Willow Shields is an American actress

Willow Shields is an American actress
Willow Shields is an American actress

Willow Shields is from the category of those actresses about whom it is customary to say that they woke up famous. Despite her young age, the girl can already boast that she starred in one of the most popular fantasy franchises and continues to star in popular projects known not only in America, but throughout the world.

Early years

Willow was born in 2000 in Albuquerque. This is a relatively small town where it was difficult to succeed, because the most popular industries in the state of New Mexico are agriculture and various small business industries. Willow has a twin sister, Outem, so she was never bored as a child. The girls also spent a lot of time with their older brother River and their parents Carrie and Rob.

Willow Shields

The family often talked about art, so Willow grew up thinking about creativity, but for a long time the girl did not know what industry she should go into in order to realize her full potential. Willow Shields' father is still an art teacher, and histhe daughter also began to get involved in this, but, in turn, took a different path. She chose not art history, but acting, which surprised her parents, but they supported their daughter in every possible way, accompanied her to auditions and sent out photos of the girl.

Willow Shields' debut on the big screen was when the girl was only nine years old in the melodrama "In the Simplest", where she played the episodic character Lisa Rogan. After that, the girl could not imagine her life without an acting career.

Willow Shields

Career start

After an episodic role in the melodrama, Willow Shields starred in a couple more projects, but no large-scale offers were received for her. She starred in a couple more episodic roles, but then decided to try herself on the big screen. At that time, the dystopian genre began to gain momentum in Hollywood, and getting into one of the franchises was very prestigious. Willow went to the casting for a new project. And got the coveted role.

Together with his sister, Willow's older brother, River, began to try his hand at cinema. He has appeared in a couple of short films and feature films.

The Hunger Games

Several years ago, the whole world was sick with teenage dystopias. It was this genre that became popular and rapidly developed in Hollywood. And Willow knew it. Therefore, I decided to try my hand at casting for one new franchise that promised to become popular.

Often a girl is asked if she starred in the popular Twilight saga, but Willow Shields never starred in Twilight. Willow starred inpopular franchise "The Hunger Games", where she played the sister of the main character - Primrose Everdeen. It was this role that gave a big impetus to the girl's career.

Willow Shields

When Willow was cast, she couldn't believe her luck. She had to take part in four films and act with popular actors. Long filming, numerous press tours and world fame - all this made Willow a popular actress, which famous directors began to pay attention to. Many film critics noted her amazing game, and how much the young actress got used to the image. Thanks to this, Shields has become one of the most promising young American actresses.

Willow Shields Movies

Despite the fact that half of the films in Willow's filmography are the Hunger Games series, the American actress managed to make her mark in other equally interesting projects. At eighteen, the girl has nine projects under her belt. The actress can be seen in the TV series "In a Simple Form", as well as in the films "Beauty", "Behind the School Board" and "The Fall". In the film "The Fall", the young actress was accompanied by popular director David Lynch, which is certainly a great honor for Willow.

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