Nikolai Sakharov: biography, filmography, interesting facts

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Nikolai Sakharov: biography, filmography, interesting facts
Nikolai Sakharov: biography, filmography, interesting facts

Nikolai Sakharov is a theater and film actor. His filmography includes several dozen wonderful films, among which are “A Simple Life”, “Barvikha”, “Loneliness of Love”, “The Case of Investigator Nikitin”, “Missing”, “Passenger”, “It Will Be a Bright Day”, “Diva”, "Vasilisa", "Gulchatai", "The new life of the detective Gurov. Continuation "" Governor "and many others. And our hero has a unique singing voice. You can learn more about Sakharov's biography from this publication.

Childhood and students

Nikolai Yurievich Sakharov was born in a Moscow maternity hospital on April 21, 1959. Unfortunately, there is no information about the family in which our today's hero grew up.

In 1981, Nikolai Sakharov graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School.

Theatrical career

Sakharov worked at the Moscow Art Theater

When Nikolai's student lifeYurievich ended, he went to work at the Central Academic Theater of the Soviet Army. After that, the actor worked within the walls of the Gorky Moscow Art Theater under the guidance of theater and film actress Tatyana Vasilyevna Doronina, known for such films as Horizon, Drops, etc. There he participated in such productions as On the Wedding Day, Three sisters", "Zoyka's apartment", "Dead souls", etc.

Debut movie role

Image"Can't say goodbye"

The filmography of Nikolai Sakharov has a very long list. The actor has starred in more than 50 films.

The debut work in the cinema for Nikolai Yuryevich was the film "I Can't Say Goodbye" directed by Boris Durov, filmed in 1982. Despite the fact that our hero got a cameo role, he was still able to be remembered by the viewer.

In the center of the plot of the film "I can not say goodbye" - two main characters - Lida and Sergey. Their acquaintance takes place at a dance. Lydia immediately falls in love with Sergei, but, unfortunately, unrequited. Soon the young guy will marry the beautiful Martha. And then a terrible tragedy happens - Sergei is chained to the bed. It's all to blame for a severe spinal injury that the guy received at work when a tree fell on him. Sergei's wife, unable to bear the difficulties, leaves him.

After some time, Lida learns from Marta that the love of her life is now in a very difficult position. After such news, the girl drops everything and goes to Sergei. However, the guy himself is not happy with the arrival of Lydia. He rejects her in every possible way, but despite this,the girl does everything so that Sergey goes on the mend. At the end of the film, Lida informs her lover that she is pregnant. This good news becomes an emotional impetus for Sergey, and he gets on his feet.

Continuing a career in cinema

Nikolai Sakharov starred in many films

Two years after the release of the film "I Can't Say Goodbye", Nikolai Sakharov is again invited to act in films. This time it was the Robin Hood Arrow (directed by Alexander Burdonsky and Maria Muat). Actor Nikolai Sakharov played the main role in it.

After our hero starred in such films as "Mr. Gymnasium", "The Zitarov Family", "Show Boy", "Good Night!", "Russian Heiress", "Hostages of Love", "While I Live, love”, “Crime video-2”, “Spy games. A trap for a sage”, “Crazy”, “Charming rascals”, “The Fourth Passenger”, etc. But Nikolai Sakharov was especially popular with the film “Fatal Legacy” directed by Yevgeny Lavrentiev. After the film was released in 2014, the actor began to be recognized on the street. It is also worth noting that the notorious Denis Matrosov, Elena Laguta, Svetlana Nemolyaeva, Sergey Ershov, Natalya Gudkova, Vyacheslav Korotkov and others took part in the film along with our hero.

In 2017, the film "Psychologists" directed by Roman Fokin was released - one of the last works of Nikolai Sakharov in the cinema. In it, our hero got the role of the headmaster. A lot of young little-known artists were filmed in the film, among which were: Alena Kotova, Valeria Dergileva, Fedor Roshchin and others.It is obvious that these rising film stars learned a lot on the set from the experienced actor Nikolai Sakharov.


To our great regret, there is no information about Nikolai Sakharov's personal life. It is likely that the actor deliberately does not make any comments about this topic in order to avoid unwanted rumors. Also, everything can be much simpler: perhaps Sakharov really did not start a family due to a too busy work schedule. Let's hope that soon the actor will shed light on this mystery. We can only wait.

Interesting facts

Sakharov - theater and film actor

We talked about the career and personal life of actor Nikolai Sakharov. Now it's time for interesting facts - for sure this topic will be of interest to many fans and admirers of the artist. So let's get started:

  • Nikolai Sakharov is a multiple participant in various song contests.
  • The actor has a second rank in swimming.
  • Besides the fact that Nikolai Yuryevich sings beautifully, he also has a good command of such a musical instrument as the guitar.
  • In the late 90s, the actor managed to play Yermak himself in the film - the historical conqueror of Siberia, about whom many legends still circulate.

And finally

Sakharov works in the Moscow theater

Nikolai Yurievich Sakharov is a brilliant actor and a man with a steel character. Thanks to his work and perseverance, he achieved great heights. Today the name of our heroknown to thousands of viewers. And every year this list is replenished.

Currently, Nikolai Yurievich continues to act in theater and cinema. Also this year, a film with his participation is planned to be released. We are talking about the film directed by Ksenia Ratushnaya "Outlaw". In it, Nikolai Sakharov got the role of a general. Who knows, maybe this film will take the actor to a new level of popularity and he will be recognized not only in Russia, but also abroad.

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