Alexandra Melnichenko: personal life and biography

Alexandra Melnichenko: personal life and biography
Alexandra Melnichenko: personal life and biography

Alexandra Melnichenko, whose biography is described in this article, is the wife of a billionaire, a former model, a soloist of a Belgrade pop group. Passionate about design and fashion. Prefers eco-cosmetics and eco-products. He wants to open his own small business in this direction.


Alexandra Melnichenko was born in April 1977. In 2016, she will be 39 years old. Father - Serb, worked as an architect. Mom is Croatian, an artist. Their family was quite we althy. Alexandra is the only daughter, so she was pampered in every possible way and did not refuse anything.


Alexandra, like all children, first graduated from high school. The educational institution was with an emphasis on in-depth study of mathematics. Therefore, after school, Alexandra entered the Belgrade university at the department of international management. But she still went to work in another area.

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Modeling and creative career

After graduating from high school, Alexandra went to work in the modeling business. She has had many photo shoots. She worked in the most famous modelingagencies in Rome, Milan, Paris.

In 1993, she left the modeling business and tried herself as a singer. Alexandra joined the Yugoslav pop group Models. For five years, her concert activity was tightly scheduled. The band recorded many albums that sold well.

But in 1998 Alexandra Melnichenko again returned to the modeling business. And until 1999 she worked in large well-known agencies. For another 4 years, she often starred for commercials. Alexandra lived all this time mainly in Milan and Barcelona.

Private life

Alexandra married Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. They met at a villa with friends in France. And two years later they played a gorgeous wedding. A small old Russian chapel was specially built for the young, in which they got married. Planes were sent for the guests and a five-star hotel was provided for them during the wedding celebration.

alexandra melnichenko biography

Alexandra Melnichenko, whose wedding took place on the Cote d'Azur, believes that being the wife of a billionaire is not such an easy task. Every day she thinks and plans the way and style of life that would suit her and her husband. In three countries they have one house each. And they need to be contained, to come up with a design. And Alexandra does all this personally. Plus, she helps her husband. Yes, and numerous social events and mandatory meetings also take a lot of time and effort.

Billionaire Husband

Andrey is the chairman of the board of directors of EuroChem.He achieved success on his own, without outside help. Born in Belarus, in Gomel. Received a diploma in finance. Andrey is one of the founders of MDM-Bank. Held leadership positions. He was the president of this bank. In recent years, he has been Chairman of the Board of Directors. His fortune is estimated at almost two billion dollars.

Tastes and preferences of Alexandra Melnichenko

Alexandra Melnichenko, whose photo could be seen on the covers of magazines and in advertising, is a talented model. Therefore, it is not surprising that she loves fashion very much. She has favorite designers, whose shows she tries to never miss. Alexandra believes that this is art. When she enters high fashion shows, she notices the latest and trends of the season.

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One of Alexandra's favorite fashion designers is Vera Wang. She sewed a wedding dress for Sandra. My second favorite designer is Azzedine Alaia. Alexandra believes that his work is the main one in the fashion world. Sandra is a fan of John Galliano. She bought some of his pieces straight off the runway.

Alexandra Melnichenko is a music lover, and her tastes are quite wide. From pop to Broadway musicals. Some famous world performers, such as Enrique Iglesias, Whitney Houston and others, Alexandra and her husband are periodically invited to the festivities.

Sandra's taste in music changes depending on her mood. Sometimes she wants to delve into the music, dissolve in it, listen to the words. And sometimes - just turn it on for the background. But most of allshe loves musicals and goes to see them whenever possible. In addition, she buys CDs and then learns the words.

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She loved to travel since her youth. Working as a model for well-known European agencies opened her thirst for knowledge. Alexandra traveled a lot and since then loves to discover new places and countries.

Alexandra is fluent in several foreign languages: English, Yugoslav, Spanish, Italian and, of course, Russian. Despite the fact that she often travels abroad, Russia is her favorite home.

Alexandra Melnichenko is interested in different religions and cultures. Her passion is shared by her husband. South America, especially Bolivia, occupies an important place in its heart. Despite being one of the world's poorest countries, Alexandra finds it incredibly beautiful.

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