Lessons of tantric love. Tantric love is

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Lessons of tantric love. Tantric love is
Lessons of tantric love. Tantric love is

The famous medium, Ma Ananda Sarita, has written a book called Tantric Love. The article is based on her work. The woman studied and practiced with Master Osho in India. She then traveled the world with her tantric partner for many years and taught workshops.

Tantric love story

People's interest in tantra appeared, faded and revived again. Today it is treated ambiguously. But before judging, it is worth understanding not superficially, but in detail what tantric love is. After all, reviews are left by people who delve into the essence of the technique in different ways. Someone only heard about it from others and forms an opinion based on other people's impressions, while someone was interested and studied it personally.

tantric love

Tantra was first mentioned in the teachings of Shiva five thousand years ago in India. Some of the meditations that led to the state of superconsciousness included sex, which led to the liberation of the spirit. To this day, Shiva is worshiped in India.

In ancient times, schools of tantra taught to communicate withbeloved young people. Along with practices open to all, there were also closed forms of them, transmitted directly from teachers to students.

Tantra is not a religion. It consists of various currents, the main of which use meditations on death and sex. On the basis of these main ones, other additional ones appeared, colored by the cultures of the peoples where they were practiced.

Different currents

Some techniques accept both love and sex. Others reject emotional attachment and accept sex as a way to raise their consciousness. The former are more characteristic of female perception, where the body is known as a microcosm: feeling and realizing what is happening, the student contemplates the Universe.

The second currents are more male-oriented. Here it is believed that opening up to love, it is easy to get bogged down in an emotional "swamp" and lose transcendental perception.

tantric love lessons

In Tibet, tantra developed under the influence of the shamanic religion, so it is associated with death. Masters conduct meditations in cemeteries, representing a partner in the form of a skeleton. It is believed that this method helps to get out of the physical dimension.

But in China, tantra, on the contrary, is associated with life - he alth and longevity. It is even recommended here to practice certain postures to stimulate the Qi energy and harmoniously merge the masculine and feminine.

All approaches must be distinguished, otherwise there is confusion. Then it is quite difficult to understand the concept of tantra. Usually training is carried outsecretly, since an uninitiated person can easily pervert its essence.

Tantra is…

The word comes from Sanskrit and is interpreted in many ways. In a broad sense, it can be translated as "a way to go beyond." Tantra is also understood as the "path", "method", "transformation", "transformation from poison into nectar".

Tantric love offers a variety of meditations, each referring to a specific part of the body and soul. Sometimes people who observe high states in an enlightened person think that if they behave in the same way, they will feel the same way. But this is a misleading opinion. Each person or couple must find their own way. Even if the same methods are used for everyone, opportunities will open differently.

With the courage to open up sensitivity and keep moving in that direction, one gradually comes to superconsciousness, gaining more vitality, intelligence and activity.

Sarita suggests tantric love as a natural path to the liberation of the spirit, developed through meditation and awareness expansion.

Meditations and chakras

Through tantra opens the way to he alth, whole perception of reality. Love, supplemented by meditation, makes human relationships spiritual and divine.

Lessons of tantric love can be received both individually and in pairs. Any negative emotion such as anger or fear, passion and love can be used in meditation. All experiences will be turned into divine perceptionthrough awareness. This is the path to an infinite number of dimensions and the disclosure of your universe.

Meditations help eliminate stress, get rid of greed, fear and other negative emotions that poison life. In return, practitioners receive love, increased vitality, compassion awareness, increased sensitivity, and more.

tantric love is

At the same time, they treat their body like a temple. Therefore, meditations begin after taking a shower, in clean clothes and eliminating various distractions.

In the East, the doctrine of chakras is accepted. These are energy centers located in certain areas of the body and associated with its physical organs. They are revealed through the streams of cosmic energy and spread to nine human energy bodies, as well as the soul.

Opening the chakras in ourselves, we know ourselves. Along with their comprehension, perception also changes. The lessons of tantric love from the very beginning are best done without setting specific goals. After all, no one knows what will be the path of each person individually. It depends on his life experience, accumulated problems and karma.

There are seven main chakras on the human body, these are:

  • muladhara;
  • svadhisthana;
  • manipura;
  • anahata;
  • vishuddha;
  • ajna;
  • sahasrara.

Each of them has its own vibrations and has an energy body. All chakras are important to reach your full potential. It is proposed to study them in oneself, starting from the first (muladhara) and reaching the crown (sahasrara).

Kundalini is the life force of man. Its unmanifested form is a snake coiled into a ball at the base of the spine. Rising along the spine and opening each chakra, it gives wisdom and reveals new possibilities for a person. Tantric love helps to feel it.

With the creation of a channel from the sexual center to the parietal region, spiritual rebirth begins, and the seeker proceeds to the next stage - the descent of spiritual light. Neither special techniques nor the possibilities of the mind will help at this stage. Only the spiritual level of a person, worked out life situations and correctly perceived lessons will create the conditions for the onset of this stage.

The whole person is symbolized by a snake that bites its own tail, thus forming a circle, a goal, a source. Everything in the body is interconnected. For the treatment of the head, they deal with the genital area, for the treatment of the groin - with the head. The seventh chakra will open after all the others, when their possibilities are known in all their splendor.

Let's look at each of them and the meditations that tantric love offers in practice.


The chakra is located in the sex center, has a red color, the sound "U" and a musky smell. In its vibration, the very seed of life is revealed. If a person moves according to his destiny, trusts the path of life, he feels joyful and even enthusiastic. But fear, that is, stagnation of vital energy, here is also capable of turning into anger, external or internal fury. In the latter case, diseases develop, and inthe first - envy, hatred, jealousy, which even make a person cruel.

Most of the diseases of a physical and psychological nature are associated precisely with stagnation or improper functioning of the Muladhara. Tantric love can heal this. Meditations can be practiced alone or in pairs.

tantric love ma ananda sarita

One of them is called "Pillow Beating", where they hit the pillow for several minutes, splashing out their energy with anger, and then relax and observe their thoughts, emotions and current energies.

Another meditation is "Energy Flow Awakening" where one feels the energy flowing from the feet and rising up the chakras. Music can help here. Moreover, some melodies, calm and subtle, are included at first, more rhythmic - then. At the end, it is better to turn off the music completely.

At the same time, tantric love teaches to treat the reproductive organs more respectfully and reverently. Ma Ananda Sarita tells how to discover this feeling in yourself, take care of the body and feel being more subtle.


The second chakra is located under the navel. She is orange in color, smells like myrrh, her sound is "Oh". Harmoniously developing svadhisthana gives rise to joy, trust and carefree laughter. If a person has problems with this chakra, his emotions quickly turn into anger, hysteria, tears … But on the other hand, due to ignorance and a desire to isolate himself from everyone, he can generally forbid himself to feel all emotions. Swadhisthana opens doors to the non-physical.A person who meditates correctly soon becomes balanced, wise and calm.

It is known that every seven years there is a cyclical rebirth. It begins in this chakra.

Man here tantric love is revealed step by step through the meditations "Radiate love", "Meditation of caress" and "Kajuraho". With subtle vibrations and warmth, life will feel differently and its new meanings will appear.

Beloved will be able to rise to a level of intimacy never seen before. This is especially true for men who seek to isolate themselves from emotional experiences.

However, men and women alike crave deep intimacy. And despite the fact that this can be very difficult to achieve (some even say that men and women seem to be born on different planets), tantric love can tell you how partners should behave.

At this stage, the walls of the ego are comprehended, which seek to protect a person from unnecessary experiences. However, the seeker gradually comes to understand that these are actually only obstacles that prevent you from truly feeling yourself and your partner.

tantric love in practice


The next chakra is located between the center of the chest and the navel. It is yellow in color, has the smell of ambergris and the sound "Ma". This is where rebirth takes place. With problems with manipura, a person is constantly torn apart by contradictions. Power comes from a slave state and an inferiority complex. During normal operation, allopposites are comprehended harmoniously, without destroying individuality. All conventions are removed here, and the doors dissolve to open wisdom. There are great mental abilities. Different energies are balanced, and the person begins to radiate light.

All meditations are aimed at merging opposites, turning on your observer ("Observation of the Observer") and preparing for the perception of the next level - the Heart.


It is in this center that understanding resides. A wise woman has a spring hidden inside that quenches her thirst for finding a man who aspires to tantric initiation. He should yield to the feminine heart.

There is an energy connection between the heart and the feet. Therefore, in addition to meditation, the opening of this chakra is facilitated by tantric massage, the dance of love. By loving your feet and taking care of them, a person will begin to feel a reflection in the heart. In this way, the divine better penetrates into him, harmonizing opposites.

In this practice, all personal masks fall off the partners, and the lovers appear to each other as they are, then discovering the god and goddess in themselves.

Anahata is green or pink, its sound is "Ah". The keys to love in all forms are found here.

Chakra harmonization meditation is practiced, during which partners visualize or massage, through which tantric love is expressed. This concept is also comprehended through breathing. The heart chakra expands, increases, capturing not only the whole person, but the wholeplanet, and then Space.

Experience that is gained and new sensations are transferred to everyday life.


The fifth chakra is located in the throat. She awakens consciousness. Through vishuddha, creative abilities are revealed. The chakra is considered masculine, embodying the paternal principle. The color is blue, the smell of incense, and the sound "Aye". Science and art develop precisely due to the correct work of vishuddhi. Revealing it, a person receives great abilities for self-realization.

Here a woman becomes a woman and a man becomes a man. Women in our time are accustomed to compete with men, repeating their behavior. But, becoming like men, they lose their femininity, attractiveness and natural purpose.

On the other hand, men become passive. They usually direct their natural active qualities to the rational part and the development of the intellect. Everything else is rejected. In trying to control the outside, men ignore the inside. But that's where the real power lies. Unable to seek and find where it lies, they try to forcefully achieve power, social position, and dominate the family. However, balance will come only when the inner strength is comprehended, which becomes possible through awareness and acceptance of sensitivity and receptivity in oneself. Only a wise woman can help in this.

Meditations on this chakra help to overcome desires, receiving deep wisdom and revelations. Osho's tantric love teaches you to manage energies and achieve such states for which yogis go fromworldly life. But here meditation does not require such immersion. Partners help each other, thereby enhancing the effect of the directed energies.

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Starting from the sixth chakra, the path of the seeker is simplified. Now the sprouts grown up to this time are blooming into beautiful flowers of awareness. Ajna is also ready to blossom. Another chakra is called the "third eye". It is blue in color, smells like jasmine, and has a "Her" sound. The body of this energy center is not affected by prejudices. It is clear, all-seeing, detached. By revealing the ajna in himself, a person becomes a mystic.

Meditation on feelings is common here. Tastes, smells, sounds - all this can be perceived with the heart, discovering new sensations in yourself.

Through ajna, tantric love at a distance is possible. Lovers can communicate, for example in a dream, and control actions there as if in reality.

The state of sleep without dreams is also achieved, when there is a complete restoration of strength. Opening the "third eye" you need to be prepared for a variety of manifestations. For example, there may be visions of past lives, fantastic dreams, a feeling of infinity, and much more. It is best to do meditation gradually and intermittently in order to maintain a balanced state as much as possible and move into a new state without much shock.

The most common during this period is "Breathing into the chakras", which is done alone or together.


After such a long journey, a person becomes able to move aroundenergy centers freely. The physical form becomes spiritualized, a creative impulse is acquired. Prana fills the body with the will to live life to the fullest.

Each of the chakras has its own frequency. Tantric love (photo, image of the chakras, see below) facilitates the path of their comprehension. The ability to create a flow is acquired, to choose the frequency necessary for communication and communication and to be released to achieve white color.

tantric love reviews

In the seventh chakra, lovers create a spiritual union. If until that time they considered each other as very close, but still separate people, then by the joint opening of the sahasrara they become one, reaching unity.

The seventh chakra is sometimes compared to a thousand-petalled lotus, which can blossom only through rooting in other chakras. Sahasrara has a purple or white color, smells like a lotus, sounds like "Ham". The enlightened consciousness now lives and breathes through the physical body.

Spiritual beloveds continue their meditations here too. They feel and see love both in themselves and everywhere around them. These meditations cannot be comprehended by ignoring all the previous steps. They will simply be incomprehensible and inaccessible due to their state. But having managed to go through such a rich path, the beloved find and unlock the keys to all the doors they were looking for.

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