her colleague. At that moment, Deborah was married, but did not hide her new hobby, which led to a divorce. The attention of the press was riveted to the girl for a long time, but she did not succumb to provocations, but followed her heart.

Now Deborah is still in a relationship with a colleague on the set of Jose Loreto. They got married in 2016.

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