How a guy confesses his love: the rules of a beautiful story

How a guy confesses his love: the rules of a beautiful story
How a guy confesses his love: the rules of a beautiful story

Many girls after a guy confesses his love, remain disappointed. Someone inappropriate, in their opinion, the situation, someone lack of ardor, and someone, perhaps, expects immediately after these words a request to get married. All women are different, and it is often very difficult to predict the reaction of a particular representative of the fair sex. And if for the first time you decided to talk about your feelings? Of course, it is doubly difficult to decide on this. Let's try to figure out how to do it beautifully and correctly. Listen to our advice, and then any girl, having heard how a guy confesses his love according to our method, will be completely delighted.

how does a guy confess his love

The environment matters

poems to confess to a guy in love

Rose petals, candles, champagne, romantic dinner. Do you imagine how a guy confesses his love? Think this traditional option is perfect? Undoubtedly, most women are delighted with these simple attributes. But, on the other hand, they, most likely, have already seen similar scenes in the cinema a million times and probably even became their main characters in reality. Do you want to conquer the one and only?Then you need to add to the arsenal something that will not only be a beautiful template, but will also be able to surprise and melt even the coldest heart. But this requires a lot of preparatory work. First of all, it makes sense to learn about your favorite films, songs, hobbies of your chosen one. Choose what is especially important and close to her. Let it be the most beautiful real-life film adaptation of the famous scene in an abandoned house from the "Diary of Memory" or a flight in a hot air balloon. Believe me: the opportunity to hear how a guy confesses his love at a height of several thousand meters is incomparable in terms of the power of impressions.

Return move

I'm afraid to confess to a guy in love

After creating an unforgettable atmosphere and saying important words, of course, the young man is waiting for an answer. By the way, it would be best to clothe your feelings in poetry. A girl will consider confessing her love to a guy as simply mandatory, because it is difficult to refuse such a gentleman. In no case do not shy away, because confidence is something without which we cannot imagine a real man. Believe me, the weaker sex is even more difficult. After all, how many times have you probably met female revelations in the spirit of "I'm afraid to confess to a guy in love." Usually in this case, she is advised not to rush and not to take this step first. Opinion, of course, has the right to life, but is by no means the ultimate truth. Each of us probably knows happy couples where the initiative came from the weaker half. It is also important to remember that, no matter what environment you create, words and the meaning that you have in them are still important in the first place.invest. Sincerity will help where any colorful fireworks and armfuls of roses will be absolutely powerless. Well, then everything that was said, you, like a real man, will have to prove it in practice every day. Give each other a fairy tale not only on holidays, but every minute of every hour. We wish you good luck, sincere love and reciprocity!

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