The speed of the Sapsan train is comparable to the rapid flight of a falcon

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The speed of the Sapsan train is comparable to the rapid flight of a falcon
The speed of the Sapsan train is comparable to the rapid flight of a falcon

New high-speed electric trains run on domestic railways between St. Petersburg and Moscow. The speed of the Sapsan train is relatively high. This feature makes it possible to overcome long distances in a much shorter time. Gradually, their work is launched in new directions. The German company Siemens was engaged in production.

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What is the speed of the Sapsan train?

The Falcon, after which this machine is named, is capable of accelerating in flight up to 320 kilometers per hour. Russian railways limit the possibility of acceleration to 250 km/h. The maximum speed of the Sapsan train can reach 350 kilometers per hour.

Interesting facts

45 minutes before the departure of the train, boarding begins. After blocking the doors, the automation checks the operability of the entire system. Only then does the movement begin. "Sapsan" is the first Russian train, where thepossibility of smoking. Today you can watch a whole series of several animated films "Peregrine Falcon and Friends". The train also has a Twitter account and its own Internet blog.

Sapsanov drivers

The drivers of trains of this class have a responsibility comparable to the work of real pilots. Their responsibilities include solving numerous problems of a fairly high level of complexity. The speed characteristics are comparable with the modes of operation of airliners at the takeoff stage. Only the best candidates are selected for the position of driver of such a train. Specialists who have undergone special training are allowed to manage the Sapsan. All skills of machinists must be worked out to perfection.

What is the speed of the peregrine train?

Wi-Fi at Sapsan

Since 2012, attempts have been made to equip the train with technical support to enable wireless Internet access. Routers are installed in each Sapsan car. Business class passengers can use the Internet absolutely free of charge. Citizens traveling in economy mode are forced to pay for access.

Bistro car

The speed of the Sapsan train, as well as streamlined shapes, are far from all that makes it unusual. Each passenger can use a comfortable bistro car. Here you can not only have a snack, but even order a full meal. Drinks, hot meals, as well as snacks are available for train passengers to choose from.

Transportation of smallanimals

The speed of the Sapsan train is quite high, but this does not affect the possibility of equipping premises for transporting animals. Transportation is allowed in cages, baskets or boxes not exceeding 180 cm when summing up the length, width and height. In this case, you must have documents from the veterinarian with you. Registration will cost 400 rubles. This is a fixed mandatory fee for issuing an e-ticket or travel document.

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Baggage screening

Starting from the first start of the train, each passenger must undergo a scan of the transported items. Increased safety during travel is guaranteed to passengers despite the short duration of the entire screening process.

Hand luggage

Passengers have the opportunity to carry hand luggage on one ticket. The weight of the cargo should not exceed 36 kilograms, and the sum of all measurements - 180 cm. Above the established norm, you can carry fishing rods, cameras, binoculars, handbags, briefcases, umbrellas and other small things, the size of which is not more than a meter with a general measurement of dimensions.

Large vehicles cannot be loaded as hand luggage. Other people's things, explosive, flammable, poisonous, flammable, fetid substances are not accepted for transportation. Firearms must be in a holster, case or case separate from the cartridges in an unloaded state. Only after observing all the above rules, passengers can use high-speed express transport for transportation of small-sized cargotrain "Sapsan" (the speed that it can develop is indicated above).

Group travel

There is a group fare for the travel of schoolchildren from 10 to 18 years old, consisting of at least 10 people traveling on the same date, on the same route, on the same train. Registration takes place by prior request. A group fare is provided for the travel of at least 10 children under 10 years old, traveling in the same train, on the same date, on the same route. It is also issued upon prior request.

The maximum speed of the peregrine train


The possibilities of using the railway as a transportation option are rapidly developing. One example of this is the magnificent machines developed by the German manufacturer Siemens. Each passenger will definitely be pleased with the comfortable conditions of movement and the high speed of the Sapsan train. The developers proposed a solution to almost all possible problems that arise in the process of overcoming distances, and combined them into one design solution. The new high-speed trains offered to Russian citizens leave the best travel experience.

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