Pear shape: what are the features?

Pear shape: what are the features?
Pear shape: what are the features?

Every woman is unique. This is expressed in character, style, image and figure, the main varieties of which stylists number five. These include the following types: "pear", "hourglass", "oval", "triangle", "rectangle". The most interesting thing in the structure of the body is that no matter how you change, get better or lose weight, your body type will remain the same. A significant part of women have a "pear" figure, so let's look at its features in more detail.

pear figure

This type is characterized by wide hips, which are significantly larger in volume than the shoulders. The waist is always significantly pronounced, in some cases underestimated. The "pear" figure requires its owner to keep her posture - if you slouch, then everything that you would like to hide will stand out even more. As weight increases, the contrast between shoulders and hips becomes morenoticeable, so it is important to try to monitor and control such changes.

A woman can be proud if she has a pear figure, as the combination of a flat stomach, narrow waist, graceful back and shoulders with chic hips looks very feminine and always attracts the attention of men. According to scientists, they associate such a woman with a lady who is able to bear and give birth to he althy, strong children. Therefore, the owners of this type of figure, appreciate your charms! Of course, you must try to maintain a good shape and choose clothes that will only emphasize your advantages, correctly and evenly distributing accents over all parts of the body.

pear shaped women

The "pear" figure is also distinguished by the fact that its owners almost never get fat in the face, and the waist is always preserved, no matter how they get better. If a woman still really wants to correct her type of figure, then first of all you need to make her hips lose weight. But at the same time, it is worth noting that the wide bone is not going anywhere, so the pear shape will remain itself, it will just look more toned and sporty.

pear female figure

It is wrong to think that only loose-fitting clothes are suitable for the owners of a pear-shaped figure - by no means, it focuses even more on prominent places. Women with a pear shape can afford a large and varied wardrobe, and the advice of stylists will help you choose it. It is best to focus on flared trousers from the knee,dresses or trapeze skirts, jackets and tops to the waist, no lower. It is desirable to select sweaters and T-shirts with square cutouts and a horizontal strip. It is necessary to divert attention from the hips as much as possible and highlight the upper part, then the proportions will be significantly balanced.

Wardrobe can be endlessly combined to always look on top. The female "pear" figure does not like baggy clothes and too tight models, it is also undesirable for contrasting colors of clothes to border on each other at the hip line, as they will immediately attract attention. It is not recommended to wear wide belts - they will only increase the difference between the waist and the lower body. Dresses and tulip skirts are also categorically not suitable, as they visually make the hips more massive.

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