Childless celebrities: a list of famous people who do not have children, photos

Childless celebrities: a list of famous people who do not have children, photos
Childless celebrities: a list of famous people who do not have children, photos

The birth of a child and the continuation of the human race is almost the main task of every young girl and even a mature woman. However, what is taken for granted by some is a rather controversial point for others. So, in our time there are a large number of people who prefer to live their lives for themselves and not devote it to anyone, including children. The thing is that the hypothesis of overpopulation of our planet is quite popular now. That is why there are various societies and organizations whose members voluntarily refuse to give birth to children.

First of all, this is due to various fanatics who spread such opinions among ordinary people. On the other hand, childless celebrities add fuel to the fire. Since they have a very high authority in modern society, fans try to imitate their idols in everything, even when it comes to not having children. The worst thing is that they have many examples for this, both among domestic and foreign celebrities. However, it should be noted separatelythat a childless life is not always a voluntary decision, sometimes circumstances are stronger, but first things first.

Cameron Diaz

Effective blonde is rightfully considered one of the most popular childless celebrities in the world. It was in this particular case that life without children became the voluntary choice of a Hollywood actress. Moreover, this choice was made at a time when Diaz was still young. Now in her 40s, she hasn't changed her mind.

Cameron Diaz

According to the celebrity, she has no aversion or dislike for children, because she regularly babysits the children of her friends. The reason for being left without offspring is as simple as possible - banal selfishness. Diaz boldly declares that she is not ready to sacrifice her measured way of life for the sake of the unborn child, because, according to her, children radically change the life of every person. In addition, the actress is convinced that many women in the modern world share her point of view, but are afraid to abandon children due to social pressure. Thus, Cameron can become a kind of leader for such women.

Mylene Farmer

The next representative of the group of childless celebrities is a French singer named Mylene Farmer. At 57 years old, a woman has not given life to a single child, despite the constant scandals with one of her ex-boyfriends about this.

Mylene Farmer

However, the reason for this is more serious compared to Cameron Diaz. The thing is that Milen, while studying at school, was forcedregularly visit the local hospital where she cared for autistic children. As a child, she realized that disabled children are a serious grief for the family, and no one is immune from this. According to her, it was these childhood experiences that made her decide not to give birth to her own children, so as not to expose herself to such a risk.

Nevertheless, Mylene Farmer is not devoid of maternal instincts, which is reflected in the care of two little monkeys.

Kim Cattrall

The performer of one of the main roles in the world-famous series "Sex and the City" has a fairly large list of ex-husbands and boyfriends. The actress was only officially married three times, not to mention civil relations. Despite the fact that her chosen ones were very influential men, none of them managed to convince the woman to give birth to a child. As a result, Kim Cattrall remains a childless celebrity in her 60s.

Kim Cattrall

According to Kim herself, she enjoys her current status as a single woman, because the family, according to her, would take her a lot of effort and time, which she simply does not have because of the frantic pace of her life. In addition, no man would agree to see his wife and mother of his child only in a sleeping state.

Faina Ranevskaya

The trend towards a childless life in domestic open spaces was observed in the last century. So, Faina Ranevskaya is one of the most popular childless celebrities in Russia and the USSR. Despite the success and popularity inin the field of cinema and theater, the Soviet actress was forced to live her whole life alone.

Faina Ranevskaya

The main reason for such a life, Ranevskaya called her own appearance, as well as the fact that she did not have mutual feelings for men who showed signs of attention to her. As a result, everything turned out so that for 87 years of her life, Faina Georgievna never got married, not to mention pregnancy, and she transferred all her care to a yard dog named Boy.

Known for her witty expressions, Faina Ranevskaya did not leave her own life situation without a red word. So, to the frequent question about when she will finally find her other half, the actress boldly answered: "And I was originally whole."

Svetlana Khodchenkova

In today's show business is also not complete without childless celebrities, and Svetlana is one of the most striking examples. Despite the fact that rumors about her pregnancy periodically flare up in the press, the actress has not yet managed to get pregnant.

Svetlana Hodchenkova

However, unlike the above examples, it cannot be said that this childless Russian celebrity voluntarily abandoned her own offspring. According to the actress herself, she is already ready to start a family and become a mother, just so far she has not met a suitable partner for this.

At the same time, Svetlana is completely sure that the child in no way means the end of her film career, because in this matter one can easily find a compromise by resorting tobabysitting or by reducing the amount of time spent at work. Therefore, it can be assumed that the pregnancy of this childless Russian celebrity is just a matter of time.

Quentin Tarantino

Despite the fact that in all the previous examples only girls and women were mentioned, this does not mean at all that the issue of childlessness does not concern the stronger sex. Although this is a rare case, childless male celebrities are also found in the vastness of foreign show business.

Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is one of the brightest representatives of this caste. According to the director himself, he voluntarily gave up family life and having children in order to devote himself entirely to creativity. It is for this freedom of choice that the Hollywood star praises the 21st century. Separately, it is worth noting that Tarantino does not experience any problems about his decision. Moreover, he even jokes about this topic, calling his films his own children.

Extended list of celebrities without children

It is quite obvious that not all celebrities who, for one reason or another, live their lives without children, were presented above. These childless showbiz stars also include:

  • Oprah Winfrey;
  • Dita Von Teese;
  • Kylie Minogue;
  • Russian singer Elka;
  • Ravshana Kurkova;
  • Lena Volatile;
  • Liya Akhedzhakova;
  • Lyudmila Zykina;
  • Natalya Rudova.

This list can be continued for a long time, because the questionchildless life has affected many celebrities. Moreover, the case when a star couple breaks up due to the absence of children is quite common. Naturally, this phenomenon is more popular for domestic show business. For example, a childless life led to the collapse of such unions as Irina and Sergey Bezrukov, Irina Leonova and Igor Petrenko, Liya Akhedzhakova and Valery Nosik and many others.

Below is a photo of a childless Russian celebrity couple.

Irina and Sergey Bezrukov

Final information

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that the childless life of celebrities is a fairly popular trend in our time. If for some this is a serious problem and the most important disappointment in life, then for others the absence of children is a voluntary choice that frees oneself from possible problems and troubles. On the other hand, some celebrities may refuse to have children because they are afraid to take responsibility for someone else's life. Either way, only time will tell if they're doing the right thing or not.

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