Who owns the most beautiful face in the world?

Who owns the most beautiful face in the world?
Who owns the most beautiful face in the world?

The most beautiful face, what is it? And who decided that it was worthy of such a high title? The concepts of beauty are so subjective that there is hardly a consensus on this matter. For a young man in love, the face of his girlfriend will seem the most beautiful, for any mother - the look of her child.

The most beautiful face in the world comes from Russia

And yet, every year there are numerous competitions dedicated to female beauty. These spectacular spectacles and their results are widely covered in the media. Wearing the crown of Miss World, Miss Russia and the like is not only prestigious, but also quite profitable. In addition to a sparkling tiara, the winning girl receives an impressive cash prize and the opportunity to build a stunning career in show business.

The most beautiful face in the world

In October last year, 2016, the results of the next international competition Face of Beauty International were summed up in Mongolia. Among 60 participants from all over the world, our compatriot became the winner. The owner of the most beautiful face lives in Krasnoyarsk and works as a journalist inlocal TV company. The girl's name is Alena Raeva, and this is the fourth such project in her life.

Golden Ratio

The most beautiful face haunts not only representatives of show business, but also scientists. Many years ago, they came to the conclusion that the more symmetrical features, the more attractive a person seems to others.

Plastic surgeon Julian de Silva (London Plastic Surgery Center) and her colleagues tried to show the world the perfect face using computer mapping.

The most beautiful faces of people

The study was based on the rule of the golden section, the proportions of which are perfection. It was used by the ancient Greeks in the construction of their monumental structures, not to mention Leonardo da Vinci, for whom these mysterious numbers became just a stumbling block.

"Experimental" Dr. de Silva were the most famous women of our time. A special program evaluated the location of the lips, nose, chin, eyes, cheekbones and the correctness of the oval of the face by 12 points. Among the thousands of female faces, 10 were selected whose facial features are closest to the ideal. They became:

  • Amber Heard;
  • Kim Kardashian;
  • Kate Moss;
  • Emily Ratajkowski;
  • Kendall Jenner;
  • Helen Mirren;
  • Scarlett Johansson;
  • Selena Gomez;
  • Marilyn Monroe;
  • Jennifer Lawrence.

But even this was not enough for the researchers. They tried to combine the individual features of the above beauties and createabsolutely correct and perfect face.

The most beautiful face

Whether it worked or not - everyone decides for himself. Although, probably, most will agree that you can’t do better than Mother Nature.

The most beautiful faces of people: the opinion of critics

On New Year's Eve, TC Candler, a popular entertainment portal, unveiled the 100 most beautiful faces. The rating was compiled based on the opinions of famous critics.

Among men, the palm went to Michel Heisman, known to millions of viewers for his brilliant role as Dario Naharis in the television series Game of Thrones. The 35-year-old actor is originally from the Netherlands, but his popularity came from his work in American film projects.

The owner of the most beautiful face

According to experts, the most beautiful face among the fairer sex belongs to the British model Jordan Dunn.

Dating site: Russian men are ugly

The well-known Internet resource "Club of beautiful people" published data on the preferences of women registered on it. To join this community, you need not only fill out a detailed questionnaire, but also get approval from the ladies present in it.

For some reason, the female half of this dating site absolutely does not favor Russian men. They, in the company of the British and Poles, are considered the most unattractive for further relations.

The most attractive for club members are representatives of Brazil, Danes and Swedes. Looks like brutalityharsh descendants of the Vikings are more to the taste of modern beauties.

Each era has its own ideals

At different times, the concepts of beauty were somewhat different from modern ones. But there have always been people whose faces made their names famous and unforgettable. The most beautiful face and its owner remain in the memory of generations, books are written about them, their portraits adorn the best galleries in the world, their societies are looking for the powers that be.

Thus, Ancient Egypt cannot be imagined without Queen Nefertiti and Cleopatra, the Renaissance without the painting "The Birth of Venus" and its model Simonetta Vespucci, the 20th century fades without the unsurpassed Marilyn Monroe.

The most beautiful face in the world changes with it, but one thing remains unchanged - people have always strived to be closer to the beautiful.

One can argue for hours about whose features are attractive and whose are not, and still no compromise can be reached. How many people, so many opinions. Although the correct message, probably, will be the message of one Russian proverb: "Do not drink water from your face." Truly wise words.

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