Traditions and culture of Canada

Traditions and culture of Canada
Traditions and culture of Canada

Canada's culture is unique and distinctive. It attracts many guests from different parts of the world. After all, this is a combination of different cultures, traditions of many peoples who immigrated here in different years.

Canada multiculturalism

canadian culture

Canada's culture is truly diverse. It is so many-sided that some researchers sometimes come to a standstill when they try to give it an unambiguous definition. The reasons for this lie in the history of the country. After all, the current population of Canada was formed from immigrants who have been coming here for centuries from different parts of the world. They brought with them cultural characteristics, traditions and customs inherent in their people.

In Canada, they are intertwined, forming a kind of multicultural society, constantly influencing each other. Therefore, if you want to highlight some single, common feature of this country, then it will be synthetic.

Canadian etiquette

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It's best to start getting to know Canadian culture with etiquette. After all, it is the well-established rules of human behavior that form his relationships in society, regulate life and the systematic course of life. Communication in Canada is characterized by a few things that you need to be aware of if you decide to visit thiscountry or are seriously interested in its features and traditions.

When meeting with a friend in the culture of Canada, the same greeting is accepted as in Russia. This is a handshake. Shake hands strongly and confidently. At the same time, eye contact with the interlocutor is encouraged.

If you were invited to visit

features of the culture of Canada

If you came to visit, it is customary to leave shoes at the entrance to the house. Canadians, like us, are sure to take off their shoes indoors. If you have received an invitation to dinner, then it is not customary to come empty-handed. It is best to bring a bouquet of flowers, chocolates and a good bottle of wine. In this case, you will be impressed as a cultured and well-mannered person.

One of the features of the culture of Canada is associated with personal space when communicating. It is not customary to break it. In this country, tactile contacts are not welcome during a conversation - a familiar pat on the shoulder can be perceived as inappropriate familiarity or even unceremonious behavior.

You should use titles or the person's full name when communicating. It is customary to communicate by name only in the circle of family and close friends. For example, if you were invited to dinner, it means that you are accepted into a close circle of friends. That is, you can address the owners of the house by name.

Canadian holidays

Studying the culture of Canada briefly, be sure to pay attention to national holidays and festivals. There are a lot of them here. Annual festivals for every taste are arranged for a variety ofstrata of the population. There are many theatrical and musical events that attract a huge number of guests. A big place in the life of Canadians is occupied by sporting events, attending matches of their favorite teams.

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The comedy festival in Canada is extremely popular. The country's culture welcomes an ironic attitude to life, so the Laughter Festival annually gathers thousands of guests in Montreal. According to recent estimates, up to two million people come to it, not only from Canada, but also from other countries. In addition, Montreal is rightfully called the capital of Canadian entertainment. They mostly take place in the summer months, when the weather is conducive to a long stay on the street. Large festivals for every taste are organized here almost every week.

Winter festivals

Canadian language and culture

But do not assume that life in this country freezes in the winter months. In the national culture of Canada, there are enough holidays even at a time when the temperature is below zero. For example, in Vancouver, on the eve of Christmas, there is a festival of lights. Every December, this city is adorned with thousands of lights and garlands, giving everyone a sense of the upcoming holiday, magic and romance.

Winterlude festival takes place in Ottawa in winter. Its name is derived from the English words "winter" and "interlude". This holiday is filled with various amazing activities. For example, dog sled races that take place on the main city street. It is worth noting that in Canada this type of entertainmentturned into a real sport. For racing, riding huskies are used. These dogs are very intelligent and adapt well to the cold. Also, every year this festival attracts masters of snow and ice sculptures. A prestigious international competition is held between them.

Cowboys and balloons

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In Canada, culture and traditions connect the customs of different peoples. Therefore, various festivals are held here. Some of them have centuries of history. For example, a cowboy festival has been held in Calgary since 1912. On it, shepherds compete in races on wild mustangs, domestic horses and even bulls. Moreover, competitions are held both with a saddle and without this attribute of horse harness. Spectators appreciate how professional they are in lassoing, milking cows and chasing wagons.

Canada is home to one of the world's largest balloon festivals. This is one of the brightest holidays held in this country. In September, it is held in Quebec. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the holidays listed in this article are only a small part of the splendor that is organized annually in this country. When talking about Canadian holidays, one must definitely remember the festivals of grapes, tulips, maple syrup, which is considered one of the symbols of the country, and even watermelons, which are grown here, despite the fact that Canada is considered a predominantly northern country. There are also many music festivals here. Fans of all kinds of music get the opportunity to listen to their favorite music.directions.

Symbols of Canada

The language and culture of Canada play a big role in shaping the national identity. There are many symbols in the country that can say a lot about its values. The three most famous of them are maple, beaver and horse. All of them illustrate how big a role nature plays in the life of the inhabitants of this country. She is truly majestic in these parts. Each of these symbols has its own history. Behind each is an important social idea.

Maple is the world famous symbol of this country. Everyone knows that Canadians love to eat pancakes or pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast. Its preparation is similar to the production of honey in Russia. It is in this country that three-quarters of all maple syrup in the world is produced. The maple leaf is even featured on the flag of Canada. It has 11 pointed teeth, although in reality this leaf shape does not exist in nature. It is 11 teeth that are depicted, since so many species of maple grow in Canada.

Another symbol of this North American country is the horse. She came to Canada along with the first settlers and actively explored the country, which was mostly uninhabited at that time. Thanks to the Europeans, the horse began to play an important role in the life of the indigenous Indian tribes, who began to use it in agriculture and transportation of goods. The horse blended very organically into this diverse world.

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The beaver in Canada is a key symbol of respect for the environment. The fact is that this animal is foundexclusively in clean water. Canadians carefully protect beavers, taking care of preserving nature in its original form.

Canadian food

Canadian cuisine is varied. It is based on crafts and agricultural industries that have been cultivated in this territory for years. These are fishing, reindeer breeding and hunting.

The taste preferences of Canadians and the peculiarities of national cuisine were formed from them. It can be called subarctic or polar. The British had a great influence on culinary traditions. The only exception is the province of Quebec, which was settled mainly by French settlers, so dishes from this European country are prepared here.

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