Superstition - what is it? Superstition and omens

Superstition - what is it? Superstition and omens
Superstition - what is it? Superstition and omens

Since ancient times, people pass on various beliefs and superstitions to a friend. "Signs of fate" kept most of the population in fear, they were especially detrimental to the child's psyche. Despite the great achievements in technology and science, there are still devoted fans of signs who will not get out of bed without special talismans and amulets. But scientists are sure that superstition is a joint activity of self-hypnosis and natural phenomena. Sometimes people give ordinary coincidences that mystical power that they do not possess. Let's talk about this layer of popular culture and consider what superstition means.

superstition is

The mysterious human nature

The peculiarity of people is that they want to believe in something. They are looking for signs that can predict good or bad. Each nation has its own beliefs that warn of dangers and hardships.

This topic does not lose its relevance today. Even adults and quite serious people find talismans for themselves that give the owner a special power. They sincerely believe that it is these gizmos that help them achieve success and achieve their goals.

Human curiosity is limitless. People want to know what's ahead of themwhat obstacles they will have to overcome. Myths help to get away from reality and shift one's own responsibility to some forces. Popular superstition justified many failures, although it would be much more useful for a person to gather willpower into a fist and start acting.

Many signs are explained by the well-known laws of physics, chemistry and other exact sciences. But people are drawn to mystification, because it is much easier and easier to believe in rock, there is no need to do anything, it is enough to refer to the "signs of fate".

A he althy attitude to superstitions will not bring much harm, but an excessive passion for folk beliefs can turn into constant stress. Self-hypnosis is a great thing, so it’s worth turning all bad omens into good ones. Gradually, fears will begin to disappear when nothing terrible happens.

superstition and omens

Signs from the point of view of the church

From the point of view of the ministers of the church, superstition is the weapon of the devil. It gives rise to fear and cripples destinies, because of them people are in constant fear, therefore they become easy prey for demons. Superstitious people serve not God, but evil forces. To avoid such a fate, one must possess knowledge and keep the church faith. It is necessary to remember about the soul, about eternity and the commandments of God.

Superstition is the belief that some phenomena and events have supernatural power and predict the future. But such a belief is not true, it only replaces the genuine one.

Common beliefs

Superstition and signs are so firmly entrenched ineveryday life, that people do not always understand the reasons for their actions, attributing everything to the subconscious. This is confirmed by the most common signs that must be known to all people.

popular superstition

Friday the 13th

Believing over the years acquires details that cause people to panic. The 13th has become synonymous with misfortune and misfortune. But everything is much simpler. This superstition is rooted in the Old Testament (the story of how Cain killed Abel). It is believed that the fratricide was committed on the 13th.

You can't send anything over the threshold

This sign is alive to this day. Superstitious people are sure that if this is done, misfortune will surely happen. In fact, in ancient times, the ashes of ancestors were buried near the threshold, so it was impossible to stand or sit in this place. As well as to say hello and pass something. Disturbing the spirits was not accepted, which is why people always came into the house if they wanted to ask for something, or the owners went out to their yard.

Why can't we go back?

This sign is also associated with the burial of the ashes of ancestors. The threshold was perceived as a line between two worlds - the real and the one where the dead go. If you have to return halfway, it means that the person has not fulfilled his plan. He is dissatisfied with himself. And on the threshold, the spirits of the ancestors are waiting for him … To neutralize the negative energy of this belief, people wise with life experience advised to look in a mirror that can double a person's strength.

what does superstition mean

A watch is a bad gift

Even in the modern world, it is not customary to give watches. Why? Only a few know the exact answer, but still they prefer to avoid such a souvenir. This superstition originated in China, where a clock is an invitation to a funeral. It is believed that such a gift will count the years of life. To deprive this belief of power, it is enough to ask for a coin for a watch, then it will already be a purchase, not a gift.

Why don't men celebrate their 40th birthday?

Folk superstition points to the only date that should not be celebrated - 40 years. To a greater extent this applies to men. The belief is connected with the fact that in Kievan Rus it was customary to determine when the body of a deceased person became incorruptible. This period must be known to many - forty days. Since then, this number has been considered fatal and unlucky, and has been associated with funeral traditions.

Sit on the path

This superstition is connected with people's belief that spirits rule the whole world. It is generally accepted that they cling to a person on the way and try to bring him back. Crouching in front of the road will fool them into believing that no one is going anywhere.

Superstition and signs of such a plan also have a practical explanation: before the road, it is useful to calmly think about whether nothing is forgotten, put your thoughts in order - and only after that get back on the road.

Can I eat with a knife?

It is believed that eating food in this way will make a person evil. This is justified by the fact that the knife has long been used as a tool for obtaining food. Moreover, he was perceived asa means of protection not only from real danger, but also from evil spirits. Such a powerful magical instrument deserves special treatment, so eating from it means angering the spirits.

But taking a knife in your mouth is also dangerous for another, more real and "earthly" reason: it is very sharp and can easily cause injury. Therefore, in the process of eating, it is more advisable to use more familiar cutlery, such as a fork and spoon. And use the knife for its intended purpose.

Why are intersections dangerous?

If you ask people what superstitions they know, many will immediately think of crossroads. Road intersections are considered a mystical place where parallel worlds meet. Therefore, crossroads "participate" in numerous magical rituals that do not always carry positive energy.

Picking up a thing on such a site, you can take on someone else's failure and problems. To prevent this from happening, in no case should you touch any product that lies at the crossroads, no matter how valuable it may be.

what does superstition mean

Why can't you walk in one shoe?

Thinking about what superstition means, you need to remember that many of them are based on biblical laws, in particular: each creature is paired. It is believed that if you walk in one shoe, you can be orphaned early. Therefore, it is dangerous to separate a pair of shoes. However, this also applies to socks.

When to take out the trash?

One of the most popular signs is the one that says that you can not take out the trash after sunset. Our ancestorswere sure that if a person makes dirty linen so late, then he has something to hide.

The second explanation is related to the belief in spirits, which can be both good and evil. So that the first could freely enter the house, you need to take out all the rubbish from it in advance and put things in order. If you do not do this in the light of day, then only evil spirits will come to sleep.

superstition of numbers

The Secret of Numbers

Superstition of numbers occupies a special place among magical mysteries. Numbers accompany people everywhere, starting from birth. Such superstitions are the most "tenacious". Every person has a favorite number that they believe brings them good luck. Numerology is rooted in antiquity, when people did not yet know how to use such mathematical symbols. But even today they consciously or unconsciously obey number magic.

Superstition is voluntary, so each person can decide for himself what to believe.

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