Council on Foreign and Defense Policy: principles and forms of activity

Council on Foreign and Defense Policy: principles and forms of activity
Council on Foreign and Defense Policy: principles and forms of activity

The vast social system of Russia includes various organizations. Among them, a special place is occupied by the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy. This structure is sometimes mentioned in the media. But more often her activities are unknown to a wide range of viewers and readers. However, its importance should not be denied. What does the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy of the Russian Federation do? Let's figure it out together.

council on foreign and defense policy


The Foreign and Defense Policy Council was established in 1992. This is a public organization. A number of politicians, entrepreneurs, public figures gathered and decided that the country needed their experience. It should be recalled that this was a time of complete restructuring of the state. The USSR has just collapsed. In Russia, they decided to build democracy. And how to do it? On what principles to organize a new society? Few understood this at the time. We decided to get involved in the work together, using our previously accumulated experience, connecting existing connections. The last circumstance at that time was the most important. The people gathered are not simple: politicians, scientists, big businessmen. Everyone hadpartners and friends abroad. Contacts with them revealed to the members of the council something that was not talked about in the USSR in the public field. It was not secret knowledge, but rather a common practice of democratic construction, new to the country. It is important that the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy was initially aimed at finding the place of the Russian Federation in the modern world. And this was a very serious task, which, by the way, has not been fully resolved even now.

Council for Foreign and Defense Policy of the Russian Federation

State security strategy (briefly)

To understand what the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy of Russia does, it is necessary to understand how and from whom the country defends itself. Each serious state has its own security strategy. The document lists threats and ways to neutralize them. These include:

  • external;
  • domestic;
  • cross-border.

Let's not delve into the decoding of threats. There are many of them. For example, the buildup of military groups near the borders, political instability among neighbors, economic risks, the existence of illegal formations, and others. Each of the existing threats must be neutralized "on the distant approaches" so that it does not undermine the foundations of the state. And this is a serious task that the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy is helping to solve. This organization is engaged in analyzing the situation in the world, identifying threats and analyzing them.

council on foreign and defense policy of russia

SWOP Tasks

The Council on Foreign and Defense Policy has set certain goals for itself. This isnon-governmental organization. Consequently, it has no direct influence on the policy of the state. The organizers saw their tasks in helping to develop a concept for the development of the Russian Federation. Namely, the goals were formulated as follows:

  • setting strategic objectives, including in foreign and defense policy;
  • development of civil society;
  • establishment of statehood.

Thus, the organization takes part in understanding the processes in the country, formulating the meaning of existence. SWOP attracts a large number of specialists for its detail. Modern threats require an integrated scientific approach. There are many forces in the world seeking to undermine the foundations of the state. They need to be identified and figured out how to counter them.

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Foreign and Defense Policy Council: Composition

Over the years of activity, the SWOP has gathered many highly qualified specialists into its ranks. It is headed by international journalist F.A. Lukyanov. The Council includes State Duma deputies, politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, and public figures. Everyone brings to work their own experience, knowledge in a certain area. To demonstrate the level of activity, we point out that among the members of the presidium are A. Pushkov, V. Nikonov - deputies of the State Duma. V. Tretyakov, I. Yurgens - professors. A. Bugorov, V. Velichko - business representatives. The Council is a public organization. It brings together a huge number of people who are not indifferent to the fate of the Motherland. Its presidium consists ofeighteen people, and the total number is constantly replenished by experts. The organization is not static. It sets itself ever new, more complex tasks, which leads to the growth of its members. We have to attract more and more experts specializing in one area or another.

council on foreign and defense policy composition

Work Forms

Problem analysis is ongoing. The SWOP holds informal meetings where special issues are discussed. The work of the council involves the general public. Conferences and seminars are regularly organized with the participation of representatives of science and narrow specialists. As a rule, representatives of public associations and political parties are invited to the events. One of the priority areas of the SVOP was proclaimed information and educational work. The organization was created to help the development of civil society. And this requires constant work with the population. The SVOP does not take an active part in the political struggle. He actively interacts with government agencies and institutions. In addition, the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy is an organization that develops recommendations for the country's leadership. She conducts research, engages in lobbying activities.


A fairly subtle issue is now considered the problem of money. It is clear that the activities of such a structure cannot be free. It is necessary to maintain a management and apparatus, order research, pay for the work of involved specialists. As written in the SWOP documents,it is funded by sponsorship, donations, grants.

council on foreign and defense policy

Organization of work

It should be noted that the activities of the SWAP are multifaceted and complex. Specialists develop certain areas, conduct research, and summarize. In order to develop recommendations, the Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy meets regularly. This is an event where groups share the results of their work. Prepares his apparatus SWOP. A rough plan can be represented as follows:

  • problem definition;
  • selection of specialists;
  • setting goals;
  • analysis and decision making;
  • general meeting (assembly);
  • making recommendations.

That is, a question of any complexity is divided into parts. Each one has a specific group of specialists. Some explore theoretical aspects, others look at practical solutions, others study public opinion, and so on. Then the results of the work are divided among themselves. Based on the results, recommendations are prepared. This is an approximate scheme of activities. In practice, everything is much more complicated. It should be borne in mind that the SWOP explores only global problems that have many aspects of different levels of complexity. They should be considered from all sides in order to avoid mistakes.

Assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy

Why such an organization is needed

Let's philosophize. You agree that the society of the Russian Federation is complicated. Peopleare divided into groups according to we alth, interests, political preferences, and so on. The task of the state is to create a single civil society out of them. This does not mean bringing all people to a common denominator. Rather, it is about finding solutions where citizens feel protected and free. That's what expert advice like this one is for. They help the state to constantly work with the public, study people's opinions, and form certain positions among citizens. You can not divide the inhabitants of the country into friends and foes. Everyone should feel needed, important, understood, protected. And this requires a gigantic job, part of which was undertaken by the SWAP.


A completely natural economic crisis leads to the fact that society is looking for someone to blame. Today, the “liberals” have received such an honor. And there are a lot of them in the SWOP. There is a risk of hearing criticism of this organization related to the liberality of its positions and principles. However, this, if you think about it, is irrational. The public organization is not involved in politics. It develops and provides the authorities with an expert assessment of the problem. And this is useful for the state and society. Agree?

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