The best family stories

The best family stories
The best family stories

There are many parables on earth. Some of them are dedicated to love, others to family, and others to friendship. This list can be long listed, but one thing is clear: each parable has an instructive character and carries a deep meaning.

Matrimonial courtesy

Family parables are about courtesy and mutual respect between husband and wife.

happy family story

One married couple lived happily for 50 years. On the day of the celebration of the wedding anniversary, the wife prepared breakfast for her husband. She sliced ​​the bread neatly and buttered it. And at that moment the thought came to her: “For 50 years now I have been trying to please him and always give away a crispy crust of bread, which I myself love very much!” These thoughts caused her feelings of irritation and indignation.

A woman decided to make herself a gift on her golden wedding day and left a bread crust for herself. She smeared the fragrant crumb with butter and gave it to her husband. Seeing this, the husband was delighted and kissed the hand of his beloved woman with a smile. And then he said: “My love, today you brought me indescribable joy! For 50 years I have not eaten bread crumbs. I know that you love him very much. Therefore, I always left the bottom of the bread for you…”

Who is right, who is wrong?

The Parable of the Happy Family Reveals the Secretgood relationship between spouses.

2 families lived next door. In one of them, the couple constantly quarreled and sorted out the relationship, and in the other, love, mutual understanding and silence always reigned.

The obstinate hostess could not understand how the neighbors manage to live without scandals. In her heart she envied them. Once a woman asked her husband to go to the neighbors and find out why everything is going well in their lives.

The man went to a nearby window and carefully looked into the house. In the room he saw the mistress. She wiped the dust. At that moment, the telephone rang, and the woman hastily placed the expensive vase on the edge of the table. A few minutes later, her husband entered the room. He did not notice the vase and hooked it. An expensive thing fell to the floor and broke into pieces.

And then the neighbor thought: "Well, now the scandal will begin!"

But to his surprise, the woman approached her husband and calmly said: “Sorry, honey! It’s my fault: I put the vase carelessly!” To which the husband replied: “It’s you who excuse me, dear! It's my fault I didn't notice her!"

The neighbor returned home upset. His wife inquires about the secret of family well-being. And her husband answers her: “You see, the whole point is that in their family everyone is to blame, but in ours they are right …”

Parents and children

Family parables for children provide a better understanding of family relationships and parental love.

family parables for children

In a distant land, there lived an old man. He had many children. Not everyone loved him equally. The elderly father was offended by this and one day decided to leave home. He wentto an unfamiliar country. After staying there for some time, the elder felt homesick. He decided to travel as a distraction, but his legs brought him back to his homeland anyway. And then he saw that his children were happy, they live well and cultivate flowering gardens. The father was offended by this and decided to settle away from the family. His grandchildren resorted to him more than once, but he did not rejoice at them, but showed his resentment.

When the old man died, children came to him, buried him, and built a beautiful garden on the grave, expressing their love and respect for their father by this act.

Short parables

Whatever parables about the family are created, short or long, they always teach a person to treat life correctly and value his family.

short family stories

Once a teacher asked the students: "Whose mother does a lot of work?" The boys began to talk about what their mothers do, trying to praise them.

And then the teacher asked: “How do your mothers manage to do all this, because they only have 2 hands?” The students thought about it, and the teacher added: “It’s just that every mother is driven by the power of motherly love. This is what gives her strength and power on Earth!”

Family parables are time-tested wisdom.

One man wanted to find the perfect wife. He entered into one marriage after another, but was constantly disappointed in women. When the man grew old, he met the girl of his dreams. He wanted to marry her and spend the rest of his life next to his beloved. But the lady refused him. Why? She was just looking for the perfect man.


Family parables are true, a hint and a field for fruitful reflection.

parables about family

A rich oriental gentleman had a beautiful wife. But soon she got tired of him, and he began to complain to a friend about boredom in life. To which the friend replied: “How can you say that? You have everything for a happy life!” But the master did not listen to him. Then a friend invited him to visit him and ordered him to serve sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the guest got tired of such a treat, he asked for the usual bread and s alt. To which the friend replied: “Look how fast sweets get boring!”

Parables about the family help to understand the complexities of relationships.

The eastern ruler was asked how he manages to maintain calm and peace in the state. To which he replied: “The state is like my family. When I am angry, my people are calm. When they get angry, I keep calm. We comfort and support each other at different times in life.”

"Uneasy" family

The famous Chinese parable "Good family" most fully reveals the essence of happy family relationships.

chinese story good family

In one village lived a family of 100 people. It was dominated by a special atmosphere of peace, harmony and mutual understanding. There was never any quarreling or arguing here. This rumor reached the ruler of the country. He decided to check if this was true. Vladyka came to the village, found the head of the family and asked how he manages to maintain harmony between close people. The old man took a piece of paper, long on itwrote, and then handed it to the ruler. Three words were written on the paper: "Love", "Patience" and "Forgiveness". "And it's all?" - the ruler was surprised. To which the old man replied: “Yes! This is the foundation not only of a good family, but of the world as a whole…”

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