Tatyana Korsak: biography, personal life, photo

Tatyana Korsak: biography, personal life, photo
Tatyana Korsak: biography, personal life, photo

Tatyana Sergeevna Korsak is a young, talented Russian actress. An ambitious, beautiful blonde, a graduate of VGIK, played many completely different characters - secondary and main, negative and positive.

The start of the journey

Future actress Tatyana Korsak was born on July 8, 1986 in the city of Kirov.

I graduated from school in my hometown. Even at school, she was sure that she would definitely become an actress. In order for her dream to come true, the girl from childhood worked hard and very hard, studied dancing at Alla Dukhova's school-studio "Todes", worked in a school theater group, studied piano at a music school.

However, her charming appearance also played a significant role in the fact that the girl was able to enter - she is a natural blonde with bright blue eyes and a beautiful, chiseled figure. In addition, Tanya always carefully monitored her weight - she did not eat anything extra so as not to add a single gram.

The girl was more interested in cinema than theater, so she applied to VGIK. She was able to do the first time, AlexanderLenkov, who was taking the course this year, appreciated the attractiveness and talent of the young applicant.

Tatiana Korsak


Tatyana Korsak's career started very well. The girl got the main role in the very first movie in which she was invited to star (the film "Eclipse" in 2007). After that, the girl starred in TV shows, melodramas, played in more than ten works for almost ten years.

Besides this, Tatyana actively participated in various photo shoots for photographers - this replenished her portfolio and simply brought the girl great aesthetic pleasure. Such events also helped young novice photographers - they presented Tatiana's photos at their exhibitions. Images of a beautiful, blond, blue-eyed girl were a success, Tatyana was seen as a promising model, but the girl herself never thought about it. She also starred in video clips, which, judging by the statements of the actress, she considers a wonderful life experience.

In most of the films, Tatyana plays positive, a little naive heroines. She played the first negative character in the TV series Euphrosyne. Initially, the girl was slightly wary of this role, but in the course of work she became convinced that playing bad people is much more interesting than good ones. Indeed, behind any impartial quality of a person, a lot of different experiences or tragedies are often hidden. And it is very interesting for an actor to reveal such an image. At least more exciting than just playing a "positive beauty".

Tatiana Korsak


Filmography of Tatyana Korsak:

  • "Eclipse" (2007);
  • "Matchmaker" (2007);
  • "One Night of Love" (2008);
  • "The Lost Empire" (2008);
  • "Boomerang from the Past" (2009);
  • "District" (2009);
  • "Special Correspondent of the Investigation Department" (2009);
  • "Volkov's Hour-4" (2010);
  • "Frozen Dispatches" (2010);
  • "Euphrosyne" (2010-2013);
  • "Spring Love Blooms" (2014);
  • "Game. Revenge" (2014);
  • "Life Circumstances" (2015).

In all films, the girl revealed herself to the fullest, demonstrating new facets of her nature. She is a versatile person who can play almost any role.

Tatiana Korsak

Personal life of actress Tatyana Korsak

Despite the fact that the girl is very busy, constantly in demand, the actress finds time for relaxation and entertainment. She is very fond of outdoor activities and various sports, such as, for example, volleyball, horseback riding. She likes dancing, singing, shopping, bowling, billiards, roller skating, visiting exhibitions. The young, beautiful artist does not yet have a second half, but Tatyana Korsak herself admits that marriage is not a priority for her. Tatyana is satisfied with a busy life, although she does not have simple female joys - a hearth, a courageous shoulder nearby and a bunch ofbabies.

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