Spacer bra - what is it and what are its benefits?

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Spacer bra - what is it and what are its benefits?
Spacer bra - what is it and what are its benefits?

The apparel industry has come a long way in terms of underwear development both in terms of style and technology. There was a time when a bra was just a bra. But those days are gone as there are now different types that address all sorts of issues, comfort levels and styles. This article will focus on such an item of lingerie as a spacer bra, what it is and what it is. Many women have already fallen in love with this innovative style.

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What is a spacer bra?

Spacer bra - what is it? It looks just like a regular bra, but you can only feel the difference when you put it on. The spacer is made from extremely light, airy and breathable fabric, making it perfect for hot days orwith a tendency to sweat. The spacer is an innovative 3D material that is used to create a bra with spacer cups and allows air to pass through the cups. It literally makes a woman feel like she's wearing no bra at all, while still retaining all the benefits that any other bra provides.

Benefits of a spacer cup bra

Light and airy

Due to the fact that the production of this bra uses high-quality fabrics that are light and airy, one of the most important advantages is that a woman literally does not feel it on herself. And now you do not have to wait for the evening to finally come and take off your bra, feeling relieved. The only reason a woman will be sure that she is wearing this item of clothing is because of the other benefits, which are described below. However, it is worth mentioning that the lightweight and breathable design of this innovative bra certainly reduces the sweat and discomfort that comes with wearing regular underwear.

Slim look and slight pull up

Often, using a light bra, it is impossible to get the underlined shape that a woman needs. But the same cannot be said for spacer bras, because, as mentioned, its light weight does not harm other advantages, including in various styles. Because even the tank top still has a molded cup that creates a perfectly rounded shape without any extra padding or fuzz.apa.

Great support and incredible comfort

Support is sometimes overlooked when designing lightweight bras. But spacer bras have completely changed that, because support is their forte. Again, without an abundance of padding, suspenders and push-ups. Comfort is also on the list of benefits of these bras.

Material spacer looks like

Spacer material production technology

Spacer bra - what is it and what material is used in its production? The liner is a three-dimensional fabric, essentially with two knitted fabrics independent of each other, which are connected and at the same time remain separated by a spacer thread. Spacer is a breathable, very soft, multi-faceted fabric used to make a wide range of products.

So the first layer is hydrophilic to release moisture, the second layer is hygroscopic to dissipate heat and release airflow. This unique 3D structure creates flexibility through airflow, lightweight fit and breathability with compression resistance and recovery.

Why is the spacer material becoming popular in the underwear industry?

White spacer bra

Most bras are made up of fabrics that do not allow breathability to provide elasticity and shape retention. Lightweight, breathable fabric bras generally do not provide goodsupport, so additional lining is used, as well as other components, but they lead to discomfort and sweating.

The spacer can solve these problems by providing the comfort of breathable fabric along with the desired support without any additional components. Using this fabric in a bra design creates a surface with less friction, irritation and discomfort.

All of these innovative benefits and elements of spacer bras ultimately provide the underwear-free feeling that many women dream of. So, to understand what it is - a spacer bra - you can only experience all its benefits.

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