Air rifle "W alter": description of shooting models

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Air rifle "W alter": description of shooting models
Air rifle "W alter": description of shooting models

Judging by the numerous reviews, blowguns are purchased for various purposes. Some acquire "pneumats" for entertaining bottle shooting. Some people buy such shooting units exclusively for hunting. Also, wind weapons are used in sports. Just for this area, according to experts, the W alther air rifle from the German company Carl W alther GmbH is ideal. It was founded in 1886. Today, this manufacturer produces three types of wind rifles, namely spring-piston, gas-cylinder and pre-pumped rifle units. Read more about W alther lgv, LG300 and 400 air rifles later in the article.

W alther LG 300 XT Alutech and Schichotholz

This model, according to experts, is the predecessor of the W alther 400 air rifle. W alther LG 300 XT Alutech began to be produced in 1997. In those years, it was the most successful development. With herwith the help of athletes won world championships and set records. After the modernization, the new 300th model was ready, known as the W alther LG 300 XT Schichotholz.

w alter lgv air rifles

This W alter Air Rifle features an improved air supply system and an improved recoil absorber. Therefore, already in 2012, the manufacturer stopped producing the LG 300 XT Alutech, focusing on Schichotholz. This "pneumat" was used for a long time by eminent shooters.

LG 400 Alutech Economy

This W alther air rifle is primarily used by beginner shooters. This shooting model with a minimum configuration. The design of the weapon provides for the installation of more advanced additional accessories. The rifle has a simplified SINUS aluminum stock. Judging by the reviews, if you compare it with the LG 300 XT Alutech, then setting up the 400th model is much easier. In the Economy, the handguard and pistol grip are also with simplified settings. "Dukhovik" is equipped with standard sights, which are represented by a match diopter sight and a tunnel front sight. The standard version of the Economy rifle without the magnetic recoil absorber, the indicator of the presence of a projectile in the barrel and the device with which you can adjust the aiming line.

LG 400 Alutech Competition

Pneumatic rifle "W alter" of the middle class. The stock is fitted with an adjustable MEC Contact III butt pad. Instead of standard sighting devices,front sight Score and scope Insight-Out.

w alter lg air rifle

Unlike the previous shooting model, Alutech Competition has an EQUALIZER recoil absorber and a bullet presence indicator. In addition, the pistol grip can be adjusted as needed. The rifle is equipped with special weights for the forearm, 50 g each.

LG 400 Anatomic

According to experts, it is considered the most beautiful and expensive model in the line of 400s "pneumatics". These rifles are used by elite athletes.

Spirit weapon

For the aluminum forearm, the designer has provided more adjustment options. For example, the “spirit” can be equipped with a special device that allows you to change the height of the Centra Block Club aiming line and balancing 30-gram barrel weights. For the manufacture of the anatomical bed, the design of which was borrowed from the W alther LG 300 XT, puff wood is used. However, this element has been improved in the new shooting model. LG 400 Anatomic, depending on the age parameters of the shooters, is presented in two versions: Anatomic and Expert. If necessary, the fore-end can be increased by mounting a special Toppoint attachment on the weapon, through which it is very convenient to shoot from the stop.

LG 400 Holzschaft Freihand

This "pneumatic" is structurally very similar to the Alutech Competition. The only difference is that in the new rifle the stock is not made of aluminum, but of wood. Since the wooden stock is much lighter, the athlete canshoot at moving targets. In addition, the “spirit” with a remote loading lever, which makes it possible to equip it with an optical sight. Judging by the reviews, the wooden stock is easier to adjust, namely, cut to the needs of the athlete. The undoubted advantage of the Holzschaft Freihand is the presence of a universal handle that is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed people. This model weighs 4.4 kg. It shoots 4.5 mm bullets with a muzzle energy of 7.5 J. In order to protect the barrel from scratches and impacts, the manufacturer applied a carbon coating to it. The rifle is lengthened by means of a fake barrel with a gunslinger.

air rifle w alther 400

W alther LGV

The air rifle "W alter" lg v is produced by the German arms company Umarex. Judging by the reviews, this model is considered quite powerful and long-range. Refers to the "pneumatics" of the premium class. "Dukhovik" is a single-shot rifle of a spring-mechanical type, has a breakable steel barrel. For the manufacture of this model using high-quality weapon steel. The bed is made of impact-resistant plastic. The manufacturer decorated the pistol-type handle and fore-end with notches depicting a floral ornament. The function of sighting devices is performed by an adjustable rear sight and a closed front sight. These elements contain fiberoptic threads. To make it easier for the arrow to break the barrel, the structure was equipped with a special unlocking lever. The front section of the barrel contains a thread through which the rifle is equipped with a sound moderator. Covers himfine nut. Judging by consumer reviews, this model of "pneumat" is suitable for both sports and recreational shooting.

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