What does "Declared Value" mean in the mail? Valuable parcel

What does "Declared Value" mean in the mail? Valuable parcel
What does "Declared Value" mean in the mail? Valuable parcel

Today, many people use the postal service. To receive or send a letter, a parcel is a procedure that has not lost its relevance over time. A valuable parcel, as well as a registered letter, has certain rules for sending (a list of items that are allowed to be sent) and acceptable weight limits. You can use the services of the Russian Post on the territory of the Russian Federation.

What is this

Declared value is a guarantee that the sent package will reach the recipient and its contents will be preserved. Most often, valuable parcels are those in which expensive equipment is invested - mobile phones, cameras, laptops, tablets. In this case, declaring the value of the shipment is a prerequisite. For valuable parcels and goods, the transport company and the post office are responsible. In addition, letters and parcels are financially protected against damage and loss.

declared value

If the deadlines are violateddelivery of valuable items or their loss, damage, the sender has the right to demand compensation at the post office. Send valuable items only from the post office. They must be registered.

The value is assigned by the sender. The postal workers indicate the amount on the envelope, package or packaging, as well as other information. The cost is indicated in figures and in words. For sending, the post office charges a commission, which is four percent of the value. The commission for express EMS is less - only one percent. If a valuable parcel is sent cash on delivery, an inventory must be attached.

How to send

Send a parcel with a declared value should be at the post office. Operators accept parcels, packages and letters properly designed. The parcel must correspond to the dimensions, weight, value and not contain items prohibited for shipment. Before sending the parcel, it must be properly packaged. Most often, you can purchase packaging (box, bags, envelopes) at the post office. Standard packaging has empty fields where you should enter the recipient's address and other information about the shipment (the amount of value and cash on delivery). The sender and recipient data looks like this:

  • Last name, first name, middle name.
  • Street name, house or apartment number.
  • Locality.
  • District.
  • Region (oblast, krai, republic).
  • Country.
  • Postal code.

Other information is also indicated,if the declared value of the parcel is high. Before sending, the postal worker checks whether the parcel is packed correctly, as well as filling in the fields. If everything is correct, the operator accepts the shipment after the final payment.

insured letter


What does "declared value" mean? It is imposed on all sent items, the cost of which is high. It is determined by the sender. Parcels sent with declared value are always sent cash on delivery. The package may contain magazines, books, equipment, items. Permissible weight - ranging from 100 grams to two kilograms. The rules for sending a bulky parcel depend on which type of parcel is selected. It should be noted that the cost of sending parcels is lower than parcels. If the contents of the package weigh more than two kilograms, and its price is more than ten thousand, postal employees have the right to refuse to send it by parcel post.

The service of sending registered parcels is available to the sender. This is a registered parcel that requires confirmation of the signature of the sender and recipient after delivery to the specified address. In order to send a registered parcel, you must fill out a special form at the post office. If you need to send a parcel abroad, the rules for such a shipment are the same as in Russia. The only difference is that a bag should be used instead of a box, the weight of the contents can reach two kilograms. Tariffs for shipping parcels abroad are higher.

valuableparcel post


The declared value of the letter is a guarantee if it is lost or damaged. As in the case of a parcel, in order to send such a letter, the sender must declare its value. If the envelope is lost, the sender will receive a partial refund. At the post office, the letter must be registered, and the delivery must be tracked using the identifier number assigned to it on the Russian Post website.

To send a valuable letter, buy an envelope of a suitable size (maximum size 229x324 mm, in the Russian Federation the weight of the content should be no more than 100 grams, abroad - up to 2 kilograms). Then give the envelope to the operator at the post office and tell us how much compensation you would like to receive for possible loss.

In addition, the sender can make an inventory of the attachment and receive a notification of delivery of the letter. Additional services are also available to the sender: air forwarding, SMS notification, attachment inventory, cash on delivery, notification of receipt by the addressee.

insured parcel


You can get a letter with a declared value in the mail. When it arrives at the appropriate branch of the Russian Post at the specified address, the employees will send a notification to the recipient. The same applies to parcels. They receive parcels and letters at the post office or the postman delivers them to the door of the apartment. Often, due to a shortage of workers, the recipient has to come to the branch on their own to get a parcel or a letter.

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Declared value is the guarantee provided by the post. The payment for the parcel is collected from the citizen by the postal worker in the office at the time of receipt. The cost is assigned taking into account the amount of the parcel and is determined by the established tariffs at the post office. The fact of payment is confirmed by a check, stamps and stamps. International and domestic shipments have different rates.

The shipping cost is affected by the departure address (range), region, parcel or letter weight, dimensions. A parcel can have a maximum value ("Post of Russia") of 10 thousand rubles. A letter with a declared value - 500 thousand, a first-class parcel post - 100 thousand rubles. The entire list of services and prices is provided at the post office. For example, if a parcel weighs five hundred grams and is delivered by ground transport, the shipping price varies from 70 to 100 rubles. It all depends on the distance.

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