Equestrian national park "Rus", Moscow region: review, description, directions and reviews

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Equestrian national park "Rus", Moscow region: review, description, directions and reviews
Equestrian national park "Rus", Moscow region: review, description, directions and reviews

Between the villages of Orlovo, Bogdanikha and Volodarskoye Highway there is a huge equestrian national park "Rus". On the territory there is a horse rental, a boat station, a zoo, a circus and even a rope park. Numerous arenas and stables for horses gather visitors from literally all over the country. Public events are held in the central square, and in winter the park is filled with a skating rink.

Here is the sports complex "Levadia", where dressage competitions are often held. A chapel has already been built and a hippodrome is planned. At the site of the temple, stones were laid for the monument to the Russian cavalry, as well as the memorial to Fevronia and Peter.

Equestrian National Park Rus
Equestrian National Park Rus

Sports and horses for families

KSK "Levadia" and the National Equestrian Park "Rus" give children the opportunity to communicate with ponies, horses and other animals, become a rider, have fun in the rope park. For adults, there is a boat station, you can go fishing, go to the shooting range and engage in outdoor activities. The horse park is permanentoperating venue for entertainment and sporting events.

Festivals and theme parties are held here quite often. You can buy handicrafts at the fairs. There are excellent conditions for entertainment and recreation for the whole family, business conferences, and sporting events. Adults and children will definitely find something to their liking.

The main feature of this place

Equestrian national park "Rus", opened in the Leninsky district, is developing quite successfully. Experienced riders improve their skills here, and novice riders can take the first steps in the difficult task of mastering riding skills. Equestrianism and horses are a unique feature of this park. For children, there is a pony club and a youth school. Equestrian competitions of various kinds are held here every week on weekends.

KSK levadiya and national equestrian park rus
KSK levadiya and national equestrian park rus

Main idea

In the Village of Masters, visitors can get acquainted with Russian traditional crafts. Part of the Park is located on the territory historically associated with breeding horse breeding, once there were stables that belonged to Count A. G. Orlov. Many magnificent tribal horses were bred here. The main idea of the park is the revival of the great traditions of Russian horse breeding, the development of professional and amateur sports. It is equipped with an indoor arena, which hosts international dressage and show jumping competitions. Equestrian National Park "Rus" gives everyone the opportunityhorse owner to rent a stall.

The current veterinary center is equipped with modern equipment. There are two Orthodox shrines here. The Rus Horse Park often hosts themed festivals, flash mobs and concerts.

National Equestrian Park Rus address
National Equestrian Park Rus address

Former stables of Count Orlov

Each guest will be welcomed with open arms by the National Equestrian Park "Rus". It is not difficult to find out the address in the village of Orlovo from the well-known residents. The park was created on the initiative of Andrzej Malczewski. The village of Orlovo was not chosen by chance. KSK "Levadia" has been successfully working here for more than one year. This is one of the best complexes in Russia. In the 18th century, the notorious Orlov stables were located here.

Circus and rides

There is something to see in the park, although its construction is still not finished. Paved tiled neat paths, you can walk and admire the local attractions.

Everything that is now the Equestrian National Park "Rus" was built over the past few years. The project was financed only by private funds. The management structures of the Moscow Region supported this initiative and are actively cooperating with patrons.

The circus is due to be moved to a permanent building soon. According to the plans, the height of the dome will be thirty meters. This will be one of the first stationary circuses in the Moscow region. There is a place for attractions. In the very near future, it is planned to move them to a closed pavilion.

national equestrian park rus how to get there
national equestrian park rus how to get there


The chapel of the patron saint of fishermen and hunters is one of the gems of the park. A beautiful three-story building 15 meters high rises above the local landscape. In the neighborhood there is a memorial to the Russian cavalry, as well as a monument to Fevronia and Peter. In the depths of the park, it is planned to install 21 horse sculptures.

A little about horses

In the stables of "Rus" now there are about two hundred horses out of four hundred possible. Local pets live very well. Each stable is equipped with modern technology. Ungulates can even take a shower and visit the solarium. Among the inhabitants of the park there are Hanoverian, Oldenburg, Ukrainian riding horses, horses of the famous heavy draft Vladimir breed, trakens, friezes ponies and falabellas.

Orlov trotters are the real pride of the local stables. Guests of the park ride in a sleigh in winter, and in a team in summer.

The Shire horse, christened the English draft horse, also makes an impression. This is a real rarity - the highest horses in the world. Such horses reach more than two meters at the withers.

National Equestrian Park "Rus". How to get there?

If you get there by car, you will have to drive along the Kashirskoye Highway for only 15 kilometers. You need to turn to Molokovo. Signs in the village of Orlovo will lead you where you need to go.

If you get by public transport, you need to take the minibus number 367, coming from the Domodedovo metro station. Bus number 29 from Vidnoye will take you to the Orlovo Village stop.

KSK "Levadia"works from 9:00 to 20:00. Entrance to the park "Rus" is possible until 22:00.

national equestrian park rus map
national equestrian park rus map


Visitors of the horse park leave a lot of positive feedback about this wonderful place. Free entry, rides, cafes, horseback riding and the zoo leave a lot of pleasant memories. For many, a whole day is not enough to see everything that the National Equestrian Park has to offer.


The most spacious place for entertainment and leisure is the Rus National Equestrian Park. The route is extremely simple. In the village of Orlovo, there are signs on the way to the park. To get where you need to, just follow the appropriate signs. Equestrian schools and clubs always work on the territory. There are also other opportunities for leisure activities in the park. A petting zoo, a circus, playgrounds, a pony club, a dinosaur park, a fishing spot, memorials and chapels combine opportunities for a pleasant pastime for children and adults. In the Village of Masters, everyone can conduct a master class in one form or another of the craft. Everyone can have a good time at the boat station, the ropes course or the beach.