Beautiful and mystical moonstones

Beautiful and mystical moonstones
Beautiful and mystical moonstones

Moonstones are a type of feldspar. They are colorless, gray, green, pink, brown or yellow. They are even transparent, up to translucence. Their highest quality representatives are those that boast a small amount of internal turbidity and cracks. Even better if they have a bluish tint. One of the distinguishing characteristics of such stones is the so-called adularescence effect. It consists in an unusual play of color, which is the result of the germination of two adjacent feldspars, characterized by different refraction.

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Answering the question of where to get the moonstone, first of all, you should indicate the places of its extraction. The deposits where the highest quality of its representatives are mined are located in South India and Sri Lanka. In our country, there is such a variety as oligoclase. In its best specimens, the ebb in the stone is visible both deep inside and on the surface. On the other hand, almost all of them are opaque. Domestic moon rocks arepink, green, gray, brown or colorless. Most often they can be found as part of various products - beads, cameos or other jewelry.

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Magical Properties

Since ancient times, people have associated these stones with something mystical. There was an opinion that they are solar antagonists and concentrate positive lunar energy in themselves. The ancient Romans generally assumed that moonstones were formed under the influence of the light of the moon. In the USA, these feldspars are valued as highly as alexandrite with pearls. According to European beliefs, they denote we alth, longevity and good he alth, while in India it is believed that such stones bring hope. In Britain, they believe that some of their copies give their owners the power of persuasion and a high level of oratory. It is believed that natural moonstone helps to strengthen a person's memory and teaches him to overcome life's troubles and difficulties. On the other hand, for overly dreamy, capricious and self-contained people, this spar is dangerous, because it exacerbates these negative character traits. Many traditional healers advise wearing such stones in silver, especially for those who are intolerant of the opinions of others. This makes a person more careful in his expressions and words, as well as prudent in his deeds.

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At all times, moonstones were highly valued as exquisite gifts for loved ones, as they contributed to the fact that tender feelings awakened in people. ByAccording to the inhabitants of India, if this kind of feldspar is stored in a dark place, the mineral releases healing moisture, which helps to cure even such terrible diseases as fever and black melancholy. Moreover, these stones are an excellent remedy for the prevention of apathy, kidney diseases, infections, nervous attacks, jaundice and many others.

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