The most dangerous mode of transport according to statistics: top 10

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The most dangerous mode of transport according to statistics: top 10
The most dangerous mode of transport according to statistics: top 10

Unfortunately, today there is no safest mode of transport that never breaks down, does not fall and does not collide with trees. Each individual, getting into a car, plane or even a bicycle, cannot be sure that he will survive. However, many of the fears passengers have about using a particular mode of transport are unfounded.

What do opinion polls say? It turns out that most people consider the train to be the safest mode of transport in the world. In second place for some reason is the car, although we all know that car accidents happen everywhere every day. But the most dangerous mode of transport is the plane. For this reason, many are afraid to fly, preferring the train. Let's discuss the most dangerous modes of transport. Which one is statistically the most dangerous we know of?


danger on the plane
danger on the plane

The most dangerous speciestransport - an airplane, many are sure. But in fact, there are significantly fewer air crashes per year than car accidents, for example.

So, the safest mode of transport today is the plane. Therefore, we advise anyone who is afraid of flying in airplanes to cope with their phobia with the help of statistics.

So, according to statistics, there were 33 million flights in 2014. There was only one accident per million flights. Moreover, most of the affected aircraft were private.

According to the same statistics, 0.6 people die per 100 million miles. Statisticians say that the risk of dying during a flight is 1/8,000,000. That is, it is so minimal that you can leave your fears behind and safely fly to other countries. However, the media is so actively talking about various crashes of airliners that it seems that every third plane crashes.

Many are also sure that only a few survive in air crashes. In fact, only a third of the passengers die, the rest manage to be saved. Even in air crashes, which were accompanied by a sharp impact of the plane on the ground, about half of the passengers manage to escape.

Interesting fact! If a passenger possessed by a desire to kill himself takes a ticket for a random flight every day, he will live at least another 21,000 years.


deaths on trains
deaths on trains

It's a bit more dangerous than an airplane because it travels slower and longer. And anything can happen on the road: a night stop crane, a derailment, a car at a crossing, etc. Lethal rateoutcomes -0, 2 passengers per 160 million kilometers. That is why European and American trains are among the least dangerous modes of transport, according to statistics. And this is taking into account their incredible speed. Therefore, many of the land modes of transport prefer to travel by train. After all, the probability of dying in a car accident is 1000 times higher than in a railway one.

In Russia, the situation is slightly worse - 0.9 passengers per 160 million kilometers. In India, train accidents happen everywhere - they know about safety only by hearsay. It is they who spoil the prosperous world statistics to a large extent.


danger on the bus
danger on the bus

This mode of transport is relatively safe - it takes an average of one human life in exchange for two million kilometers. But some of the routes are incredibly long. For example, in Australia, a bus traveling from Perth to Brisbane travels 5,455 kilometers.

However, in Russia, the statistics of bus accidents is constantly growing. This is partly due to the incompetence of drivers. The data in India is also disappointing - about 17 people per hour die there every hour. And this despite the fact that in many parts of India there are not so many cars and buses!


car statistics
car statistics

The most popular mode of transport. Alas, it is far from the safest. In our country, accidents on the roads happen everywhere. Most often due to unscrupulous drivers who do not follow the rules of the road. Alas, youYou can be the most law-abiding and careful driver in the world, but you are dependent on other drivers. As a result, accidents happen all the time. And the American police claim that 80% of accidents are due to pedestrians.

What does the world statistics say? 4 deaths per 1.5 billion km. In the US, the risk of being in an accident is 1:415. Fortunately, thanks to improvements in safety, not all road accidents end in death or injury.

Route Taxi

Fifth place in our rating is a fixed-route taxi. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to die or be seriously injured while traveling. Most often, the reason is the low qualification of drivers, bad roads. Pedestrians often create an emergency.


According to statistics, one of the most dangerous modes of transport is a spaceship. Since 1961, 530 ships have been sent into space. And only 18 of them did not come back. At the same time, people did not die in space itself - most often this happened at the time of takeoff or landing. According to statistics, there are 7 human deaths per 1.5 billion km, which is quite a lot for reliable-looking spacecraft.

Water transport

deaths on ships
deaths on ships

Yes, water transport is one of the most dangerous modes of transport according to statistics. Crashes happen frequently (remember the famous Titanic that hit an iceberg?). In addition, inexplicable cases often occur in the ocean, as a result of which the entire team dies. Scientists still do not understand what caused such incidents. Also, cargo and passenger ships are on fire, they are captured by pirates. It is not uncommon for passengers to accidentally end up overboard. As a result, water transport is one of the most dangerous modes of transport.


subway danger
subway danger

It seems to be a reliable mode of transport that certainly won't sink or fall somewhere in the Amazon jungle. However, American scientists called the metro one of the most dangerous modes of transport in the world due to the content of heavy metals in the air, which were found as a result of the study of samples taken. They enter the body, causing numerous diseases. However, not only they threaten people's lives.

During technical failures, the subway destroys many lives. Emergencies are especially dangerous for citizens. Most often, accidents happen in the Moscow metro.

It should also be noted suicides, who often commit suicide in the subway. In addition, there are cases of heart attacks among passengers.

And how many horror stories can be heard from people who often use this mode of transport! Many people notice strange passengers who cause inexplicable horror in them. It is noteworthy that these strange people are described in almost the same way.


Yes, one of the most dangerous modes of transport according to statistics is a bicycle. Official statistics call the two-wheeled friend that almost every person has the most dangerous mode of transport.

Long time agoIt is known that numerous accidents occur precisely with the participation of cyclists. And most often motorists are guilty of them. Often, careless teenagers who do not notice reckless drivers die. There are 35 deaths per 1.5 billion km.


motorcycle danger
motorcycle danger

Iron mustangs are indeed the most dangerous mode of transport, statistics confirm this. Motorcycles make up only 1% of the total traffic, while 20% of motorcyclists die on the roads. There are 120 deaths per 1.5 billion km. Here is the most dangerous mode of transport.

Unfortunately, many bike enthusiasts develop a sufficiently high speed, which makes the road especially dangerous for them. It is often motorcyclists who suffer because of violations of the rules of the road by drivers. After all, in an accident, the probability of death is 76%. It is noteworthy that moped drivers are even more likely to die. This is the most dangerous mode of transport!


Alas, today even a peaceful journey on foot can lead to death. We live in a world in which a human life is worth little, and at any moment it can end unexpectedly. However, remember that God saves the safe. Therefore, try not to expose yourself to unnecessary danger and avoid such dangerous modes of transport as a moped or motorcycle. It is better not to ride bicycles on the roadway, as our motorists are not attentive.