Alyssa Campanella: biography, career and personal life

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Alyssa Campanella: biography, career and personal life
Alyssa Campanella: biography, career and personal life

Alyssa Campanella (Coombs) was born in the spring of 1990, in Palm Beach County, New Jersey. The girl is known to many as the winner of the title "Miss USA 2011". In addition, Alyssa received second place in the Miss Young USA 2007 pageant. At the next competition, "Miss Universe 2011", the young beauty could not take a prize. However, she entered the top 16 participants. Marital status - married.

Biography of Alyssa Campanella

The famous model's father is Italian, and her mother has Danish and German roots. Parents sent the girl to study at the Freehold School, where she successfully received a certificate. When Alyssa was seventeen years old, she firmly decided to become an actress or TV presenter. Therefore, after some time, the future model applied to the school of dramatic art.

Campanella Alice

Besides this, the talented beauty graduated from an educational institution in culinary arts. This skill was very useful to her in the future. Her favorite hobbiesare comics and history. Alyssa also loves to play sports and watch hockey. It is worth noting that the girl looks great in the photo, which certainly speaks of her photogenicity.


The young girl showed her talent and charisma for the first time in the fall of 2006. Then she fought for the title of "Young Miss New Jersey", where she managed to defeat all rivals. After that, model Alyssa Campanella decided to try her luck at the Miss Young USA 2011 pageant. The competition was held in the summer of 2007 in Pasadena, Los Angeles County. The girl reached the final, but lost to her rival Hilary Cruz. As a result, Alyssa got the second place, which was also good for her.

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In 2009, the Miss New Jersey pageant started, where Campanella again decided to try her luck. However, the girl was only among the fifteen participants. The following year brought her a long-awaited victory in the Miss California competition. The model was able to show all her intellectual and other abilities.

In 2011, Alyssa traveled to Las Vegas with the idea of ​​winning the Miss USA pageant. Thanks to her skill, the girl succeeded. In the same year, Campanella decided to participate in another competition - Miss Universe 2011. However, this time the girl entered only the top 16 participants. For the sake of competitions, a young girl decided to dye her hair red. She said that this decision helped her win more than one competition.

Private lifeAlyssa Campanella

Alyssa met her future husband, Torrence Coombs, back in 2010. Many people know him from the popular television series "The Tudors", "Checkmate", "Kingdom" and others. In the summer of 2015, the lovers decided to tie the knot and announced their engagement. A year later, Alyssa Campanella and her chosen one got married. The wedding itself took place in the Santa Ynez Valley, California. The young people invited only their closest relatives and friends to the ceremony.

How was the wedding?

Alyssa and Torrance held their wedding ceremony outdoors. There were famous vineyards near the chosen place. The guys perfectly matched the decor, which made the wedding elegant and unique. The guests were seated at one table, as this is considered a trend today.

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An exclusive dress was created for the bride. The amazing outfit was designed by Alyssa's close friend Lauren Elaine, who also attended the wedding. Elaine took samples for sewing dresses from high-ranking and famous people. The dress for the wedding ceremony looked simply magical: lace flowers on the sleeves and a square neckline on the back.

Alyssa Campanella's hairstyle was simple: a braid into which a long and beautiful veil was fixed. Everything about the groom was classic: an elegant suit, a white shirt and a bow tie. At the end of the celebration, a large and beautiful cake was brought out, which was decorated with white, pink flowers and green leaves.

Alyssa Campanella

In manyIn an interview, the newlyweds assured that their holiday went better than they expected. Model Alyssa Campanella was very restrained not to start kissing her husband ahead of time. The husband of a famous model admitted that he even shed a tear when he saw his wife in a white dress.

The newlyweds thanked the guests who were able to attend their wedding ceremony. This is because many people had a long way to get to their destination. After celebrating the wedding, the couple went on vacation to Disneyland.

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