"Saiga" or "Vepr": which is better, comparison, characteristics, pros and cons of each gun

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"Saiga" or "Vepr": which is better, comparison, characteristics, pros and cons of each gun
"Saiga" or "Vepr": which is better, comparison, characteristics, pros and cons of each gun

The modern arms market is represented by a wide variety of rifle units. Judging by the numerous reviews, Saiga and Vepr are considered very popular among carbines. They have both strengths and weaknesses, which it is desirable for a potential buyer to know about. Therefore, it is quite understandable why hunters often argue which carbine is better - "Saiga" or "Vepr". "Tiger" is also a very good carbine used by hunters. For a beginner, there are no significant differences in these models, however, according to experts, they are present. The information contained in this article will help you figure out which carbine is better - Vepr or Saiga.

Carbine "Vepr": acquaintance

Which is better - "Saiga" or "Vepr"? To answer this question, each rifle unit should be considered separately. "Vepr" has been produced since 1995 by employees of the Vyatka-Polyansky machine-building plant "Molot".

what is better boar or saiga 12

According to experts, the carbine has much in common with the RPK (Kalashnikov light machine gun). The return spring and powder gases carry out automatic reloading of cartridges in the carbine. From the Vepr, aimed shooting can be carried out at a distance of no more than 400 m. If the weapon is equipped with optics, then this figure will increase several times. There are several modifications of this carbine:

  • "Vepr-308";
  • "Super";
  • "Pioneer";
  • "Hunter";
Shooting unit
  • "Vepr 243";
  • "Vepr12 Hammer";
  • "Vepr KM".

The above rifles use 7.62mm, 6.2mm, 5.56mm and 5.45mm cartridges. The Vepr 12 Hammer smoothbore is the only model that fires 12-gauge ammunition.


The history of this carbine, unlike the previous model, begins in the 1970s. According to experts, this rifle unit was developed at a mechanical plant in Izhevsk specifically for saigas, who at that time made devastating raids on agricultural land.

than the boar 308 is better than the saiga 308

Saiga was developed on the basis of the Kalashnikov assault rifle. The features of the carbine include the following:

  1. The weapon is equipped with a switch for firing in single and automatic modes.
  2. All kinds of attachments and butts of different types are provided for the carbine.

The line is represented by the following smoothboremodifications:

  • Saiga 20;
  • Saiga 12;
  • Saiga 401.

The number indicates what kind of ammunition the weapon fires. In addition, there are still models in the line:

  • Saiga M;
  • Saiga MK;
which carbine is better boar or saiga
  • Saiga 308;
  • Saiga 9.

This is a rifled weapon. Which is better - "Saiga" or "Vepr"? Which model do you prefer?

What do these carbines have in common?

Those who are interested in which is better, "Saiga" or "Vepr", should know that these two rifle units are produced at different factories. However, despite this fact, both models are very similar. For example, they are united by the Kalashnikov concern, since the Vepr is designed on the basis of a light machine gun, and the Saiga is based on an AK assault rifle.

Also, both carbines with basic equipment cost almost the same. Both Vepr and Saiga can be bought by the average consumer. Structurally, both rifle units are quite simple, but at the same time very reliable. The management system of carbines has similar features. According to the manufacturers, "Vepr" and "Saiga" work equally well both at -50 and +50 degrees.

About purpose

Judging by the numerous reviews, "Vepr" and "Saiga" are ideal for hunting large and medium-sized animals. You can also catch big game. In addition, the law does not prohibit the use of both one and the second carbine as a means of self-defense. Also "Vepr" and "Saiga" canused by athletes for competitions and special forces personnel. As we can see, both rifle units have a lot in common. However, they also have distinctive features, which will be discussed later.

What's different?

Those who are interested in what is better - the Vepr or Saiga carbine should know that the first rifle unit is almost one kilogram heavier. The carbines also differ externally. For example, in the structure of "Saiga" the predominance of smooth forms is noticeable. In Vepr, on the contrary, the transitions are rough and abrupt. The differences also affected the thickness of the barrel and recoil. In Vepr, the metal in the barrel is almost 0.2 mm thicker. This rifle unit has more recoil.

According to experts, both models are of the same quality trigger. If we consider this parameter, then which is better - "Saiga" or "Vepr"? Judging by the reviews, the first rifle unit with a more extended trigger. Therefore, for a hunter with little experience, the finger may slip off. It can also happen if the shooter has wet hands. There is a difference in price - Vepr is about 30% more expensive. The high cost is due to the fact that this carbine has a more accurate fight. Which is better - Vepr or Saiga 12?

Opinion of owners

"Saiga" shoots 12-caliber ammunition, the length of which is 7 and 7, 6 cm. They are contained in the magazine for 5 pieces. If desired, it can be improved, as a result of which it will be possible to accommodate up to 8 rounds. "Saiga 12" is a self-loading automatic, which means that firing bursts is impossible. Pistol-style grip with a safety on the right side, it is convenient to switch it with one finger.For the manufacture of the butt of the skeletal type, wood and plastic are used. Judging by the reviews, it is convenient to fold it.

If desired, the shooter can adjust the length of the crest. The weapon is equipped with various muzzle attachments, making the carbine suitable for any hunt. The barrel length is 58 cm. To extend the service life, a chrome coating is applied to the inner surface of the barrel channel. "Saiga" weighs up to 3.7 kg. To become the owner of this carbine, you will have to pay 32 thousand rubles.

Judging by the reviews of the owners, the shutter can jam, and the weapon can misfire. This explains why a competitor appeared on the arms market, namely the Vepr carbine. The length of the barrel is 43 cm. It shoots cartridges of 7 and 7.6 cm. As in the Saiga, the channel is chrome-plated. The butt folds and blocks the trigger. Ammunition is contained in a box-type magazine of 8 pieces. The peculiarity of this model is that in it all structural elements are duplicated. They are easy to install on both the right and left side, thanks to which the weapon is suitable for right-handed and left-handed people. Vepr weighs more than Saiga - 4.3 kg. At first, this fact is considered by many as a minus, but soon you can get used to a heavy carbine. The price of Vepr 12 is 43 thousand rubles.

Both shooting models are very similar. Nevertheless, experts say that the assembly is better in Vepr 12.

Than Vepr 308 is better than Saiga 308

In an effort to somehow decorate the Saiga, the manufacturer carved a deer on the butt. Judging by the reviews, some owners are not satisfied with the quality of thisImages. In addition, the wood is yellow.

what is better boar or saiga rifled

Also, there is a 4 mm gap between the receiver and the stock. Compared to the Saiga, which is dominated by refined and soft outlines, the Vepr is militarized, with straight and hard lines. Wood with a pronounced texture and a pleasant dark brown color.

which carbine is better tiger saiga or wild boar

Unlike the "Saiga", in the "Vepr" the front sight-flash suppressor unit has a better design. The developer specifically gave the front sight such a shape that it turned out to be ergonomic and did not cling to the shooter's clothes. In order to reduce recoil, the butts of these carbines were equipped with rubber butt pads. Vepr and Saiga are equipped with the same 4x32 sights. The mesh type is “stump”, represented by two lateral and one lower risks. It is very effective at offhand shooting.

The optical sight on the Vepr is mounted using a standard quick-release bracket, which is also perfect for the Saiga. Compared to the Vepr, this carbine is more practical. The fact is that in this rifle unit the stock is longer, and the cheek in it is located higher. "Vepr", like the Dragunov sniper rifle, with an orthopedic butt, which is convenient to grasp with one hand. However, due to the fact that it is slightly shorter, the shooting process is uncomfortable. In addition, the optics in it are located quite high, as a result of which the shooter's cheek will hang in the air. Both rifles have identical 520mm barrels.

Feels like shooting

According to many owners, the Saiga carbine has a softer recoil. This is explained by the peculiarities of the butt geometry. "Vepr" with a very clear descent, which does not fall through and has a small stroke. "Saiga" with a less pleasant descent. The problem is that it is too long and lacks clarity. In addition, the finger may slip down.

Both ranged units use Win ammo. 308 NATO sample caliber 7, 62x51 mm. This cartridge has been very popular lately, because it has better ballistics and a greater lethal and stopping effect, unlike 7.62x39 mm. Also Win. 308 is cheaper. In addition, the recoil when firing this cartridge is much less. Many owners claim that Vepr has the best combat accuracy, which ranges from 1.8 to 2 MOA.

carbine vepr or saiga is better

For a semi-automatic, this is a pretty good result. In terms of accuracy, "Saiga" is somewhat inferior. In this parameter, its indicator is from 2.3 to 2.7 MOA. Nevertheless, according to experts, this result is considered quite acceptable for firearms.

What can you conclude?

According to experts, Vepr is a more interesting example. The advantages of this weapon are good accuracy of combat, excellent external design and a reasonable price. Minus "Boar" is the presence of a short butt and a high location of the sight. In parameters such as accuracy and build quality, Saiga is somewhat worse. The advantage of this model is itslow price. Without an optical sight, the Saiga costs 2,000 rubles less. This model can be recommended to hunters on a budget.

In conclusion

Determine what is better - "Saiga" or "Vepr", each hunter can according to several main features, namely, weight, accuracy and external design. When choosing, you should also take into account the dimensions of the beast.

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