Alexander Donskoy. History of success and failure

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Alexander Donskoy. History of success and failure
Alexander Donskoy. History of success and failure

He was born in 1970 in a working-class area of ​​the city of Arkhangelsk. There was no smell of a "golden spoon" in my mouth - a low-income family, my mother was a cleaner, my father worked on an excavator. The beginning of the life path was the most ordinary - school, army, then various unskilled jobs. How could a boy from among the workers reach the level of the city elite, become a rich businessman, and then the mayor of Arkhangelsk? What helped him in this - perseverance, luck, willpower or fate?

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Donskoy as a businessman

Having gone through a lot of low-paid jobs after the army, Alexander Donskoy decided to try his hand at trade. He started with small stalls selling cigarettes, cosmetics, and small goods. In 1994, he registered a company, named it "Season" and began to consolidate. Soon, instead of stalls, shops appeared, the staff began to grow, and things started to go. In business, he was lucky - after 10 years, he had more than 800 employees. The goal - to "make money" was achieved. And Alexander Donskoy decided to go into politics - herunning for mayor of the city as an independent candidate.

Alexander Viktorovich Donskoy

Achievements as mayor

Arkhangelsk is an extremely depressed region. The region, which has natural resources, is in a deplorable state. Tourists coming to the city see disgusting asph alt even in the city center, a huge amount of dilapidated housing, mountains of garbage on the street.

This is exactly the city Donskoy Alexander began to lead. There were a lot of problems in it, there were not enough subsidies from the center. But, nevertheless, during the period that Donskoy headed the capital of Pomorye, he managed to do a lot.

So, for example, the problem of gypsies was solved. A huge gypsy diaspora was going to settle in the administrative center, as they say, "forever". This could not please the indigenous people, the intensity of passions went off scale. Alexander Donskoy was able to solve the problem, and with the help of monetary compensation he convinced the Roma to choose another place of residence.

Another merit that Arkhangelsk citizens attribute to Donskoy is the reconstruction of the Chumbarov-Luchinsky pedestrian avenue.

This avenue is called the "local Arbat", and here is a collection of unique wooden houses - the memory of the old Arkhangelsk. In 2005, it was Donskoy, being the mayor of the city, who initiated the restoration and restoration of the avenue. By 2009, the restoration work came to an end, and the street was open to the townspeople. In addition to a large amount of greenery, a paved pavement and unique wooden buildings, lanterns, beautiful benches, and monuments to the writer appeared there.Stepan Pisakhov.

donskoy alexander

Nomination for the post of President of the Russian Federation - why?

What prompted Donskoy to announce his nomination for the presidency of Russia? Supporters and opponents are considering several versions:

  1. The desire to draw attention to your depressed region. Arkhangelsk really was and is in a rather deplorable state. Housing and roads, the two main ills, are costly. Alexander Donskoy could not solve these problems without resorting to the help of the federal budget. And his announcement of his intention to run for president in the next election was an act of engaging the federal authorities in the city's funding problems.
  2. Donskoy felt cramped within the head of the city, and he decided in this way to continue his political career. The ex-mayor of Arkhangelsk Alexander Donskoy is known as a man who conquers peaks one after another. It is closely for him to be constantly in the same framework. So, starting to do business, he constantly expanded his capacities not only for the sake of income - he simply became uninteresting in the same state. And, having reached the highest bar for himself in any business, he “turned it off” and proceeded to something else. So, the company "Season" at the time of the sale was one of the top 10 retailers in the North-West region of Russia. And it began with a single stall.
  3. In autumn 2018, Alexander Donskoy releases his autobiographical book Mood Swings. From depression to euphoria”, in which he talks about hisdisease. According to him, he has been suffering from bipolar affective disorder since childhood. This disease used to be called Manic-Depressive Psychosis. It is characterized by a sharp and deep change of mood. In the manic stage, this is self-confidence, hyperactivity, constantly high spirits. In depressive - deep disappointment in life, loss of strength, suicidal thoughts.

One way or another, the fact remains that in the fall of 2006, Alexander Donskoy announced his intention to run for president in the 2008 elections. Shortly thereafter, he was under investigation, and the procurator opened a criminal case against him. The reason - allegedly the mayor of the city received his diploma of higher education illegally, in other words, he bought it. The investigation lasted more than a year, and in the end, by court decision, Donskoy was found guilty, sentenced to 3 years probation and left the chair of the head of the city.

Alexander Donskoy family

Life after the trial

After 8 months in a pre-trial detention center, there is no strength left to continue the political path. Alexander Donskoy and his family experienced not the easiest moments - deep depression, lack of money, loss of strength.

Wife Marina, with whom they had been together since school, supported Donskoy all the time as best she could. They have two beautiful children - son Alexander and daughter Evita. But, probably, something broke inside the ex-mayor, and after so many years of family life, the couple decides to get a divorce.

In his autobiography, Alexander Viktorovich Donskoy recalls his wife Marina with warm words. As well astells what else happened in his personal life. In 2016, he remarried, but not for long - he was carried away by another girl. As a result, a divorce again, but, according to Donskoy, now he is happy with his new chosen one.

Donskoy is the owner of several museums and a personal growth coach, he also maintains his own video blog. He often shocks the audience with non-standard statements or actions, and in general attracts a lot of attention to himself. It is not known how the fate of this extraordinary person will develop further.

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